10 SSL Certificate Providers To Secure Your Website

Best SSL Certificate Providers To Secure Your Website will be discussed in this article. Your top goal should be to ensure the safety of both your website and its users. Get an SSL certificate to safeguard your website while you’re at it. Furthermore, it protects against numerous security risks by encrypting sensitive data exchanged between your website and the browser of your client. But, if you are wondering where you can purchase an SSL certificate for your website, then you have landed on the right.

Top 10 SSL Certificate Providers To Secure Your Website

In this article, you can know about SSL Certificate Providers here are the details below;

1. Let’s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL provider founded by the Linux Foundation. In reality, some of the biggest names in the internet, like Cisco, Cisco, Facebook, Mozilla, SiteGround, Akamai, Fastly, and more, support and promote it. Also, it has already issued over a billion SSL certificates.


  • Offers SSL certificates for entirely free of cost
  • Validation procedure that is significantly quicker
  • Because to its free nature, it is suitable for tiny websites with average traffic.
  • Excellent for improving your SEO ranks.
  • Making ECDSA end-entity certificates widely available, thereby boosting privacy on the web.
  • trusted by a wide range of browsers and OSes (Operating Systems).
  • It is an open and automated certificate authority.
  • Offers lifetime, free, limitless reissues.


  • Free of cost
  • Faster validation process
  • Provides ECDSA end-entity certificate


Every three months, certificates expire.

2. Sectigo


With the majority of small and medium-sized websites as its clientele, Sectigo is one of the most well-known SSL certificate providers. The inexpensive SSL protection, 30-day refund policy, and excellent customer service are actually their selling points. Also, by simply lingering over the padlock, it can provide real-time verification to your visitors of your business credentials. It is also renowned for providing high-end security with 256-bit encryption keys and a 2048-bit signature.


  • Ideal for websites that are tiny to medium in size.
  • 256-bit encryption keys plus a 2048-bit signature provide moderately high security.
  • Reasonable prices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Exceptional client service
  • Carries a significant liability warranty
  • Provides all validation levels including wildcard and multi-domain SSL\sAll certificates comes with trust seals and a few helpful tools


  • Reasonable prices
  • Excellent client service
  • Rapid validation Cons
  • The validation process takes a while

3. DigiCert


You can reissue your SSL for free with DigiCert, a reputable SSL certificate vendor. For the duration of your chosen SSL certificate, you can also receive an infinite number of servers. For maximum security, they even provide SSL certificates with 2048-bit encryption that is signed with SHA-256 and 256-bit encryption. It also has the esteemed Norton trust seal and steadfast customer support. Also, with their cutting-edge solution, they serve as the SSL provider for 90% of Fortune 500 organisations. Generally, DigiCert is the most robust SSL service out there. You can read our article on how to check for WordPress security updates.


  • Offers lifetime, free, limitless reissues.
  • Certificate issuing is generally completed within a few hours, which is relatively quick.
  • Offers 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit encryption with SHA-256 for maximum security.
  • Renowned for its top-notch email, chat, and phone customer support.
  • Comes with the respected Norton trust seal.
  • 90% of Fortune 500 organisations rely on the most reliable SSL service.
  • Provides a variety of OV and EV validation certificate options.
  • Offers a collection of free tools for certificate administration.


  • Quick certificate issuance
  • Excellent client service
  • Many cutting-edge features and tools


Beginning investments isn’t the cheapest

4. GlobalSign


GlobalSign is a prominent SSL provider company that delivers cloud-based PKI solutions to business. Fundamentally, it is a perfect solution for the companies that want their websites to have safe connection, flawless content delivery, and secure eCommerce transactions. In reality, by giving them the ability to handle millions of verified digital identities and conduct safe online conversations, it serves all enterprises, regardless of their nature or size. Moreover, it provides encryption and automatic authentication. All popular browsers, gadgets, and programmes trust it as well. BBC, Microsoft, Netflix, Toyota, Ford, and others are a few of its well-known clientele. Look into WordPress firewall plugins. In order to further safeguard your website from hackers, utilise WordPress plugins that block brute force attacks. Also check sync work


  • Provides cutting-edge security with PKI cloud-based solutions.
  • Offers smooth content delivery, secure connection, and safe eCommerce transactions.
  • One certificate can secure both www.yourwebsite.tld and yourwebsite.tld
  • Naturally, a safe website performs better in SEO.
  • Consequently, use GlobalSign certificate to improve your SEO ranking.
  • Can save up to 80% on bulk purchases, making it more profitable for those who require more than one certificate.
  • Offers unique features of securing mailing subdomains.
  • Free SSL installation and maintenance tools are available.
  • High-end security using SHA-256 and 2048-bit RSA key encryption.


  • Reputable provider
  • High-End Security


Rather a pricey provider

5. SSL.com


Classic SSL certificate types, premium SSL certificates, and other options are available from SSL.com. Yet, you can secure a domain and up to three subdomains with a premium SSL certificate without spending too much for wildcard. Moreover, their validation takes 24 hours (1 day) (1 day). Also, all of their certificates and validations, including EV, OV, and DV, are reasonably priced. Also, they have a skilled customer service team available to assist consumers. In reality, they are doing a terrific job of making digital credentials available to everyone.


  • Provides classic SSL certificate that works for both www.domain.com and domain.com.
  • Offers Premium SSL certificates that allow you to secure a domain and up to three subdomains without spending excessive amounts for wildcard.
  • Authentic validation process takes roughly 24 hours (1 day) (1 day).
  • Offers special tools for safeguarding your website.
  • Provides a large selection of validation levels including EV, OV, and DV.
  • Its flexible and economical price structure is its key selling point.
  • 24/7 availability of a top-notch customer service team.
  • Enables everyone to access digital certificates.


  • Excellent support staff
  • Reasonable prices
  • Premium SSL certificates


The longer-term programmes offer the best discounts.

6. GeoTrust


GeoTrust was initially owned by VeriSign and subsequently Noton. Following the recent sale of the Norton business, it is now also a part of DigiCert. Starting with domain-level certification and working up to its True BusinessID with EV level certification, it essentially offers a wide range of SSL certification options. Still, it is adequate for individuals requiring EV or OV level items but can be prohibitively expensive for those needing a single site certificate. Moreover, they offer specifically developed solutions for numerous industries or corporations like healthcare company, financial institutions, government organisations, and more. But, because they conduct a comprehensive check, be ready for prolonged identity checks.


  • Provides customised enterprise-level SSL certificates for a particular industry.
  • Offers a complete variety starting with domain-level and proceeding up to its Real BusinessID with EV level certification.
  • Ideal for those looking to buy certificate in large quantities.
  • For Enterprise-level SSL certificates, the price is actually rather reasonable.
  • Slightly better customer support availed via email, chats, and phone calls.
  • Check it out for free for 30 days without committing or paying anything.
  • Provides excellent security with up to 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root.
  • Provides a user-friendly certification administration interface.


  • SSL supplier with impeccable reputation
  • Excellent client service
  • Discounts for large orders
  • Ideal for larger businesses


Given how thorough the identification checks are, they may take much longer than those provided by other SSL providers.

7. GoDaddy


When combined with Domain registration packages, GoDaddy, a well-known Domain Registrar, also provides SSL certification offers on discounts. Yet, it might sound like a terrific deal where you can register your domain and acquire an SSL certification at enticing savings. Unfortunately, the renewal charges increase steeper. The validation procedure is, however, rather simple and rapid. They even provide SSL certificates with the strongest SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption in only a few minutes. Highlights Provides domain registration packages along with SSL certification at enticing savings.

Validation is simple and quick, usually taking a few minutes. 2048-bit encryption and the strongest SHA2 algorithm. Enables a green padlock in the address bar Provides Managed SSL, Extended Validation, Wildcard SSL, and basic Domain Validation. Versatile pricing structure for a single site, several sites, or a domain with full subdomain coverage.

Moreover, it enables unlimited free reissues


  • Shows padlock
  • 24/7 security assistance
  • McAfee security seal


Higher renewal fees

Bonus SSL certificate providers

8. RapidSSL


Worldwide SSL certificate services are offered by RapidSSL. They are essentially renowned for giving SSL solutions at reasonable pricing coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee. RabidSSL SSL certificates also gain 99% browser recognition and safeguard many servers with no additional expense.In addition, they provide 256-bit encryption that comes with the Trusted Site Seal. Also check Interactive Voice Response 

Among its main characteristics are:

  • Simple and affordable Customer-friendly renewal policy
  • Perfect for small websites that requires DV just
  • Instant confirmation

9. Thawte


Another reputable SSL certificate vendor with over 17 years of experience is Thawte. EV, OV, DV, SGC, Wildcard, and even SAN SSL certificates are just a few of the many validation levels they offer. Additionally, they use 256-bit encryption to guarantee the safety of your website. In addition, they provide inexpensive rates starting from just $149 per year.Also, all the other services you would want from an SSL provider are included in their validation tiers, along with a sizable liability warranty.But, their excellent customer service simply enhances the overall experience.A wildcard can be added to your plan for a little fee.

Among its main characteristics are:

  • Provides a free SSL certificate trial for 21 days.
  • Company’s site seal logo can be availed
  • Other tools for SSL installation and management

10. Entrust


Entrust SSL supplier offers identity management security software that give powerful protection including Fraud Detection, Mobile Authentication, Public Key Detection, Digital Certificates, and more. Also, they offer outstanding customer service via phone, chat, and email. They provide unlimited server licence, automatic expiry alerts, a free site seal, and infinite reissues in addition to SSL certification. Among its main characteristics are:

  • Provides a trust seal
  • Offers several effective management methods
  • SSL certificate possibilities are extensive.
  • Extremely simple renewal process


As you can see, there are several SSL providers to choose from. They all have their own pricing structure, renewal rules, additional features, validation levels, and more. I’d propose you evaluate the supplied SSL certificate providers to secure your website before setting on one. Moreover, some provide free trials too. Before committing to any of them, perhaps try them out first. I hope this information helped you pick the proper SSL provider for your website. Comment here and share your experience. There are several methods for migrating a WordPress site to a new domain. To build your own website, you can download free templates.

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