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8 Best ToDo List Apps In 2022

todo list apps

Best and most authentic todo list apps will be described in this article. To-do list apps are oversaturated. I am aware of how difficult it would be to attempt them all since I have done so.

Why are there so many apps for something that can be done just as easily with sticky notes? because it takes a lot of human effort to manage things. Everything that doesn’t feel correct will be rejected by people. Although that is a wise inclination, it makes it challenging to choose the best software.

In order to uncover the top to-do apps for diverse use scenarios, we have been working hard to conduct our research. For these works, much research was conducted. First, we researched the top apps for Android, Windows, macOS, and iPhone/iPad. Then, we downloaded the best apps available in each app store and spent much too much time switching between them to manage our personal to-do lists.

And now we’re presenting to you what we believe to be the best of the best. One of these apps will fit your needs no matter what they are. Continue reading for more information on to-do list apps, or click on any app to learn more about why we chose it.

What characteristics distinguish a top-notch to-do list app?

How we test and assess apps

All of our lists of the top apps are prepared by people with extensive experience using, evaluating, and writing about software. We invest many hours on app research and testing, using each app as it was intended to be used and comparing it to the standards we established for the category. We cherish the confidence readers place in us to provide honest evaluations of the categories and apps we evaluate, so we never accept payment for placement in our articles from any app or for referrals to any website. Read the entire explanation of how we choose the apps to feature on the Zapier blog for more information about our selection process.

Everyone has various standards when it comes to to-do lists. As we evaluated, we kept this in mind and discovered a few aspects that set some apps apart from others.

The top list management apps are:

We looked for the top apps that balance these factors in different ways. All of these choices won’t be suitable for you, but hopefully one of them is. Let’s start now.

Top 8 Best And Most Authentic to do list apps In 2022

Top 8 Best And Most Authentic to do list apps are explained here.

1. Todoist (Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web)

The most effective to-do list available is not Todoist. It’s not the easiest either. That’s kind of the point: this software strikes a balance between complexity and capability while operating on virtually every device in use. That’s a compelling selling feature, which is likely the reason Todoist is currently one of the most well-liked to-do lists.

In our experiments, adding tasks happened quickly across all platforms, in part because of natural language processing (type “buy milk Monday” & the task “buy milk” will be added with the next Monday set as your due date). Setting due dates and moving new tasks from your Inbox to pertinent projects are both options. Paid users get access to some basic collaborative tools as well as the ability to design their own filters and labels.

Todoist is adaptable enough to fit into the majority of workflows while not being overly complex. Additionally, it frequently adds new capabilities. For instance, you may see projects as a Kanban board, and recent upgrades have made using the keyboard to navigate the programme considerably smoother. Overall, if you don’t know where to begin, this is a nice to-do list app to try out. This is another todo list apps.

As a result of Todoist’s integration with Zapier, tasks can be created in Todoist anytime something occurs in one of your preferred apps. Here are some illustrations.

The best to-do list app with timers and calendars incorporated

2. TickTick (Android, Windows, macOS, iPhone & iPad, Web)

TickTick is a to-do list software that is rapidly expanding and provides a wide range of functionality on virtually any platform you can think of. Thanks to natural language processing, adding tasks is quick. Additionally, the desktop versions feature a universal keyboard shortcut, and the mobile versions have widgets and pinned alerts, making it simple to add a task before returning to what you were doing. Lists, tags, and due dates can be used to arrange tasks, and every work can have subtasks added to it.

TickTick provides all of this with native-feeling apps; for instance, the macOS version differs from the Windows version in ways that are reasonable given the differences between the two operating systems. In addition, TickTick has a few features that set it apart from competing apps.

First, a Pomodoro timer that lets you begin a 25-minute work session for any of your activities is already built in (complete with numerous white noise options, if you want). The connectivity with numerous third-party calendars, which enables you to view all of your chores and appointments in one location and even conduct some time blocking, is the second feature. Another feature is a habit-tracking tool that lets you keep track of the days you adhered to your fitness and diet commitments. In a recent update, an Eisenhower Matrix view was included, enabling you to order your tasks according to importance and urgency. It has a fantastic set of features that are unmatched by anything else on the market. This is another todo list apps.

You may have tasks created in TickTick automatically whenever you perform actions like saving a message in Slack or opening a new email thanks to the interaction between TickTick and Zapier.

Best list manager for Microsoft power users (and Wunderlist refugees)

3. Windows To Do (Android, Windows, Web, iPhone and iPad)

Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in 2015 and hired the team there to work on a new to-do list software. As a result, Microsoft To Do was created, and elements of Wunderlist can be seen all over it. Although adding tasks is quick and the primary interface is tidy, there is a lot of versatility hidden behind the surface.

But the component that actually stands out is the close connectivity with the Microsoft ecosystem. Users of Outlook can finally sync their tasks from that programme to mobile devices by transferring them from Outlook to Microsoft To Do. Windows users can add tasks by typing in the Start menu or by using Cortana. For instance, typing “add rice to my shopping list” will add rice to the “shopping” list.

In my opinion, this to-do list software is also the cutest one available. You can choose unique backdrop photos for each of your lists, making it easy to identify which list you are viewing at a glance. Your task list will be something you’ll be looking at all day, so make sure it looks excellent.

Because Microsoft To Do and Zapier are integrated, you can do things like add a task to To Do whenever a crucial assignment appears in one of your other apps. To get you started, consider these examples. This is another todo list apps.

Best to-do list app features a beautiful design.

4. Things (macOS, iPhone, iPad)


The two types of to-do list apps that are most common are the complex and the minimalist. Things are in a way both.

That’s pretty much the highest recommendation I have for a to-do list software. Although this programme has a tonne of functionality, it never feels complicated to use. Both adding tasks and organising them take little time, but there are countless different ways to do it. Projects, tasks, or headings that can also contain tasks can all be found within areas, and tasks can also, if desired, have subtasks. It seems complicated, but it’s not, which demonstrates how well Things is made.

These capabilities are available in other applications as well, but Things handles them in a way that never feels cluttered, allowing you to finish looking at your to-do list and continue working on your current task without delay. Include features like a system-wide tool for rapidly adding tasks, calendar integration so you can see your appointments while organising your day, easy keyboard shortcuts, reminders with native notifications, and syncing to an iPhone and iPad app with this blend of practicality and aesthetics.

This is another todo list apps. The only drawback is that there are no versions for Windows or Android, but this choice likely let the team concentrate on creating a simple product. You owe it to yourself to test Things if you use Apple products.

Best to-do list app for users with a very specific organizational system

5. OmniFocus (macOS, iPhone, iPad)

OmniFocus is extremely adaptable. This David Allen-owned Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy-based programme for Apple may be used with just about any organising system you can think of thanks to a variety of features. For instance, depending on whether activities need to be completed in a specified order or not, you can set up three different types of projects. By default, there are six major views that let you arrange your tasks according to factors like due dates, projects, and tags. If you have the Pro edition, you can even add more views.

You see what I mean. If there is a function you want, OmniFocus offers it, so you can organise your tasks pretty much anyway you like. OmniFocus is a power user’s dream, with better options than anyone can expect to combine into a workflow.

Only Apple devices can sync with one another. There is a web version available, but non-Apple users are advised to look elsewhere. It is designed for occasional use away from your Apple machines. This is another todo list apps.

The Zapier integration in OmniFocus allows you to link it with your other preferred apps. Zapier will automatically transfer information to OmniFocus if something occurs in another app that you wish to keep track of there.

Best to-do list app to make tasks enjoyable

6. Habitica (Android, iPhone and iPad, Web)

How else can you describe all the time you’ve wasted on pointless fetch quests? Games are excellent at inspiring monotonous activity. Habitica, originally known as HabitRPG, attempts to use game design concepts to inspire you to complete tasks, and it is incredibly successful. A list can be expanded to include duties, routine activities, and habits. Additionally, you have a character that gains experience when you do tasks and loses it when you put them off. Additionally, you can get in-game currency by purchasing in-game things like guns or even ridiculous hats, as well as offline rewards like a snack.

This is another todo list apps. This is much great when you start a party with several pals. Together, you may take on bosses, but watch out: if you miss deadlines for specific chores, your allies will suffer damage. Nothing will motivate you if that doesn’t.

What is the drawback? You might need something else for managing long-term tasks since Habitica isn’t the best to-do list app. But Habitica is definitely worth a try if you struggle with motivation.

Best to-do app for power Google users

7. Google Tasks (Web, Android, iPhone and iPad)

Google Tasks is an apparent to-do list to try out if you live in Gmail and Google Calendar. This is due to the point that it offers several integrations and is conveniently located in the sidebar of those two programmes. There is also a specific smartphone app.

The actual app is simple. Although adding tasks is quick, there aren’t many organising options, especially if you use Gmail frequently. Not much else is present than due dates, lists, and subtasks. On the PC, though, the Gmail connectivity is a major selling feature. A task can be completed from an email by dragging it to Google Tasks, for instance. If you’d like, you may also view your tasks on your Google Calendar.

A to-do app that is constantly accessible is the greatest. It’s difficult to find an app that is more useful than Google Tasks if you’re the type of person who keeps Gmail open on your computer at all times. These jobs are portable thanks to the mobile versions.

With Zapier’s integration of Google Tasks, data can be sent between Google Tasks and your other apps effortlessly. Here are a few process examples you can automate so you can quit moving your jobs manually. This is another todo list apps.

Best to-do app for people who Forget to use to-do app

8. (Android, iPhone and iPad, Web)

A extremely beautiful mobile software from makes it simple to enter tasks, group them into categories, and assign due dates. The daily “Plan my Day” tool, though, is where it really excels because it compels you to schedule when you’ll do your numerous duties, helping you to remember to really follow through. With the help of’s seamless integration with Google and Outlook calendars, you can view all of your appointments & tasks in one location. If you’re the type of someone who adds items to a list and then forgets about them, you need this. This is another todo list apps.

The desktop version lacks some of the sleekness of the mobile version; it feels cluttered and can be a bit perplexing. Even so,’s mobile app alone is a strong incentive to give it a try, especially if you conduct the most of your task management on a mobile device.

Because and Zapier are integrated, you may have tasks added to anytime a new task, note, or calendar event is created in one of your other apps.

For recently concluded appointments on Google Calendar, create tasks in

Other to –do list option

In this roundup, we concentrated on to-do list apps, but many other programmes can serve the same purpose. If none of the above perfectly fit what you’re looking for, here are a few suggestions:

If none of these techniques function for you, look at project management apps like Trello and Asana since they may be quite helpful as to-do lists.

Why Time-blocking apps are still a good choice. These integrate a to-do list with your calendar to help you prioritise what to work on when.

In a pinch, sticky note apps can also be useful. The same is true for paper. Avoid overanalyzing things!

Because task management is so individualised, choosing the best method can be challenging. Please allow me know if there is anything I overlooked in the process.

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