15 Best Tools For Spying On Your Competition

Best and demanding tools for spying will be discussed in this article. I recently made a startling discovery. Our sector has seen a tiny but significant mindset shift as a result. It’s wonderful news, so don’t worry. Competition is no longer a source of anxiety.

In reality, the competition they face has given marketers more confidence. The presence of other players in your market demonstrates that there is demand for what you have to offer. It implies that effective techniques are available. You can adopt and enhance these tactics to advance your company.

It’s a lovely thing, and I’m delighted that we’ve reached this point. For a very long time, I have promoted the use of competition analysis. However, there is something you should be aware of. Being a stalker of your rivals won’t make you successful. It’s a component of a large puzzle.

Having said that, it might be your best tactic overall. So don’t give up no matter how competitive the market you operate in is. You can improve your standing in the market by spying on your rivals.

But not before taking into account three important factors:

  1. What are you trying to find?
  2. What are the best resources for gathering this data?
  3. How will you use these insights to grow your company?

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I’ll offer you the first two components in this essay.

Stay with me if you want a leaner, more effective, and tried-and-true method of conducting business.

There are various types of competitor analysis, as you are aware. For each of these categories, I’ll concentrate on the key regions and tools.

On each of the following fronts, we’ll focus on how you might learn more about your rivals in-depth:

  • SEO and website visitors
  • The Internet;
  • Ads and PPC
  • Blog entries

That is a thorough list.

If you were to pursue all of this independently, you would likely conduct hundreds or perhaps thousands of Google searches.

They would all provide you varying advise regarding the tools you ought to use.

I am aware because I underwent the same procedure.

It quickly becomes time-consuming and exhausting.

You don’t need to go via all of it, though. For you, the legwork has already been done.

Shall we begin immediately? Let’s start by doing a keyword analysis of your rivals.

Top 15 Best Tools For Spying On Your Competition In 2022

Top 15 Best Tools For Spying On Your Competition are explained here.

1. Ubersuggest


We are all aware of how crucial backlinks are for an effective SEO strategy. Ubersuggest is a fantastic resource for learning how your rivals are doing in that area. Also check seo spy tools

Most importantly, it’s free.

I advise using this tool if you want a solid basis for a link-building plan that will help you rank.

Step 1: Enter the URL of your competitor and press “Search”

Step #2: Click “Backlinks” in the Left Sidebar

Step #3: Analyze the link profile of your competitors.

However, the specific information, such as referring pages, URLs, domain score, and anchor text, is what’s actually instructive.

You can also utilise the “Traffic Analyzer Overview” to get a broad overview of the website of your rival, including:

  • The quantity of organic search terms it ranks for
  • The projected monthly volume of all traffic for these keywords
  • Domain rating (ranging from 1 to 100)
  • The quantity of inbound links
  • Monthly traffic during the previous 12 months

Then, as you resume to scroll down the page, you’ll see charts for top SEO pages, SEO keywords, and keyword rankings each month. This is another Tools For Spying.

To obtain backlinks to your material, you might target these websites. Chances are strong that you’ll have a decent possibility of securing yourself some reputable connections if these sites link to your rivals.

2. Majestic


You can never get a complete picture of your competitors’ SEO strategies with just one tool. Backlinks are still a topic here, and Majestic is a great tool for expanding on your investigation. This tool is great for examining the backlink profile of specific pieces of content, in my opinion.

Imagine you want to write the best resource possible on content marketing. By obtaining additional high-quality links pointing to that content page, you may make sure that your post ranks higher than similar ones.

Pick a post that appears at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your keyword by performing a Google search first.

Interestingly, the first page of search results in this case has my guide, “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing.”

Enter this website’s URL in the Majestic search box. This is another Tools For Spying.

It provides a reliable indication of how many backlinks a piece of content has accumulated.

By doing so, you’ll be aware of how difficult it will be to rank for.

There is further information for which you will require a paid subscription, but it is not required. You can get the necessary overview with the free option.

The following tool on the list is your best option if you’d want a more thorough analysis.

3. Ahrefs


One of the most beneficial SEO tools by far is Ahrefs. I advise using this tool if you don’t use any others. It is applicable to every facet of your competitor analysis. If you have any knowledge about SEO, you are aware that it may become very difficult.

So, Ahrefs is your best option if you’re searching for a tool that can be used for all aspects of SEO.

However, it excels at picking link targets and conducting backlink analysis. There is a free difficulty available even though this is a premium tool. The details you can discover about your rivals utilising Ahrefs are as follows:

The domain’s standing

  • Referring sites
  • Fresh referring sites

I prefer to keep track of the quantity of new referring domains as well as the origin of these links. Why?

It’s critical to understand how quickly your rivals are acquiring new links. You might like to set a more effortless objective if they are gaining hundreds of links per day. Consider stepping up your SEO campaign if you have the resources to do so. This information is critical in either case.

4. SEMrush


Do you want to master SEO competitive analysis?

The tool to assist you in doing that is SEMrush. Also check content writing tools

It is quite versatile and thorough, similar to Ahrefs. It can be used to monitor a variety of SEO tactics used by your rivals. This is another Tools For Spying.

Start by entering your preferred URL.

A domain overview and some general information will be provided.

You can find information like: by scrolling down the entire page.

  • Leading organic keywords
  • The breakdown of these keywords’ placements
  • Primary organic rivals
  • A diagram showing their organic placement
  • Branded search volume
  • Paid search terms
  • Backlinks
  • Referring sites
  • Web page landings

It’s a lot of information!

The best aspect is that everything is free.

Although there is a premium alternative, you get all of this information with the free version.

5. SimilarWeb


To accurately assess the overall web performance of a competition, traffic analysis is crucial. You can learn about their monthly traffic, the most popular ways for bringing in visitors, and the precise locations of these visitors. SimilarWeb is the ideal tool for this.

Enter the website of your choosing. Some of the information you will get is shown here. You’ll learn about their traffic in general. Look into the sources of traffic.

It will inform you of the most effective channel. Organic search is clearly shown in the following graphic. This is another Tools For Spying.

A breakdown of each of these traffic sources is also available.

Here is an example of referral traffic:

Additionally, you can examine rival traffic comparisons.

6.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

I am aware of your possible thoughts. It’s a simple tool, right? It is widely used, so what’s new? To a certain extent, it is accurate, however Google Keyword Planner is one of the finest locations to start your keyword research. You can receive some pretty useful information on your rivals if you know how to use the features.

In fact, various other well-known keyword tools get their information from here. This is another Tools For Spying.

Entering your competitor’s URL into the “Your landing page” area is an excellent place to start.

Here are some of the details you can find:

  • Fresh keyword suggestions based on the URL of a rival
  • Ideas for keyword ad groups
  • Keyword traffic on average

You can find some hidden jewels when it comes to long-tail keywords, therefore I recommend paying close attention to “Ad group ideas.”

The long-tail keywords you get when you click on a certain ad group are all based on the URL that you searched for.

It’s interesting to note that your rivals might not be deliberately aiming for certain keywords. A keyword is not always targeted just because it appears in a piece of content.

You might have a chance to compete for these keywords and succeed.

Entering your keywords into another programme to see how they rank is the greatest (and only) method to learn.

We now arrive at Pro Rank Tracker.

7. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker

Let’s get to it. Using Google, you can manually verify how keywords rank. It’s not the worst idea if you have hundreds of hours to spare. However, what good is that? Use Pro Rank Tracker to go the more effective method. It’s a tool that lets you enter a set of keywords and the URL of a rival to see how they rank. This is another Tools For Spying.

Be aware that the free version has a 20-term and 2-URL limit. Create an account to get going. Add the URL of your main rival first. Choose the search engine on which you want to keep track of these keywords. Keep using Google because it is the most popular.

If localization is a component of your SEO strategy, you can also choose to localise your search.

Include every keyword you already obtained from Google’s Keyword Planner.

You can add this information to your dashboard by saving it. The metrics for how your keywords rank will then be provided to you.

The best keywords to focus on are those that are already performing well but still have room for improvement.

I advise choosing one of the pricier subscriptions if you want to get the most of this tool and enhance your search.

Let’s now examine various keyword tracking tools.

8. Social Mention

Social Mention

There isn’t a better method to play spy on your rivals than to monitor their social media activities.

Today, this is where the vast majority of firms invest their time and money.

Social Mention is a wonderful location to begin your study.

It only keeps tabs on brand mentions. What does that mean, exactly?

You can join the conversation if you are aware of what is being said about your rivals and the people who are referencing them.

You will receive a sidebar with details on the power, sentiment, passion, and reach of the domain when you run your search in Social Mention.

Additionally, you’ll learn how frequently a rival is discussed. This is another Tools For Spying. Also check ITSM tools 

Focus on these broad information first. The sources of each mention can then be verified.

Why is any of this useful?

You can focus on these sources to increase website traffic and create high-quality backlinks.

9. Hootsuite


I’ll just say it out loud. The greatest tool (if not the best) for tracking social media analytics is without a doubt Hootsuite.

More than 35 social media networks are integrated with the tool.

As a result, you can create multiple social media streams and keep an eye on them from your dashboard.

Can you see the potential for using this for competitor analysis?

Just take note of who your rivals are and create streams in Hootsuite to keep tabs on their activities. Additionally, you can monitor particular keywords and hashtags. This is another Tools For Spying.

It’s a true gem for keeping up with the major companies in your industry.

10. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma

Do you wish to know how well your rivals’ social media profiles perform? One of the better ways to do this is Fanpage Karma. But why not simply search the networks themselves for the pages of your rivals? This is another Tools For Spying.

That is a choice. However, compared to using this programme, you won’t obtain a nearly as thorough examination.

You can obtain a KPI overview with details such as:

  • Amount of fans
  • Weekly expansion
  • Daily posts
  • Reach daily

Just the surface, really. Data on the content, publishing schedule and frequency, influencers, ad value, and other factors are available. Be aware that you shouldn’t write off a company just because it performs poorly on one social media platform.

It might just be the case that this specific channel is not a key component of their social media strategy.

The simple answer? Look at few of each rival’s pages.

11. Simply Measured

Simply Measured

This application enables you to keep an eye on multiple channels. It will provide you with in-depth analysis of your rivals’ social media performance. This is another Tools For Spying.

Some of the data you can obtain are as follows:

  • Important performance indicators for various profiles
  • The accounts with the best and worst performance
  • The most popular content from the brands you choose to follow
  • A study of the level of audience involvement

The problem? It is expensive.

This is a fantastic option if you have a significant budget, and it’s all you’ll need. The first three tools in this section are all free options if you don’t. What about PPC and ad intelligence technologies, though?

12. iSpionage


Paid campaigns are the most competitive thing there is. You’re in a price war. You are competing on your creativity. It can be challenging to advance. This is another Tools For Spying.

A tool like iSpionage can be useful in this situation.

It can be used for two essential tasks.

  1. Depending on what your competitors are utilising, profitable keywords
  2. How much your rivals are investing on PPC advertising

Although other information is available, our focus is on the PPC component.

For maintaining both high conversion rates and low expenses, this information is essential.

You can obtain a summary of PPC performance as well as some significant data. The PPC keyword list and the metrics adjacent to it deserve special attention. Check out the ad copy and the search terms that brought up the advertisements as well.

Watch attention for the commercials that are performing best. Analyze the ad creative by visiting the destination URL.

Why even try?

Advertisements frequently use formulaic creative features. It will probably work for you as well if it does for your rivals. This is another Tools For Spying.

Naturally, you don’t want to copy someone else’s entire advertisement. You can optimise your own paid campaigns by implementing patterns and formulae.

13. Moat


The biggest digital ad search engine is Moat Ad Search. It’s a useful tool for researching the advertising strategies of your rivals. Simply enter a brand name to watch their previous advertisements. This is what I found when I searched for “Coca-Cola.” This is another Tools For Spying.

When you mouse over a specific advertisement, you can see its dimensions and the days it was running. If an advertisement is currently airing, there is a good possibility that it is working successfully. You may also keep track of your rivals and set up alerts for each time they publish a new advertisement.

14. Spyfu


This is the ideal opportunity in terms of spy gear. This is the most straightforward and efficient choice if you’re just starting off with PPC marketing. This is another Tools For Spying.

Let’s observe it in use.

To begin, visit the website of your rival.

Look at the most expensive keywords, cost per click, and monthly price.

You can choose which keywords are worthwhile pursuing if you are aware of where your competitors are investing their advertising budgets.

It also shows you what kind of resources you’ll need to compete and succeed.

You ought to examine their “Adwords History” as well.

To view all the data, you must create a profile and log in.

See the instructional video for using the ad history tool.

You’ll get no more insightful information than this.


A brand’s past advertisements can teach you:

  • How they began the advertising campaign
  • How the creative components, such as the copy and images, evolved over time.
  • How these adjustments improved conversion rates and reduced cost per click

Let’s now explore the top content analysis tools.

15. BuzzSumo


You already know how I feel about BuzzSumo if you read this blog. There is no better tool available to discover what material is successful for your rivals. I advise you to join up for a trial since the free option has restrictions. This is another Tools For Spying.

In this way, you can take your time studying all the stuff that your rivals have to offer. If you’re just getting started, you can use this tool by itself to develop a strong content strategy.

Enter the desired domain and click “Go.”

You’ll receive every one of that domain’s best-performing posts.

The objective is to pick a few relevant targets for your company and develop something better.

You can go one step further and develop a strategy for your content’s promotion.

You may see the backlinks to a piece of content as well as the users that shared it with a free trial.

You can get in touch with these folks and ask them to include your post once you’ve produced material that is more value than that of your rivals.

They’ve shared and linked to this kind of stuff in the past. They’ll probably comply with your request without a problem if you present the correct message and value offer in the beginning.


You cannot avoid it. You work in a market that is cutthroat. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals is a need. It should be an essential component of your growth plan. Having a comprehensive understanding of where other players in your space stand is the only way to outcompete them.

You’ll have a distinct advantage if you use the resources in this post. Utilize multiple tools, nevertheless. To get the larger picture, gather numerous data sets from various sources and connect the dots.

The best thing you can possibly do for your company will be this.

A final word of advice?

Keep your focus off the data. Unless they are put to use, data are just a collection of numbers and letters. Make sure you have a strategy in place for putting the insightful information you learn to use. Then and only then will you be in a position of strength.

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