Complete Guide About Valorant The Droid Guy

Complete Guide About Valorant The Droid Guy will be described in this article. Valorant is a top free to play first-person competitive shooter that was developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant uses a number of ideas from the computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, such as purchasing options, spray patterns, and moving while firing.

There’s a good chance that Valorant is a name you’ve heard of if you prefer tactical shooters. You’ve arrived to the right site if you don’t know the game or just want to know how fantastic it is. In this article, we’ll provide you a Valorous review and explain why this game is better than others in the tactical shooter category.

Complete Guide About Valorant The Droid Guy

In this article, you can know about Complete Guide About Valorant The Droid Guy here are the details below;

Valorant is a cooperative first-person shooter video game. The user controls one of multiple Agents with unique abilities. As with previous tactical shooter games, Valorant blends the competitive premise from other games with the hero shooter elements of games like Apex Legends. New gamers should pick a hero that best suits their playstyle while establishing their character because each of the Valorous agents or heroes has different particular talents and skills. One of the specific skills that Valorant Agents have is a particular ultimate power that ought to be charged by kills, deaths, orbs, or goals. Each participant begins the game with a standard firearm and one or more charges for their special skills. Additional weapon and ability charges can be purchased using the money earned from the results of the previous round, any kills the player receives credit for, and any goals reached. During the Buy phase of the game, players can buy a variety of weapons in the game, as well as secondary weapons like sidearms and major weapons like submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.

Each five-player group is split into an offensive squad and a defending side. The attacking side must move to the bomb site and plant their spike while the opposition team must be stopped from completing their goal. Players will need to be familiar with maps in order to benefit from the game’s many various maps, each of which has a unique design. Because the maps in Valorant are generated at random, you cannot choose one. Although there is a high learning curve for the excellent first-person shooter Valorant, once you’ve played it for a few weeks, it feels straightforward because you know what to do when the match starts.


Plant/Defuse mode on Valorant is set to Unrated by default. Teams move between Attack and Defense for the next 12 rounds after switching for the first 12.


Is a riskier form of Unrated where players compete against one another for a rank.


Is a 5v5 Bo9 mode in which each team member plays a different agent. The agent is then chosen at random by the game from among those that the players have voted for.

Spike Rush

Spike Rush

Is a 5v5 Bo7 variant where each player’s starting weapon is selected at random for each round.



Allows participants to practise their shooting techniques and warm up before competitive games. A 12-player free-for-all mode is available. Also check Ppsspp Game Rom to playing games


Is a 5v5 team deathmatch game where players use a variety of weapons and talents to race and kill the opposing team as their team progresses through the Escalation levels.


Cosmetics in VALORANT are items that change how a player’s account or weapon appears. Skins, cards, titles, sprays, and gunbuddies are among the five classes of cosmetics. In the Collection tab, a player’s makeups can be customised and equipped. You can obtain them through contracts, the store, and battle passes. The majority of cosmetic product categories offer products that may be bought with valuable points. Others are accessible by game progression, experience points, or Radianite Points.

Gunbuddies: Attached to the side of a weapon, Gunbuddies are charms.

Player Cards are pictures that alter a player’s loading screen banner, icon, and the background image that enemies use to display them when they are killed.

Player Cards: Player Cards are the names that are displayed next to each party’s in game name in the hall or on the game’s loading screen.

Sprays: Any map can be decorated with what are referred to as “sprays” images. Some of the sprays have sound effects, but some of them are animated.

Weapon Skin: A weapon’s look is changed with a weapon skin.


Through the Battle Pass, users can unlock a variety of cosmetics as they complete tasks and earn match XP. There are tiers and chapters for both contracts and battle passes. Players move through a pass by gaining experience points (XP) by finishing chores and winning matches in XP-generating Game Modes.

Every act has its own pass, with each new act starting the next pass over for all players and the preceding act being stopped. The act pass offers decorative prizes to all players, but the majority of the content may only be accessed by paying Valorant Points.

Valorant Agents

Valorant Agents

Agents are playable characters that stand in for actual Valorant Protocol participants. Each agent has a distinct duty class that includes four skills and a particular Contract. Each round, agents are given a free Signature Ability. Each agent is assigned one of four roles based on their skills and chosen gaming style:

Controllers: Have the ability to manoeuvre their team across dangerous terrain to win. Agents in this position can aid their allies by lowering opponent visibility, taking territory, and directing attacks toward choke points.

Duelists: Their squad expects them to earn high frags and seek out engagements first due to their ability and talents.

Initiator: In this role, it is your responsibility to draw enemy attention so that your squad can push forward.

Sentinel: Sentinel agents are defensive experts who are capable of enclosing spaces and keeping an eye on sides during both offensive and defensive rounds. Agents in this position focus on defensive play, supporting their colleagues by sharing information, holding down locations, and avoiding flanking attacks from the opposition.

The 19 currently available agents’ Valorant ratings are as follows:

Brimstone (Controller)

Brimstone (Controller)

Brimstone has access to a grenade launcher that he may use to fire grenades that explode as soon as they touch down and harm neighbouring players. Using a tactical map, he can also use sky smoke to indicate landing zones for the smoke clouds. He can also position a stim beacon device in front of him, allowing close allied players to quickly fire. The orbital laser strike of Brimstone’s super power, orbital strike, deals severe damage to anyone trapped there.

Viper (Controller)

Viper (Controller)

She possesses the power to ignite a device that emits noxious gas, creating a lethal cloud. Her second ability, poisonous screen, enables her to set up a lengthy chain of gas emitters to build a high wall of hazardous gas. Her third ability, snake bite, fires a canister that shatters on impact and leaves a toxic zone behind that harms and hinders adversaries. Last but not least, Viper’s Pit is a superpower that she can use to spew a toxic cloud around herself in all directions. This huge cloud lowers players’ maximum health and field of vision.

Omen (Controller)

His first ability, paranoia, fires a shadow missile forward that shrinks the field of view of any players it touches. This rocket has the power to pierce through solid objects. He can hurl dark cover at a vast distance to cast a gloomy haze as his next ability. His next ability, cloaked step, allows him to teleport to a nearby place while remaining hidden. His superpower from the shadows is the tactical map, which allows him to teleport to any position on the map.

Killjoy Sentinel (Sentinel)

Killjoy Sentinel (Sentinel)

Killjoy can configure Alarmbot. The alarmbot will be launched, and it will be sneaky and hunt down any approaching invaders. The bot strikes its victim, then applies Vulernable before blowing itself up. She possesses a turret that, as one of her powers, can fire in a 180-degree cone against adversaries that it detects. Killjoy also has another skill called Nanoswarm, which can be used to burst a swarm of nanobots after being released and moving underground. Her special power, lockdown, will be used to launch a gadget that will detain all enemies trapped in the surrounding area after a protracted windup.

Cypher (Sentinel)

Cypher (Sentinel)

He can instantly throw a cyber cage in front of himself with his cyber cage ability, which blocks his eyesight and slows any adversaries that pass via it. His next command is spycam, which he can use to cover a specific region or mount on walls. He can use it to equip and shoot darts at opponents while in charge of the camera, which also reveals the location of the opposing player. Trapwire is a separate skill that can be used to covertly place a tripwire between the target area and the enemy’s wall. When used on a deceased enemy player, Cypher’s super ability, neural steal, will expose the whereabouts of every opponent player who is still alive. Also check best strategy games

Sova (Initiator)


His special attack is a shock bolt that is mounted on a bow and detonates when it collides with another player. The third skill is recon bolt, which fires a projectile forward that, when it collides with an enemy, activates to reveal the position of all targets caught in its line of sight. In addition, Sova has the ability to command an owl drone, which he can move and fire darts from. The location of any player pounded by this dart will be used to identify them. X hunter’s rage is the name of his superpower. Three long-range, wall-piercing energy blasts were released by the bow.

Sage (Sentinel)

Sage (Sentinel)

She has the ability to launch a slowing orb in the direction of the target, which explodes when it lands and leaves a slowing zone that traps players inside. The name of this power is slow orb. The next item is the healing orb, which has the power to heal both the user and an ally. Sage’s barrier orb talent also allows for the construction of sturdy walls. Her special ability, resurrection, enables her to revive fallen allies.

Phoenix (Duelist)

His special gift He can throw an orb with a leftward curving trajectory that explodes and blinds any players who see it thanks to his “curveball” ability. He can harm opponents and create a lingering fire zone by hurling a fireball with his next specialisation, hot hands, which explodes after a set amount of time or when it hits the ground. Blaze

Jett (Duelist)

Jett’s capacity for up draught enables her to soar into the air. Her next ability, the tailwind, will assist her in moving in the desired direction. She can launch a projectile cloud with the next ability that, when it hits, impairs vision. She can reload her blade storm super ability after killing an opponent, allowing her to throw all of the remaining daggers at the target.

Reyna (Duelist)

She can use her ability devour to quickly heal herself for a moment by consuming the three-second-long soul orbs that enemies leave behind after they are killed. She also has the power to dismiss, which causes her to become intangible for a moment after consuming an orb nearby. When you use the leer ability, all enemies will come into view. Her super ability, Empress, will drive her insane with faster firing and reloading rates.

Raze (Duelist)

Raze (Duelist)

Her skill blastpack, which launches a blast pack that adheres to surfaces; using the ability again after deployment causes the blast pack to explode. Anyone within range of a cluster grenade fired by Paint Shells will suffer damage. Another ability is boom bot, which will send out a robot that will move straight ahead, lock on any enemies it sees, and chase them before exploding. The super ability “Showstopper” fires a rocket that deals significant damage wherever it lands.

Breach (Initiator)

Breach (Initiator)

His flashpoint ability will charge to burst against any wall and blind any players who are looking at it. All players within its zone were stunned by the seismic blast that the ability Fault Line fired. A slow acting burst through the wall is still set off by the fusion charge skill known as “Aftershock.” Anyone who is struck by it will suffer significant damage. His special ability, known as “rolling thunder,” will unleash a seismic charge that will cause a massive earthquake that will rip through all surfaces. Anyone who is struck by the tremor is knocked out and left dazed.

Skye (Initiator)

Her skill When a predator comes within range, Trailblazer will equip a Tasmanian tiger trinket that will kill it and cause a concussive explosion. A hawk ornament called the guiding light can change into a different form, help you fly, and flash. Regrowth, a channelling power, can heal allies but not the channeler. Her special ability, called Seekers, sends out three seekers to find the three enemies who are closest to her. Once the seekers are close to the enemies, they begin to see them.

Yoru (Duelist)

Yoru (Duelist)

His blindside ability throws a fragment and has a flashing activation. His next skill is gatecrash, which allows him to teleport when a rift tether is stationary after sending one out. When the flash is destroyed by enemies, the echo ability Fakeout, which mails out a mirror image to send it along, can blind enemies. Yoru has the superpower of dimensional drift, which allows him to move through a dimension without being affected by or detected by enemies outside of it.

Astra (Controller)

Her ability, “Nova Pulse,” can activate a star, build up energy, and then explode, knocking everyone nearby unconscious. The star has the ability to change into smoke thanks to the nebula. All players will be trapped before a star explodes thanks to the gravity ability’s ability to cause a star to form a gravity well. She can enter astral form and then use her superpower, the cosmic divide, to move stars on the map into nova pulses, nebulae, or gravity wells. An infinite Cosmic Divide connects the two locations you pick. Cosmic Divide significantly muffles audio and deflects bullets. Also check crypto games ranking

KAY/O (Initiator)

Anyone who is hit by a flash grenade from the skill Flash/Drive will become blind. The suppression blade ability Zero/Point can stick to any surface it contacts and disables the abilities of any nearby enemies. An explosive fragment called a “Frag/Ment” sticks to the ground and keeps detonating. If KAY/O was down while using this ability, he can be quickly revived by his allies. Null/cmd is a super ability that emits pulses that prevent enemies from using their abilities when they are hit.

Chamber (Sentinel)

Chamber (Sentinel)

He uses a heavy pistol with an aim-down sight for his headhunter skill. He can teleport on an anchor using the skill Rendezvous, which allows him to lay two anchors on the ground. When enemies are caught by a skill like Trademark, they become trapped. A direct hit from a powerful sniper rifle using the Tour De Force super ability will instantly kill an adversary.

Neon (Duelist)

Neon (Duelist)

Her relay bolt ability allows her to fire an energy bolt that bounces once before electrifying the ground below with a concussive explosion. Her subsequent skill, high gear, will increase your speed. With the help of the fast lane ability, two energy lines can be fired forward on the ground for a short distance or until something collides with them. The lines create static electricity fences that impair vision and hurt enemies who cross them. For a brief period, Neon’s full power and speed are unleashed by her super ability overdrive. Fire will precisely direct the energy into a deadly lightning beam.

Fade (Initiator)

Her seize ability will launch an orb that explodes, trapping enemies who are caught and unable to leave the area. When you use the haunt skill, you can throw an orb that, when it hits the ground, reveals the opponent’s location. Prowler is a mastery that will hunt down any enemies or tracks in its frontal visual cone and, if it gets close enough, will nearsight them. A superpower known as Nightfall allows users to project a terrifying energy wave through walls. The energy renders the adversary deaf and decays them while also leaving a trail.

Valorant Known Issues and solution

Checking the game’s minimum and recommended system requirements is the first thing you should do if you’re experiencing issues because Valorant is notorious for its technical issues will help you avoid any problems.

game’s minimum and recommended system requirements

Issue #1 Game Crashes

Valorant regularly keeps crashing is one of the most typical points that players may encounter. Follow the instructions beneath to fix the problem.

Update graphics card

Type Device Manager in the search bar on your desktop and then click the Device Manager icon that appears in the results.

  • Click the Display adapters icon.
  • Right-click the dedicated graphics card you are using to play and then select Update driver.
  • Choose Search automatically for drivers.

Issue #2 Black Screen on Startup

The black screen issue is a regular problem that you may encounter while playing this game. This frequently happens when you first start the game and can be rather irritating. This is what you must do to correct the situation.

Reinstall Valorant

  • Click the Start button.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Find Valorant then click it.
  • Click on Uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall again on the pop-up menu that appears.
  • Find Riot Vanguard then click it.
  • Click on Uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall again on the pop-up menu that appears.
  • Download Valorant and install it.

Issue #3 Valorant anti cheat error

The Valorant anti quack error usually occurs due to issues with Riot Vanguard application. This is an anti cheat software that aims to protect Valorant from hackers that ruin your game.

Reinstall Riot Vanguard

Right click Riot Vanguard from the System Tray icon then relate Exit Vanguard.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Search for Riot Vanguard.
  • Click Riot Vanguard then click the uninstall switch.
  • Click Uninstall again.
  • Reinstall Riot Vanguard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Valorant free?

Yes, Valorant is a complimentary to play frolic from Riot games.

Is GTX 1050 Ti good for Valorant?

Yes, GTX 1050 Ti is still a good card for the game since Valorant is a CPU intensive game. Valorant can be played in a low spec PC as long as your CPU meet the minimum requirements.

How many GB is Valorant?

As of this writing Valorant has 24.3 GB file size.

How do I claim Valorant prime loot?

You’ll need a prime gaming account to get your free in-game loot. All you have to do nowadays is charge to Amazon Prime Gaming Loot and collect your prize.

What is the rarest skin in Valorant?

The Imperium knife is the most powerful and rarest Valorant melee knife yet. A metal dragon motif is encrusted on the heavy-duty blade, giving it a unique touch. It was first launched in Valorant’s early days and finally became extinct.

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