8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives For Remote Desktop Access In 2021

This post will explain teamviewer alternatives remote desktop. Working from house has been the new norm around the world for more than a year now. This means that if you are having issues with your computer or, state, a friend of yours or an employee at your business can’t figure something out on their computer, accessing it for troubleshooting can be a pain. In such situations, remote gain access to plays a crucial function. You can from another location access another individual’s computer to learn what the issue is. It’s a technique that was around prior to we were required to stay home.

Remote gain access to or remote desktop supervisor is a typical tool utilized by IT teams in corporations or large workplaces where it might not be possible to attend to a technical concern physically. Not just organizations, however it is common for people to use remote desktop connections too. Be it for helping out a good friend or a relative who may not be as fluent with computer systems, and even to transfer files in between your computer system and theirs.

What is TeamViewer?

One of the most popular remote gain access to applications is TeamViewer. TeamViewer has been about for a while and has ended up being synonymous with the idea of remote gain access to and remote control of remote desktops. It is readily available across multiple platforms, consisting of Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc., and offers all the needed features you might require while accessing a remote desktop. You can also check another post like white gaming mouse.

Why are people wanting to replace TeamViewer?

Nevertheless, TeamViewer has a couple of limitations too. First of all, the image quality on TeamViewer may not be up to the mark if your web connection is weak. While this may not be a great deal, personal privacy and security is an incredibly crucial aspect. Specifically since your computer system houses a lot of individual information that need to not be compromised. Sadly, there have actually been reports of vulnerabilities in TeamViewer that were made use of to expose the system signals of users. Back in 2016 too, Chinese observers were able to breach TeamViewer’s security procedures which have put an enigma on how safe TeamViewer actually is. Also check best pc gaming headsets.

Features to look for in a great remote agent tool

Good remote desktop software to access a remote device must have some basic functions like
– Ability to see the remote computer screen in good quality despite the customer’s web connection quality
– Have file transfer
– Remote printing
– Allow for more than single-user access
– Capability to switch user profiles
– Session recording
– An easy interface
– Enable concurrent sessions
– Have security features to protect your data.

We will try to ensure that the majority of the TeamViewer options we mention listed below have actually these features constructed into them.

Best 8 TeamViewer Alternatives in 2021 [Free and Paid]

If you are worried about these security lapses or want to overcome some other disadvantages of TeamViewer, we have ten different TeamViewer options that you can pick from to help you gain access to remote desktop connections. These TeamViewer alternatives might have their own set of benefits both in terms of functions along with reliability.

You can attempt each remote desktop software before opting for the one that finest matches your requirements. Do note that this list contains both totally free and paid TeamViewer alternatives based on whether it is for your personal usage or commercial purposes. Don’t fret, and even the paid TeamViewer alternatives have complimentary trial variations, which you can have a look at prior to spending for the full report.

1. Microsoft Remote Screen Connection

teamviewer alternatives remote desktop

This is the usual common TeamViewer alternative for the essential factor that it comes pre-installed on all Windows PC/laptop by default. The odds are that you are not too familiar with the existence of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection while it has actually been hiding on your PC considering that the start. This is a great option to TeamViewer for fundamental tasks. Considering that it comes pre-installed on all Windows PCs, it is likewise free to use.

In order to utilize Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, just hunt for it in the universal search table in the taskbar and fire it up. As soon as opened, you have to enter the name of the computer you want to gain access to remotely. To know the name of the computer system, open ‘This PC’ on the computer, you want to gain access to, right-click and choose Characteristics. You will discover the name of the computer system noted there.
Special features: Inbuilt into Windows, works even with slow web connections, among the more safe and secure choices.

Supported Platforms: Windows just.
Cost: Free

2. Chrome Remote Desktop Gain Access To

teamviewer alternatives remote desktop

This is different tool that has been lurking inside an app that you most likely use on a regular basis however might not be aware of. Google Chrome on both Windows and Mac enables you to utilize Chrome Remote Desktop, which can be a terrific alternative to TeamViewer, specifically if you wish to remotely access among your own computer systems. You can set up your existing gadgets to be accessed remotely, so if you leave your laptop computer behind, you can still access the files on it from a different location. It’s very easy to use and quick as well.

If you want to supply remote support to somebody else, you can ask them for an access code which you can open in Chrome’s Remote Desktop WebSite. You can also screen part and enable someone else to remotely access your computer and help you with any problems that you may have. Also check mini gaming pc.

This is a fast and hassle-free solution considering that the majority of us have Chrome set up on our computer systems, so you don’t need to download any additional app/software. Chrome Remote Desktop is totally free to utilize.
Unique functions: Developed right into Chrome, has different modes for support and screen share, works across various gadgets

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, essentially any device that can run Google Chrome.
Cost: Free

3. AnyDesk

teamviewer alternatives remote desktop

AnyDesk is another favorite remote desktop purpose that offers strong competitors to TeamViewer in regards to functions. AnyDesk also declares to supply much better picture quality than TeamViewer and can connect to any variety of remote devices, making it a compelling option even if you are a company or a company wanting to buy remote desktop software application. You can set a signal for unattended access, utilize a virtual desktop preview to hide sensitive material, record sessions, and even print files from a remote pc.

The app UI is mild, and AnyDesk can be utilized on many popular platforms, consisting of Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, ChromeOS, and so on. It includes a cool one-click screen sharing experience. AnyDesk can be downloaded open of cost for personal use and unlimited remote gatherings if you are an individual. If you wish to use it as a TeamViewer alternative for commercial purposes, prices begin with $10.99 per month and differ based on your selected plan. For the majority of people, AnyDesk can be considered the best alternative for Teamviewer.

Unique features: Protect, fast, great image quality
Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS, ChromeOS.
Price: Free for individual usage, from $10.99 per month for industrial use.

4. VNC Connect

VNC Connect

VNC Connect is different paid alternative to TeamViewer, which guarantees quickly and stable connection for remote assistance and gain access to. This TeamViewer alternative is given by RealVNC and is among the more popular apps even on Android for users who wish to access their Windows PCs remotely using their smartphone. VNC Link emphasizes security and claims that its option is simpler to release compared to the competitors.

While VNC Connect is a paid software application, you can download a totally free trial variation for thirty days. The features offered by VNC Connect are excellent, but one disadvantage we experienced is that there are 2 different apps, one for the host and one for the user who needs to connect to the host in order to get support. This was unnecessary as both performances could have been incorporated into the very same app, similar to all the other apps included in this list. VNC Connect prices users on a per-computer basis, and the prices starts from $3.39 per month per computer system.

Special functions: Focus on information encryption, printing, specifically indicated for fixing purposes.
Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX.
Rate: Begins with $3.39 per month after a 30-day free trial.

5. DWS Remote Control

DWS Remote Control

DWS Push-button control is one of the lesser-known services for remote assistance however is an extremely basic and useful tool. The most significant advantage of DWS Remote Control is the fact that it can be accessed right from a web internet browser and is open reservoir. There is no download needed on the client’s team for a remote session, making it extremely hassle-free to use. You just need to download a server-side app called DWAgent and set it up once.

DWS Push-button control is complimentary to use, and given that it is open-source, you can use the APIs to carry out the service into your own app or site. DWS also supports applications that are particular features that help you communicate with particular elements of the remote computer. These consist of controls for the screen, files and folders, full-screen editor, shell, system log, and so on

Special functions: Can be accessed directly from a browser, does not need an additional application, open-source.
Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux, Raspberry Pi, Wandboard, Pine64.
Cost: Free

6. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Zoho is a favorite title in the software application market, specifically when it comes to applications that help you run a service. Zoho Assist is one such app that makes remote desktop power to your business/organization and can be an excellent TeamViewer alternative. Zoho Assist is used by popular brand names like Hitachi, OnePlus, Tata, Ola, etc., and has a good reputation in regards to service.

Zoho Assist offers functions like file transfer, instantaneous chat, voice chat and video calls, session records, and all the basic characteristics that you would anticipate from a remote desktop client. Considering That Zoho Assist is mainly suggested for big companies and business, it is a paid service with plans starting from INR 400/$ 6 per month. Nevertheless, you do get the choice to download a 15-day free trial prior to you decide to acquire it.
Special Features: Helpful for big businesses, includes alternatives of voice and video chat, tailored for India, combination with modern apps like Slack.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS and Android, iOS, Linux, ChromeOS.
Cost: Beginning at Rs. 400 per period after a 15-day free trial.

7. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is among the simplest TeamViewer alternatives in regards to functions and the setup process. The app needs zero-configuration, and you do not need to log in or sign-up with your credentials. All you need to do is head over to their website and download the current version of Ammy Admin. The downloaded file is a portable variation of the software which suggests it does not require any extra setup. Just open it, and you are good to go.

Provided how light and easy the app is, a great deal of features are missing out on, and it may not be as powerful as some other applications we pointed out above. Nevertheless, it is free of cost for individual use so we can not truly grumble much. If you are intending to use the software in a corporate context, you can acquire it with costs starting from $33.90 per computer, which is a one-time cost. However, we suggest using only the totally free version of Ammyy Admin (suggested for personal usage) because it lacks some crucial functions.

Unique functions: Lightweight, easy to set up, portable app, no login/sign-up needed
Supported Platform: Windows only.
Price: Free for individual usage, starting at $33.90 per computer system for industrial usage.

8. ISL Online

ISL Online

ISL Online Remote is another advanced remote access software that can be used to control computer systems and even smartphones from another location. The UI now on ISL Online is very pure and looks insignificant. You get functions like chat, file sharing, whiteboard, system information, switch screens, multi-window, and the remote connection is likewise end-to-end encrypted. ISL Online can be utilized on numerous operating systems.

In addition to computers, ISL Online can also help professionals fix software application issues on mobile phones like Android and iOS smartphones from another location, which can be helpful to you depending upon the nature of your work. Nevertheless, ISL Online also needs you to download 2 various applications based on whether you support or get support. If you are going to use it simply in a business environment, then it makes feeling. You can try ISL Online for available for a duration of 15 days, after which prices starts from $145 per year.

Special functions: Assistance for numerous platforms, simple UI, end-to-end encrypted Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux.
Rate: Beginning with $145 per annum after a 15-day totally free trial.

Is it time to look at Timeviewer options?

If TeamViewer lacks the pieces you are studying for and you are worried about your personal privacy & security, you can surely look for options that can perform as good as and even much better than TeamViewer in particular cases. These were the very best TeamViewer alternatives that we came across for remote gain access to and remote PC control.

We extremely advise you check out among these services if you are not happy with TeamViewer or you wish to try something different. We have actually intentionally avoided consisting of puffed up services like LogMeIn, which puzzles consumers with a lot of separate services LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Central, GoToMyPC, Rescue, GoToAssist, and more.

If you are searching for an alternative for individual use, we would advise AnyDesk as the main choice because it is dependable and has numerous functions to use. For corporate use, we would recommend you go through the features and prices of each of the services and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Issues on Alternatives for TeamViewer

Now that we have included things like what TeamViewer is, why you would need to try to find an option, what to look for in a TeamViewer option, and the very best possible alternatives, let’s discuss some of the most frequently asked questions we have actually encountered.

Is there a totally free alternative to TeamViewer?

Yes, there are a few totally free options to TeamViewer, which we have actually included in this list. If you are trying to find remote gain access to software for personal use, software answers like Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection and Chrome Remote Desktop Access, and AnyDesk, to name a few, are excellent options to consider. Go through the details we have actually covered for each of the above, and you must have the ability to find out the best free Group Viewer option for your use case.

What is the very best Teamviewer option?

In our viewpoint, AnyDesk does a fairly good job for individual use cases because it has all the alternatives you would preferably need. It even has a usable totally free strategy ideal for personal usage. If you are searching for something at an industrial level, we would encourage going through all remote management software’s special prices and checking which one matches your requirements the very best.

Is VNC much better than TeamViewer?

VNC Connect is a popular application that is majorly focused on industrial organizations and large business that primarily offer IT support. It is protected and feature-rich but can not be utilized by individuals. Both TeamViewer and VNC are similarly great and have their own sets of advantages and downsides.

What is the fastest remote screen sharing software application?

All remote desktop options depend on a great Internet connection in between the host and the client, and Chrome Remote Desktop Gain access to is thought about rather fast in getting to your remote device. In addition, Chrome Remote Desktop Gain access to is enhanced for working on the majority of systems. We can securely say this is the fastest remote desktop app we have on this list.

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