ServiceNow VS SalesForce: A Thorough Comparison For You

In this digital age, where everything can be seen online, customer experience has never been more important. It has become a major factor in deciding whether a business will thrive or crumble in the following years.

Fortunately, technology has also been a great help in aiding organizations to develop their customer’s experience. And two of the leading cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) out there are ServiceNow and Salesforce. Each provides a similar, yet different purpose in assisting the company’s needs in terms of maintaining their customer’s experience.

Salesforce focussed more on the CRM, sales, and marketing, which enables organizations to deliver a faster solution for the customers. On the other hand, ServiceNow is an all-rounded Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), which focussed more on developing and improving both the employee’s and customer’s workflow.

These overlaps sometimes caused the confusion of which one to choose that can best serve the purpose of the business. Thus, we’ll give you a thorough comparison of them, so you can decide which one is the perfect fit for your business.

What Is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an automated, cloud-based IT solution used as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps the company structure and systemizes routine and manual processes into a personalized module.

As an ITSM, ServiceNow aims to improve the efficacy of a company’s work by integrating its system into the cloud-based system, removing redundancy and impediment in routine work, and using machine learning to improve and automate a repeated task within the company.

ServiceNow works by recording, analyzing, and automating the organization’s IT operations and turning them into a single working system in a simple cloud form. It also enables the whole organization to work in conjunction with one another without any overlaps or any kind of hindrance.

ServiceNow Features

Even though ServiceNow’s focus is in the ITSM, there are several features that ServiceNow gives to enable a 360-degree IT solution of a company as below:


Using the 24/7 AI-powered modules, ServiceNow ITSM will detect and enhance the workflow of the app usage and tackle issues along the way.

2. Analytical Reporting

ServiceNow uses a Q&A analytical application powered by a Natural Language Query (NLQ) prompt to create multiple types of reports. Also, using their machine learning, ServiceNow can make a predictive analysis that relates one data to another by the similarity of their query.

3. IT Operations

ServiceNow can also use its AI-powered modules to predict, prevent, and tackle recurring IT issues before they damage or impact the business flow. It also uses the data from the event/service management and the analytical report log to predict and prevent any further issues that might correspond to the previous ones from happening.

4. Customer Service 

A decision-making tree is commonly used by customer service to solve and troubleshoot incident tickets coming from the user. However, ServiceNow also integrates their AI-powered module into their CRM to ensure that similar problems can be tackled faster and improve their first call solution in resolving their customer’s issues.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading companies that focuses on giving a cloud-based CRM  for their customers. It emphasizes on dealing with all the underlying problems and relationship between the organization’s service and the customer’s needs.

Salesforce works by giving an all-encompassing service to engage with the customer’s contact details, needs, requests, and many more. These functions, completed by their AI-integrated module, is to bring more sales, marketing, and commerce, and deliver a personal experience to each customer in the industry.

Salesforce Features

As a 360-degree cloud-based CRM service, Salesforce has some tantalizing features for its users to develop their customer’s experience.

1. Sales

As a CRM app, Salesforce will also be able to aid your Sales Dept. by enabling a smoother workflow and errorless customer distribution. These functions are achieved using two features, Sales Cloud which allows you to manage customer’s data and opportunities throughout, and Sales CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quotes), which automates the process of quoting and billing cycles of your customers.

2. Service

Salesforce will also enable your company to give a better service and customer relationship. Salesforce’s Service Cloud will enable you to maintain relationships easier and give customer-centric services.

On the other hand, the Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning will collect your customer’s data and issues, enabling your team to work faster and giving a faster and more thorough customer support.

3. Marketing

Using the Pardot, Data Management Platform (DPM), and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce will boost your customer’s interaction through a cross-platform journey. Resulting in a better customer engagement, healthy customer relationships, and a more effective marketing campaign.

4. Commerce

Salesforce will also enable the user to build a more scaling eCommerce that focuses more on the customer’s side instead of the product. With the Commerce Cloud Digital, using their AI-powered module, Salesforce will enable you to engage with each individual customer in a more unique, innovative, and personalized way.

5. Quip

Tired dealing with boring paperwork, documents, and spreadsheets? Salesforce’s Quip will also enable you to deal with all those documents together with your team. It’s a one-stop solution for constructing, managing, running and optimizing apps by using the same technology.

6. Analytics 

Last but not least, Salesforce will also give you a thorough analysis which will allow you to gain visibility upon upcoming opportunities. Salesforce analyzes all the data both from the customer’s side and the workflow of your team to then further enhance the customer’s experience.

ServiceNow VS Salesforce

Over a decade, ServiceNow has been one of the leading services in the ITSM industry that gives comprehensive capabilities throughout the IT needs of a company. Especially with the help of emerging ServiceNow Consulting Services such as CTG, it allows the company to give a more thorough assistance as the client’s IT solutions

In comparison, Salesforce has also been around for more than a decade, helping companies with all their CRM needs. Not to mention that it has also had a high rating of service from many consulting firms such as Gartner and Forrester.

However, there are two major critiques about Salesforce which makes more companies choose ServiceNow Consulting Service nowadays. One is that they only serve the purpose around CRM, while most companies need more of an all-rounded IT solution. And the last one is that Salesforce has a steeper learning curve, causing the business people to have a more challenging time to learn it.

ServiceNow Consulting Service

To make sure you get the maximum value out of the ServiceNow platform, one essential component is picking the perfect ServiceNow Consulting service for your company.

CTG has worked with clients in North America and Western Europe to help solve their most critical information, technology, and business challenges. CTG became one of the official ServiceNow Consulting Partners to ensure they can cover all the client’s IT solution needs.

CTG supports the following ServiceNow Consulting solutions: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Business Management (ITBM), HR Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), DevOps, and Customer Service Management (CSM).

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