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Top 11 Best Tools for Gantt Charts

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Best and Official Tools for Gantt Charts will be described in this article. Gantt charts are an accurate approach to monitor progress and deadlines. Time management is essential for any business. They are so useful that they are now a necessary tool in a variety of fields, such as project management, engineering, and marketing.

A Gantt chart is what?

A common form of timeline in project management is the Gantt chart. It enables you to monitor the advancement of tasks and events and determine their interrelationships. The horizontal axis of a Gantt chart denotes time, and the perpendicular axis represents tasks or other occurrences. Each task’s duration is represented by a bar on the Gantt chart, with shorter bars denoting faster progress and longer bars denoting slower development.

The bars’ hues denote the different types of work (for example, green for tasks that are due within a certain period of time).

By using a Gantt chart, you can keep all of your stakeholders (users, managers, etc.) informed about the status of your project and enable them to take well-informed decisions.

Look for these qualities in a Gantt chart tool.

The Gantt chart tool is crucial for overseeing deadlines and jobs.

A project’s organisation and progress monitoring are helpful.

It is highly adaptable and may be used to handle numerous projects at once.

The Gantt diagram is an perfect tool for visualising difficult activities and objectives since it makes them simple to comprehend and traverse.

What advantages can Gantt chart tools offer?

Gantt chart tools can help you plan and manage your projects and your time more efficiently. Tracking progress and adjustments is simple with the use of Gantt chart tools.

No issue how complex the scheme may be, Gantt chart tools help you stay organised and keep everything under control. Teamwork and communication are improved since everyone on the team can always quickly comprehend what is happening thanks to Gantt chart tools.

Top 11Best Tools for Gantt Charts in 2023

Top 11 Best Tools for Gantt Charts are explained here.

1. Instagantt

For managing your Gantt projects, Instagantt is a fantastic application.

It has a number of features that make it perfect for both DIYers and professionals. This is another Tools for Gantt Charts.

The drag-and-drop interface of Instagantt, which makes it simple to create and amend tasks, the capability to manage numerous projects at once, and its effective tracking system, which aids in keeping track of all the deadlines and developments are some of its most helpful features. Also check Developer Productivity Tools.

Overall, Instagantt is a strong solution that may assist you in effectively and seamlessly managing your Gantt projects.

key Features

  • Enabling you to add projects, resources, deadlines, and other data in a straightforward and user-friendly style.
  • Establishing task dependencies automatically to ensure that activities are carried out in the proper order
  • Determining job length a
  • nd other crucial information.
  • Making a graph of progress so you can observe how your project is doing.


  • The free version also supports more sophisticated features.
  • Integrating baseline tracking and quality
  • Simple photos with unique branding
  • Customers may be provided personal links.


  • zProblems adding new subtasks

Being limited to weeks and days to view


  • $7 for a single user
  • $5/month for several users

Customer Reviews

4.53 out of 5

2. TeamGantt

Although there are several alternative Gantt tools available, TeamGantt is regarded as the best.

It was created by a group of software engineers and designers with the goal of assisting you in managing your projects more successfully.

Gantt charts, a sort of timeline, are simple to construct, modify, and amend with TeamGantt, and they may be quite helpful when planning a project.

Additionally, it enables you to keep track of any crucial deadlines and modifications to your project, ensuring that everything proceeds as planned from beginning to end.

Overall, TeamGantt is a great tool for organising projects, especially big ones, and it may greatly simplify your life!

key Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop job tree and Gantt chart creation.
  • Tasks can be easily annotated with notes, and files and images can be attached.
  • Managing time restrictions with a flexible approach to deadlines and priorities.
  • integrating with different accounting software to monitor costs and income.


  • Software is simple to use and understand.
  • The menus and icons have clear labels and are simple to find.
  • The software is simple to use and navigate.
  • facilitates mapping task dependencies


  • Lacks a section for the project budget
  • System can be expensive, particularly for larger teams


Lite is $19 per month; Pro is $49; and Enterprise is $99 each month.

Customer Ratings


3. Toggl Plan

Toggl is a fantastic tool for organising activities and projects.

It is a free gantt tool that enables you to monitor the development of your work from beginning to end. This is another Tools for Gantt Charts.

To keep track of when things are intended to happen, you can also add notes, achievement milestones, and due dates to each job.

Toggl’s ability to interact with a variety of platforms so you can view your data wherever you are is one of its best features.

You may therefore work on your project wherever there is an internet connection, thanks to this!

If you ought to take a vacation while continuing working on your project, you can even access Toggl on your phone or tablet.

Toggl is a fantastic tool for managing activities and projects overall.

It is cost-free, simple to use, and offers precise project progress tracking.

Toggl is a great option to think about if you’re looking for a free gantt tool to help you organise your job more efficiently.

key Features

The capacity to simultaneously build numerous gantt charts.

This makes it simple to evaluate various aspects of your work schedule and help you come to more intelligent conclusions.

the option to add notes and comments to make it easier to track changes and advancement.

You should have the option to print your charts so you can carry them with you everywhere you go.


  • Simple timeline sharing for each client
  • Excellent software and interface overview Cons
  • Problematic in terms of functionality
  • Lack of coordination between several apps


  • Team
  • $9/user/month
  • $15/user/month for business
  • There is also a free trial period of 14 days.

Customers Ratings

it a 4.6/5

4. ClickUp

You may easily build and manage your projects with the free Gantt tool ClickUp.

This is another Tools for Gantt Charts. You can use it to schedule and arrange your work, monitor development, and remember deadlines.

You can make the most of every hour you spend working on them because it is adaptable enough to handle high-volume tasks.

ClickUp distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to a few qualities, including its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and support for numerous currencies.

Additionally, using it is entirely free!

So stop waiting and begin utilising ClickUp right away to advance your project planning.

key Features

  • Offers a simple method for managing and tracking your projects and tasks.
  • Shows each project’s status, along with deadlines and development updates
  • Enables you to delegate various tasks to various team members so that everyone is aware of what has been allocated and when it must be finished.
  • Gives you immediate visual feedback on the status of your projects so you may make any necessary adjustments.


  • Provides a thorough job management system as well.
  • Features of project management
  • Collaboration with teammates is simple
  • Cost-effective


  • Not subject to a learning curve
  • An incompatible mobile application
  • It’s challenging to add new projects


  • Fundamentals: Free Forever Unlimited
  • $5/month
  • Business
  • Business Plus for $12 monthly
  • Enterprise/Custom
  • Customer Ratings for $19 per month
  • 4.4/5

5. Monday.com

Anyone trying to better manage their time should check out Monday.com.

They provide a free Gantt tool that makes goal planning and monitoring simple.

You can create calendars using the Gantt tool that list every job you have to complete in order to reach your goals.

A day-by-day summary of your progress is also provided so you can see how close you are to finishing each assignment.

To ensure that you don’t forget anything crucial, you may also add notes and reminders using the Gantt tool.

The free Gantt tool from Monday.com is definitely worth looking at if you’re searching for a means to better manage your time and accomplish your goals.

key Features

It’s simple to use; all you have to do is enter the information pertinent to each task, and it will produce a thorough Gantt chart for you.

Your charts can be altered to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

It’s safe; only you, the person who produced the chart, can view the data because it’s encrypted. This is another Tools for Gantt Charts.

It’s effective since the charts are made to graphically organise and track all of your chores.


  • Simple to use with a clear interface
  • There are numerous project management features accessible.
  • Convenient and compatible


  • Uncompatible mobile application
  • Sub-items are challenging to process and add.
  • The learning curve does not work.
  • Basic $8 per seat per month Standard
  • $10/seat/month
  • Pro monthly fee of $16 per seat
  • Business/Custom pricing
  • Customer evaluations 4.6/5

6. Jira

The free Gantt tool provided by Jira is a fantastic tool for team members to track and manage their workload.

It enables them to view their current location and where they must go in order to do their chores on schedule.

A sort of graphical time representation known as a Gantt chart is useful for scheduling, forecasting, and planning.

They are frequently applied in the corporate world to monitor the advancement of activities or projects.

Team members may easily construct and manage Gantt charts with Jira’s free Gantt tool by using straightforward drag-and-drop actions.

Because of this, it is simpler for them to comprehend each stage of the procedure and adhere to deadlines.

key Features

The capacity to design intricate projects with various due dates and job dependencies.

The capacity to view every task in a project at once, together with their present state and due dates.

Team members may be able to communicate more effectively if they have the option to contribute comments to each job.

Tasks may be simpler to understand if files and photos can be attached to them.


  • Easily build reports like burndown charts so that you can easily chart your ideas and share them with the team.
  • App enables quick integrations
  • many task possibilities for various users


  • Web apps are superior to mobile apps.
  • Complexity exists in system integrations.
  • Reports are difficult to download
  • JIRA only permits small file uploads.
  • Standard monthly price: $7.75; premium monthly price: $15.25
  • Business/Custom pricing

Customer Evaluations: 4.6/5

7. Microsoft Project

This is another Tools for Gantt Charts. It takes meticulous preparation and execution to successfully complete the complicated and time-sensitive process of project management.

Because of this, it’s critical to have a system in place to help you organise your work and keep track of deadlines, such as Microsoft Project Gantt chart online. Also check Get Paid to Chat

The visual representation of all the tasks that must be finished in a specific order for a project to be successful is called a Gantt chart.

It can be used to visualise the flow of work, monitor advancement, and see any possible roadblocks or issues.

Utilizing one of the many free online Gantt chart tools accessible on the internet, or by using Microsoft Project, you may design and manage your own Gantt charts.

Once your chart is operational, using it will help you monitor and improve the timeline for your project while ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Key Features

  • Flexible layout – You can alter the charts’ layout to give them the appearance you choose.
  • Timing tools let you easily keep track of deadlines and other crucial dates.
  • Collaboration features – You can distribute your project files to others who must be informed of its status.
  • Reporting tools – You can acquire in-depth reports on the status of your project so you can decide how to proceed in the future.


  • Simple integrations
  • improved features that are more reliable
  • 24/7 customer service is available.
  • Flexible for financial management and road mapping


  • requires training and can be a little challenging to utilise
  • Only accessible as a cloud-based or on-premises solution
  • difficulties with file compatibility
  • Pricing
  • Plan A $10 per user per month
  • Customer Evaluations 4.2/5
  • project management software Zoho

8. Zoho Projects

An online Gantt chart is a terrific tool for monitoring your project’s progress and ensuring that you’re meeting deadlines as planned.

It aids in maintaining order and organisation in your job.

It may be used to make intricate project schedules, allocate duties, and monitor the status of each activity.

Additionally, you can see how long it will take to accomplish each work, which will help you estimate how much time is still left for the project.

In general, Zoho plans

An effective tool for ensuring that your project stays on schedule and that you make the most of your time and resources is an online Gantt chart.

Key Features

It is simple to keep track of due dates, tasks, and the status of each.

A project can have multiple iterations created so that you can test various scenarios and discover which one performs the best.

In order to know exactly how much money you are spending and how much material you still have available, you can keep track of expenses and resources in your project.

In order for them to assist where it is most required, you can share your projects with the other team members.


  • Multiple projects can be setup simultaneously Time tracking and sheet availability
  • Create a timer


  • Not allow for a workable cloud storage
  • Projects cannot have custom fields added.
  • Quite pricey for bigger teams


Customer Ratings: 4.1/5 for Premium $5/month and $10/month for Businesses

9. Backlog

An effective tool for visualising your project’s work schedule and monitoring the progress of each job is an online Gantt chart. This is another Tools for Gantt Charts.

The chart can be altered to suit your unique requirements and used to keep track of tasks by deadline or milestone.

A timeline that lets you view the status of several tasks concurrently is a Gantt chart.

You can use this to understand what has to be done to fulfil deadlines and to spot any bottlenecks that are causing the project to move slowly.

With the help of any programme that supports Gantt charts, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you can make your own backlog (by Nulab) Gantt chart online.

This tool can also be used to plan future projects by showing you which tasks must be finished ahead of time in order to fulfil deadlines.

Key Features

  • The capacity to build various backlogs, including those for projects, tasks, subtasks, and items.
  • Each item in the queue has the opportunity to receive notes and comments.
  • Being able to assign due dates to each item in the queue.
  • The capacity to monitor each task’s backlog progress.
  • The ability to export the backlog as a calendar or PDF file, or to print it.


  • Email notifications are straightforward and efficient.
  • Available features support multiple teams
  • It’s simple to use the subscription model.


  • Numerous issues with privacy in the app
  • sometimes sluggish to process


  • $35/month
  • Standard
  • $100/month for premium; monthly

Customer Feedback


10. GanttPRO

A free web programme called GanttPRO makes it simple to generate and manage Gantt charts.

Gantt charts are a common tool used in corporate planning for monitoring the progress of projects.

A user-friendly interface provided by GanttPRO makes it simple to build and manage your projects.

You may easily add tasks, set due dates, and monitor their progress.

This is another Tools for Gantt Charts. Additionally, you may add notes and comments to each assignment, which can aid in your memory of crucial project specifics.

GanttPRO is the ideal tool for you if you’re seeking for a simple approach to generate and manage your Gantt charts.

Key Features

The availability of simple drag-and-drop tools for the creation of complex schedules.

the capability to annotate and add notes to your schedules so that you can more easily track changes or adjustments.

You should have the option to export your Gantt charts in a variety of file types, including PDF, Excel, and PNG.


  • An intuitive and simple UI
  • Sub-tasks can be easily added.
  • Drag and drop capability


  • comes without a Kanban view
  • There isn’t a trial version available.
  • No such report generator to be found


  • Basic
  • Pro membership is $7.99; Enterprise costs $12.99.
  • specific pricing
  • Customer evaluations: 4.7/5

11. Smartsheet

A Gantt chart can be the ideal tool for you if you’re seeking for a simple way to keep track of your work schedule and deadlines. This is another Tools for Gantt Charts.

You can see all the jobs that need to be finished within a certain time range with the aid of a Gantt chart.

You must first enter the name of your project and the associated dates in order to generate a Gantt chart online.

Then, Smartsheet generates a timeline with a rectangle for each task and the start and end dates that go with it.

If necessary, you can make comments to each assignment, and you can even attach images or other files to better illustrate your points.

Key Features

With easily customizable colours and labels, complex project schedules may be quickly created.

You can drag and drop elements on the interactive charts to reorder them or add new activities.

Additionally, filters can be used to discover specific data, such as data by date or task type.

You may search the charts to locate the data you’re searching for easily.


  • There are many project management features in Smartsheet.
  • Provides in-the-moment cooperation
  • Convenient to use


  • Does not provide several integrations
  • Very comparable to Excel


$14/month for an individual, $25/month for a business, and contact information for customers


What is the ideal programme for making Gantt charts?

The finest tool for making a Gantt chart is nTask.

Regardless of how hard the assignment is, it is easy to use and produces accurate results.

Plus, it’s simple to access from any device thanks to its cloud-based architecture.

In nTask, the Gantt chart displays the progress of each task as a bar graph and the progress of the whole project as a percentage of completion at the top of the chart.

Another aspect of nTask’s Gantt chart that sets it apart from the competition is the simplicity with which task dependencies can be defined.

You can create a number of task dependencies, including:

  1. starting at the beginning
  2. starting to finish
  3. Full stop
  4. and from start to finish

Try nTask if you want to use Gantt charts to coordinate the work of your team.

Your team may easily debate the project and, if necessary, make changes in real time thanks to integrated communication features and meeting management tools.

Selection criteria for Gantt chart software

The best Gantt chart software should take a lot of things into account.

These consist of the available features, how user-friendly it is, and whether it connects with other systems.

Here are some essential standards to bear in mind:

The management of schedules, tasks, and activities can be done using Gantt charts.

They can also be used to monitor development and have a clearer knowledge of how tasks are moving forward.

Gantt charts should be simple to build and change thanks to the software’s user-friendly features.

Additionally, it need to include built-in reports that offer thorough data on how well your project is performing.

Make sure the application is simple to use on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Make sure it is simple enough for you to utilise without any issues since you will require access to it when working on your projects.

Gantt chart tools FAQs

Which chart programme makes the greatest Gantt charts?

Gantt charts are an excellent tool for visualising project objectives and deadlines.

They can be used for many different things, such as making timelines and monitoring progress.

You can utilise a variety of programmes, but some of the most well-liked ones include Microsoft Project, MacProject Pro, and EasyGantt PRO.

Make sure the application you choose has all the tools you require to produce precise Gantt charts.

Task linking, time estimation tools, and connectivity with other software applications are a few examples of these characteristics.

Install the programme you’ve chosen on your computer and get started!

Can I generate a Gantt chart for no cost?

Yes, Microsoft Excel may be used to create a Gantt chart for no cost.

All you need is the project data you want to chart and the date period.

Use the Gantt Chart Wizard to generate your chart after entering this data.

Choose the chart that best meets your needs from among the many various varieties that are available.

Keep in mind that a well-made Gantt chart can assist management in better planning their workload and monitoring progress toward particular targets.

What is the meaning of the Gantt chart?

A visual depiction of time that may be used to track multiple chores and projects is the Gantt chart.

Because it makes it easier to keep track of how a specific work or project is coming along, it is frequently used in business, entrepreneurship, and project management.

The Gantt chart’s fundamental idea is straightforward: vertical columns stand in for hours, while horizontal rows indicate days.

Each column and row represents a particular step in finishing your work or project.

The bars at each intersection show how much work has already been finished.

New tasks are added, and depending on how close their due date is to those of existing tasks on the chart, they are inserted at the relevant spots on the timeline.

When you have finished creating your Gantt chart, be sure to assign priorities based on which steps should be completed before others in order to complete your project or task list.

Is it possible to utilise a Gantt chart for numerous projects?

Multiple projects can be managed using a Gantt chart, but if they become too much to handle, you might want to think about splitting them up into smaller tasks or milestones.

You will comprehend what is needed and when it needs to be done better in this way.

Additionally, you can speed up your work process by employing icons or symbols along the x-axis.

Once finished, add up the time spent on each task, and there you have it!

You can now accurately estimate how long everything will take as a whole.

What attributes distinguish a good Gantt chart?

When planning a project, an excellent Gantt chart can be a useful tool for visually displaying how tasks are progressing over time.

Additionally, it aids with deadline monitoring and data collection on task fulfilment.

A Gantt chart’s fundamental design is comparable to a timeline’s, but it allows for more specific information about each project step.

The graph’s bars and columns each represent a day or a week, with boxes indicating what was accomplished superimposed on the bars representing real work hours (or days if working weekends).

This makes it simple to determine which jobs have been finished ahead of schedule and how much time is still left before all requirements have been satisfied.

When creating an overall plan or creating weekly reports for your projects, remember to take into account Gantt charts because they may be tailored to your unique demands.

You may improve efficiency and effectiveness inside your firm by making efficient use of this straightforward visual tool.


The total quality and effectiveness of your work can be significantly impacted by selecting the appropriate tool for the assignment.

Although there are numerous tools available to generate stunning, interconnected Gantt charts, only a select few stand out as the best-in-class solutions that can accelerate the completion of significant tasks.

Check out these tools if you want to be more time efficient than your peers.



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