10 Top Game Download Sites In 2020

Top game download sites has been an exciting and addictive method to unwind and have fun because forever. It has been an essential parts of every culture, and many nations have their nationwide games too. Gaming improves our physical abilities and our psychological capabilities because we need to use our creativity and brain to select every next move. Games are a type of social bonding; our games have developed with the rest of things as time has passed. 

10 Top Game Download Sites In 2020

In this article, you can know about top game download sites here are the details below;

The video gaming world for humans began with “Knucklebones” and dice video games, and now we have reached the period of a computer game with various types like action games, car games, and so on. You can get games from CDs, Apple Application Stores, or GooglePlay, or you can download them from various sites. In this short article, I’ll share with you the very best sites to download games on a PC or Mac computer system, as well as video game download sites for Android gadgets.

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Part 1: Best PC Game Download Websites [2020 Updates].

1. Steam

This site for downloading games is established by Valve Corporations and has been functioning for the past 13 years. Steam is considered to be the top and largest digital distribution platforms for video games as much as date. They have more than a thousand games, from indie games to action video games; they have whatever available for their players. Also, Steam operates in 28 languages.

Single Player and Multiplayer

Games at Steam permit single-player video gaming in addition to multiplayer video gaming. You can have fun with buddies by challenging them over a game and have fun while relaxing at the same time. You can challenge a regional multiplayer in addition to difficulty, somebody, online.

Video streaming

This gaming platform enables gamers to stream videos of games in the form of films, demonstrations, tutorials, or episodes. The categories include anime, funny, drama, horror, action, and sci-fi.

Social Networking

The platform offers the players social links, fulfills countless brand-new individuals, forms clans, and chats during the video game through their neighborhood.


Steam is available on Window’s, Linux, and Mac. This provides the gamers the liberty to buy a game as soon as and play anywhere and anytime.

Create and Share

This digital platform allows you to produce new games through the ‘Steam Workshop.’ It allows animation and modeling of the games, sound production, image modifying, game development, and numerous other functions. You can provide gifts to your buddies and trade products also.


– It has a range of games and allows early access to some games for a restricted time.

– You can play with an automated gamer, with your buddy, or with a stranger online, which enhances the fun.

– It is offered in 28 languages due to its integrated translator, so it is much easier to use and understand by people worldwide.

– It is easily accessibles and easy to download.


– A few of the games are rather expensive.

– The video games offered for free lack range and have extremely few features to incite excitement in a player.

2. GOG

top game download sites

GOG Limited operates GOG.com. It was previously referred to as Good Old Games. GOG.com is a Cypriot digital platforms for video games and movies. These movies and games can be download and acquired online.

Install and auto-update

You can install the video game with simply one click, and you do not need to set up a unique client to run games or download. The games will always be updated with new functions automatically. And however, if you do not want to update your game, you can select to stop the automated updates.

Cloud Saving

You will never lose your video game progress since the video game will be conserved in the cloud instantly and will stay synced with all of your gadgets.

Offline Mode

The games set up from this platform do not need a web connection to run. You can even play offline, and the video game will still be supported.

Rollback the updates

If you do not like the new video game update, then you can pick to restore your prior update.


– It is easy to use, download, and gain access to.

– The video games are not expensive, and GOG.com also puts numerous video games up for occasional sales and accepts gift cards.

– It has a large range of games with exceptional functions.

– It works with Mac, Windows, and Linux.


– The video games are old, and not many brand-new video games are presented.

– It does not have multiplayer gaming functions.

3. G2A

top game download sites

G2A.com is thought to be the fastest-growing international digital market. It has over 12 million customers and two million sellers all over the world. G2A.com serves as an intermediary and links the buyer and the seller. It does not offer or acquire video games itself but just delivers various platforms for others to sell and buy digitals products.

Variety in platforms

G2A provides different sorts of platforms to its clients like Xbox, Steam, PSN, Origin, Apple, Gameforge, Battlenet, Uplay, GOG, and so on

Variety in gneres

This digital market includes various genres like action, arcade, games for children, puzzle, simulation, tune games, racing, sport, etc.

Gift cards for different platforms are also offered here.

G2A 3D+.

This feature permits the customer to choose their preferred hero or a legendary weapon from their preferred game, and after that, G2A will print it, color it and ship it to your doorstep.

G2A Goldmine.

This feature enables you to earn real cash for promoting G2A.com items to other gamers worldwide. No registration fee or investments is required, and you can do this from your home.


– G2A.com provides a home-based job with a competitive income so players can earn and play side by side.

– A great deal of brand-new tasks are introduced, so the enjoyment never dies.

– The website can be accessed in more than 20 languages.


– The website is not effectively secured and is exposed to rip-offs.

4. Origin.

top game download sites

Origin is a digital circulation software application that promotes online gaming. It has been established by Electronic Arts, a business behind lots of globally effective video games. You can purchases video games on your PC as well as on your mobile.

Social Features.

Origin supplies its users with many social features like profile management, networking with buddies through chatting, and videos streaming via TwitchTV. You can also share your games library and community combination through social networks and networking sites like Facebook, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Network.

Variety in games.

It supplies a wide variety in games from PC games to Fifa, and even timeless games like Plant Vs. Zombies are also available.


It provides the very best and most inexpensive deals and sets up a couple of games for sale periodically.


– It offers excellent video game streaming features.

– It is established by a renowned and effective business so it can be trusted.

– There on the house specials are appreciated by many players, which allows them to play a paid game for free every so often.


– It has many updates and takes an unreasonable amount of time to set up and update the software.

– Consumers have complained that they supply expired discount codes.

– Customer care requires to be enhanced as it is not responsive.

5. PC games.

top game download sites

PC games is an online video gaming website. You can acquire and download various video games from this site. EA games operate it.


PC games contain various genres like action, game, games for children, puzzle, simulation, tune games, racing, sport, etc.

Origin. It enables you to buy video games from origin.com, which is likewise operated under EA video games.

Community forum.

It has a community forum that is readily available to answer your questions 24/7.


– It is simple to access and download.

– It contains one of the most intriguing and addictive games.


– The amount of video games available is extremely less, so there is not a great deal of range of video games.

– Sometimes, the website crashes, and the games need to be downloaded from the start.

6. Ocean of Games.

top game download sites

It is developed by a British software application business, Ocean software.

– It has a large range of games like action video games, tune games, arcade video games, RPG, survival and dream games, etc.

– It supplies networking features through its community forum where all the gamers can fulfill new individuals and chat even during video gaming.

– It permits both single-player and multiplayer gaming.


– The player can challenge an automated gamer with your friend or a stranger online, which boosts the enjoyment.

– It offers terrific video game streaming features.

– It works with Mac, Windows, and Linux.


– It is not effectively safeguarded and hence exposed to frauds.

– The video games are not updated, and old versions are still played.

– Some people utilize the community forum to harass other gamers, and no action is taken.

7. Softpedia.

Softpedia is an online gaming site that allows the clients to purchase and download games at an affordable cost.

– Softpedia consists of a large library of games of different categories like action video games, tune games, arcade video games, RPG, survival and dream games, etc.

– It offers free video game cheats and demonstrations to the players.

– Its video game application finder feature permits you to find the specific game you are searching for.

– The video games are offered for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Motorists.


– The games are not expensive and are readily available at a very low price.


– The community forum is hardly used.

– The site is not upgraded, so there are no brand-new games offered.

– The video games are not automatically upgraded.

8. Skidrow reloaded.

Skidrow reloaded is an online video gaming site from where you can buy and download video games.

– Softpedia contains a large library of video games of various categories like action video games, tune video games, arcade games, RPG, survival and dream games, etc.

– The website is not upgraded extremely well, so this website does not offer sufficient user functions.

– The video games can be downloaded through torrent, multilink, katfile, go4up, hitfile, turbobit, mirrorface, jheberg, down an ace, userscloud, etc other links.

– It offers its clients to request any video games to which they need links for downloading.


– It enables users to request games.

– It provides lots of links to download a game.


– The site is not effectively maintained.

– There is no community forum.

– There is no such range of video games.

– The games are not of high quality.

If you’re trying to find some sites to download games for complimentary, you can inspect our free video game download websites list. Also review best reading apps for kids.

Part 2: Top Android Video Game Download Sites.

Android is one of the fastest growing software and is chosen by the majority. Besides the above sites that we selected for downloading video games on the PC or Mac computer system, we have done some research and determined some best websites to download video games on Android are as follows:

1. Google play.

Google runs Google Play for the Android os, and it has been working for the past 3 years. It was formerly known as the androids market. Google play consists of millions of apps of various categories, so there is something for everybody. Google Play offers a large range of categories of video games.

– Every game is easily downloadable; however, it depends merely upon your web connection.

– The buying methods are through credit cards, and the procedure is very easy.

– The platform allows all user and anyone to sell their video games.

– Register through your Google account is necessary to get access to these features.


– It is simple to gain access to.

– It is preinstalled on all Android supported devices.

– It contains a huge collection of distinct games.


– Considering that everyone and anybody can access it without paying any registration cost, it is exposed to scams and harassment.

– A few video games do not function and keep crashing.

2 Android Games Room.

It has thousands of free and paid video games.

– It has countless games of numerous categories.

– The video games are extremely quickly downloaded.

– The video games can even be downloaded on your android mobile.

– You can access this website on your mobile by simply scanning a QR code.


– The website is quickly available.

– The video games are cheap and easily downloadable.


– The site does’t have a community forum.

– The client service is not responsive.

– The downloading process is slow.

– No multiplayer gaming.

3 Android Apps.

It is an online video gaming site where games are handpicked every day, either free of charge or for an affordable price.

– It contains a big library of games of different categories.

– You can promote your games likewise by using the ‘promote your app’ feature.


– It is easily accessibles and is easy to use.

– The site is updated every day, so brand-new games are offered every day.


– Multiplayer video gaming is not readily available.

– The customer care is not responsive.

– It has a lot of updates and takes an unreasonable amounts of time to set up and update the software application.

Above are the leading top game download sites to download games. I hope you will get fascinating games and have fun when playing them. For making a great gaming videos, you can likewise include some fascinating visual results and elements to the video. Also check best kodi alternatives.

Part 3: FAQs About Video Game Download Sites.

1. Where can I download PC games for complimentary?

There are plenty of complimentary PC video games readily available in the App Shop & Microsoft stores. You can play & download free mini-games from top game download sites like myplaycity.com & miniclip.com. Significant game distributing platforms such as Steam, GOG, Uplay, Itch.io, etc., provide many free-to-play titles. These sites likewise frequently hold limited-time giveaways of paid games.

2. What is the best site to download complimentary video games?

Downloading complimentary video games puts you at the threat of malware attacks, phishing, spoofing, infections, and more. Therefore, we highly suggest that you do not download video games from websites without a correct security check. The safest website for downloading totally free PC video games would be Steam. It is a cross-platform video game circulation service with countless free-to-play video games. All the games are intensely examined and checked for security vulnerabilities. The increasing support for video gaming on Linux makes it critical for Linux gamers.

3. Can we download PC games on Android?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this concern. By ‘download,’ if you imply installing or playing, you can just play specific ported titles. GTA San Andreas is one such computer game ported to Android. Some video game streaming services like Stadia & Nvidia Geforce Now let you play PC games on Android. Nevertheless, you can certainly download (not set up or play) PC games on Android.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind, though. Android internal (& sometimes external) storage does not support files that are over 4 GB in size. For downloading files greater than 4 GB, you will need to flash your storage in the exFAT or NTFS file system. Furthermore, game distributors such as Steam does not enable downloading PC games on Android.

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