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What is Selenium? Career Opportunities in 2022

What is Selenium? Career Opportunities in 2022

If you’re curious about Selenium and the career opportunities it will bring in 2022; you’re in for a treat! In this post, we’ll explore what is Selenium? , the different career paths you can take with it, and how to get started. You’ll be ready to start your Selenium journey by the time you finish reading!

What is Selenium?

How to Get Started with Selenium?

Are you looking to get started with Selenium? There’s good news: it’s relatively easy to get the hang of. Selenium is one of the most favourable automation tool that simulate user interactions with web browsers, perfect for testing web applications. Plus, it’s free and open-source, so you don’t have to worry about licensing fees. Here’s a quick overview of what needs to be done to get started with Selenium.

Selenium Career Opportunities in 2022

Popular Selenium Job Opportunities Available in the IT Sector

  1. Selenium Automation Engineer
  2. Java Selenium Automation Engineer
  3. Software Development Test Engineer
  4. Senior Quality Engineer – Automation

As a Selenium Automation Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver. Your other responsibilities will include executing test cases and reporting defects. In addition, you will be required to maintain a high level of quality assurance throughout the software development process.

Future Scope Of Selenium: Major Companies Hiring Selenium Testers


As you can see, Selenium is a powerful tool that can automate web-based applications. It’s growing more prominent in the software development sector, and people with the relevant skill set can find plenty of job opportunities.

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