Top 15 Best USB Data Recovery Software For Windows

Check out Best USB Data Recovery Softwares for Window’s. There can be lots of reasons by which you can lose the digital form of your Information. And This Information can be family images, professional files, workplace documents, and often task repositories. No information is less important than the other. So,

when such accidents happen on your computer– where you unintentionally erase your Information. But, You wish that you can gets it back using information healing. But, there is no Ctrl+ Z in life. (Undo).

Top 15 Best USB Data Recovery Software For Windows

In this article, you can know about USB data recovery software here are the details below;

However, here in this short article– I’m going to solve this issue which you are facing. I’ve selected the very best tools for USB Information Healing for Windows. They’ll help you out in recuperating your data from the depth of HDD sectors. Let’s take a look at them.

List of Best Free USB Data Recovery Software for Windows:-.

Here’s the list of Best Information healing Programs that I have selected for you– based on the popularity and user reviews. And I have likewise tested the majority of them for individual functions. And, they worked fine. You ought to also provide a shot.

# 1 Recuva.

USB Data Recovery Software

One of the very best and most secondhand programs by geeks for recovering their lost Information from the hard disk. This program will recuperate the very same directory tree that you have lost on the disk drive. You can either do a Complete HDD scan, or you can pick a partition. The program will work according to the chosen location of the USB or Hard-drive.

# 2 TestDisk.

USB Data Recovery Software

Test disk is a CMD based– Old fashioned looking tool, which can become so handy– when you wish to draw out the dead bodies of your information files from the deep depth of your Storages media. It can be your HDD, USB drives memory cards, etc. This programs will help you out in all types of scenarios.

# 3 PhotoRec.

USB Data Recovery Software

PhotoRec Data recovery program is deliberately made for recuperating the lost Pictures of Image/media files from the storage device. However, later the code for the program appears to be working for all sorts of files. So, this program became famous for quickly recovering the information files from the mediac files. And, it is most likely as the Test Disk Information recovery program.

# 4 Disk Drill.

USB Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill is a great tools for finding your lost data files from any kind of media gadget. And It comes with a great User interface– where you can select and divide the media gadgets in any classification. Simply click the button will begin all types of processes and recuperate the required files.

# 5 Stellar Data Recovery.

USB Data Recovery Software

Steller Data Extracting program will ask some question to the user to select the kind of media which you wish to recuperate. Getting that info only focuses its resources just towards those lost files of comparable types. Hence, making the process more efficient and fast. If you wish to get files fast and quick, this program ought to be our first choice.

# 6 Undelete 360.

USB Data Recovery Software

As the program’s name suggests– Undelete 360 is a fantastic tool to fix the issues of lost data files. You can pretty much recuperate all sorts of deleted files utilizing this program. All you need to pick the course and click on the scan button to extract the Information within. And the program will produce a list of documents. You can select and recovered any of those files.

# 7 Pandora Healing.

USB Data Recovery Software

Pandora recovery program will likewise help you in getting your erased files back. However, the highlight of this program is that it is well designed for the layperson user. Anyone besides a geek can quickly use this program. And the colour the recovered files will assist the user in understanding the program’s finding depth.

# 8 MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

USB Data Recovery Software

MiniTool Power Data Recovery software application is your method to go if you’re trying to find a recovering clunch of Information without losing quality. Many information recovery software application can just recover some part of the Information, where MiniTool Power Data Healing can recuperate images, files, text files, docs, pdf, videos, etc. If other data healing strategies are not working for you, then this absolutely will.

# 9 UnDeleteMyFiles Pro.

Here is a free file healing tool that offers some innovative functions that work. If you’re on this list, you most likely have utilized some third-party software that can recover the files but desire you to buy its license. Well, UnDeleteMyFiles will do whatever free.

This freeware program can be utilized for any function, including commercial applications also. It can recover a total file system or just pick files and has a Mail Healing Wizard to improve erased e-mails.

# 10 Stellar Phoenix.

Excellent Phoenix is a multi-purpose application that can enhance your files the fastest method possible. It is easy to use, which makes it the finest to release to your clients. You can rapidly recuperate your erased files, including any images, files, task files, etc.

It looks for all files, so no matter what file extension you have simply lost, you might recuperate it with Excellent Phoenix. The best part is that it can recuperate files from erased partitions as well. So if you areHarddisk or Pendrive has crashed, and you need to recuperate data, then Excellent Phoenix is the best method to recover all of it back.

# 11 Puran File Healing.

Puran File Healing is an easy to use file recovery software that can conserve you time and money. It can scan any drive that Window’s sees or spot. Many advanced options can assist you in finding and recovering files from erased partitions.

Likewise, Puran File Healing uses innovative algorithms to discover files. Which can scan and recover more important files as compared to other file healing software? Puran File Healing will even recuperate lost partitions if they have not been overwritten yet.

# 12 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another high files undelete program. Recovering Information is very easy to do with simply a couple of clicks. Also, the USB data recovery software application is GUI based and is extremely easy to use. You can likewise pick the types of files which you want to search for and undelete.

The structure is much designed like the any windows explorer, which is very easy to use. The substantial part is that EaseUS Data Healing can recover files from hard disks, optical drives, sd cards, and iOS gadgets. And it can likewise recuperate data from deleted partitions.

# 13 Wise Data Healing.

Wise Data Recovery is a free and good undelete tool supported in all Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It runs quick scans for erased files on numerous USB devices. This tools is quite simple to use and does fit the task correctly. There are two alternatives available, both for a fast scan, which makes it much faster, and a complete scan to carry out more in-depth scans throughout the device.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks, and while carrying out the undelete procedure, the original folder structure is lost. Likewise, it is not suitable for Mac or Linux.

# 14 SoftPerfect File Recovery.

The Soft Perfect Files Recovery is another undelete programms on the list. It is effortless software and easy to use and works from any portable area. You can search the all deleted files with their names and extension and recuperate them from hard disks, pen drives, sd cards, etc.

However, it does not support CDs or DVDs. Furthermore, the software is a small recovery tool of simply 500kb and supports 64-bit versions of Windows.

# 15 iBoysoft Data Recovery.

The last software is iBoysoft Data Healing. It remains in the last place; however, it does not suggest it is less powerful. It is an all-in-one data recovery for Windows that can bring back Information from hard disk drives, USB flash drives, SD memory cards, and so on. It’s intuitive and easy to use user interface makes information recovery easy even for beginners.

It has two scan modes, a fast scan, and a deep scan, too much better to scan the disk. A fast scan can help you discover the inadvertently deleted files very quickly, while a deep scan will dig the disk, even more, to discover the lost files due to format, corruption, or malware attacks.

It likewise supplies remarkable pre-recovery sneak peeks. Users can directly preview the files within the software application or invoke pre-installed software to sneak peek scan outcomes. Users can likewise input the file name or extension in the search box to effectively locate the desired files. It is completely compatible with Windows 10/8/7/ Vista/XP and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/ 2008/2003.

From Editor’s Desk.

Lastly, something that has a start– likewise has an end. (except circle) So, now– this is the end of this post on Best USB Data Recovery Software for Windows. If you have any doubts or suggestions/queries– feel free to leave a comment below in the remark field. I’ll try to assist you out with all the possible resources I have. Thanks for your time.


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