Top 15 Best Seesaw App Alternatives For 2023

Best Seesaw App Alternatives  will be described in this article. Teachers, students, and families can share and work together on learning tasks and assignments on the digital portfolio and learning platform Seesaw. The ability to make and distribute digital assignments, give feedback and comments, and monitor student progress are some of its key features.

Having said that, Seesaw does have some drawbacks. For instance, some users have mentioned that Seesaw’s small screen and large pen size make writing tasks challenging for primary students. Additionally, video submissions to Seesaw are limited to 10 minutes. Check out our selection of 15 alternative applications for your digital learning if you’re looking for something with a little more punch, something that packs a punch and elevates your classroom.

Top 15 Best Seesaw App Alternatives For 2023

Top 15 Best Seesaw App Alternatives are explained here.

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service designed specifically for schools that seeks to simplify the assignment creation, distribution, and grading process and eliminate paper altogether.

In that it gives teachers the ability to make and organize assignments, give feedback, and communicate with students and parents, it works similarly to Seesaw. However, there are some notable distinctions between the two systems. Also check Appsheet Alternatives

One notable difference is that Google Classroom is closely integrated with other Google products, such as Gmail and Google Drive, making the transition for schools that already use these products easier.

The ability to collaborate and communicate in real-time between students is another feature of Google Classroom that is helpful for group projects and other collaborative tasks.


  • Possibility to start and attend classes, along with inviting co-teachers
  • The built-in communication methods are email and announcements.
  • Teachers can grade and remark on student work after it is submitted by students.
  • The capacity to monitor students’ academic success and activity
  • Sharing class materials with other instructors is a possibility.
  • Direct access from the classroom to the video chat app Google Meet
  • Set up Google Meet and participate, or choose Google Meet live broadcasts.
  • It is possible to design and submit quizzes.
  • Using Google Forms, a survey and form application, directly from the classroom
  • Using Google Calendar, meetings can be arranged.

2. Schoology


A learning management system (LMS) called Schoology allows educators to design and run a blended or online learning environment.

It is meant to act as a centralized platform for communication and collaboration tools, graded assignments, analytics, and course administration.

One of Schoology’s key advantages over Seesaw is that it offers a broader variety of features and functionality. It provides a complete collection of tools for overseeing a blended or online learning experience.

Another key benefit of the app is its ability to establish and manage groups, sections, and courses. Schoology is a tool that teachers can use to set up their courses and groups, distribute tasks, and monitor pupil progress.

This makes it simple for instructors to monitor what students are doing and their progress. Additionally, Schoology has built-in communication tools like message boards, email, and messaging that promote better cooperation and communication between educators, students, and parents. This makes it easier for pupils to communicate with one another and with their teachers.


  • Options for customization and notifications are both programmable.
  • Using access controls and permissions, teachers can control how students can access material and activities.
  • Teachers can plan and arrange tasks and events using an integrated calendar.
  • File sharing and administration
  • Compatibility with Learning Tools Standards for interoperability (LTI)
  • Badges and game-based learning
  • Gateway for parents and students

3. Canvas


The learning management system (LMS) Canvas is well-liked by teachers and academic institutions. It has numerous features, including tools for collaboration, analytics, and managing assignments and grades.

Canvas’ feature-rich grade book, which enables teachers to easily monitor student progress and provide in-depth feedback, is one of the main advantages it has over Seesaw.

A wide range of third-party interfaces are also offered by Canvas, including those for well-known applications like Google Drive and Office 365. Students can access their work from a single location, and instructors can use tools they are already familiar with.

For students who have spotty internet connectivity, Canvas also has a mobile app and offline content access. Canvas also has a “Modules” function that enables teachers to design a progression of information and tasks for students to complete.

Prerequisites and dependencies between modules can also be established by teachers to aid students in navigating the program.

Additionally, the “Conferences” function of Canvas enables teachers to hold online conferences and webinars with students in real time. This function is particularly beneficial for online education and learning.


  • Management of assignments and grades
  • Tools for communication Analytics Integrations with third parties
  • Smartphone program
  • Offline content viewing
  • Modules for establishing a content and activity flow
  • Conferences for webinars and internet meetings
  • Discover the top Canvas alternatives in this article.

4. Classcraft


Classcraft is a gamified learning tool designed to increase students’ enjoyment and engagement with their academic work. Students create avatars and finish quests as they advance through the curriculum in this role-playing game format.

For students who have trouble in conventional classroom settings, this format can be particularly helpful because it makes learning more interactive and engaging.

In order to assist teachers in monitoring students’ success, Classcraft also has a number of tools for them, including progress tracking and class management.

In contrast to Seesaw, Classcraft has the ability to gamify the educational process, which may motivate students to engage more actively in class.

The capacity of Classcraft to promote student collaboration and teamwork is another benefit. Students are encouraged to work together to accomplish tasks and advance in the game, which can help with the growth of social skills and teamwork.

Additionally, the “Story Mode” function in Classcraft enables teachers to design unique plotlines and adventures for their classes. This is a great method to increase the relevance and interest of the curriculum.


  • Framework for gamified learning
  • Framework for role-playing games
  • Progress monitoring
  • Class control
  • Involvement of students
  • Group effort and cooperation
  • Story Mode allows you to design your own journeys and storylines.

5. ClassDojo


An organization and communication tool for teachers, pupils, and parents is called ClassDojo. Parents can receive updates, tasks, and feedback from teachers quickly, and students can present their work to their peers.

One of ClassDojo’s major advantages over Seesaw is its focus on communication and collaboration, which can foster a sense of community within the classroom.

Additionally, ClassDojo has tools for instructors to increase student engagement, including a messaging system and a positive points system for tracking student behavior.

It’s possible to create a pupil portfolio using ClassDojo. Parents and students can keep an eye on their children’s work throughout the school year, which is a great way to follow progress and celebrate achievements.

In addition, ClassDojo offers a feature called “Conduct Reports” that enables instructors to monitor student behavior over time and identify trends and patterns. This can aid in problem-solving and creating a positive learning environment.


  • Organizing and communication aid
  • Between parents and students
  • Tools for behavior control
  • Favourable aspects system System for messaging
  • Behavior Reports for monitoring and spotting patterns and trends in the student work portfolio

6. Dreambox


An adaptive learning platform called Dreambox uses artificial intelligence to personalize the educational experience for each learner. It includes a selection of interactive math exercises and games that are tailored to each student’s abilities and weaknesses. Also check ConvertKit Alternatives

One place where Dreambox excels over Seesaw is its ability to design individualized learning experiences, which can increase student engagement and motivation.

Additionally, Dreambox offers sophisticated statistics that let teachers assess pupil growth and identify areas in which more instruction is needed.

Dreambox also has the ability to give students immediate input.

The platform gives feedback to students as they complete tasks, which can help them identify areas where they need to improve.

Additionally, Dreambox offers teachers pupil success reports that can be used to inform and differentiate teaching.


  • Platform for adaptive learning
  • Synthetic intelligence
  • Playable arithmetic games
  • Experience with personalized instruction
  • Extensive data
  • Monitoring student achievement
  • instantaneous criticism for pupils
  • Instructional reports for differentiating teaching and informing instruction

7. BrainPOP


An interactive online learning environment called BrainPOP offers students of all levels a wide range of educational materials.

It is the perfect substitute for Seesaw because it provides children with a more comprehensive and engaging educational experience.

For kids to learn and retain knowledge in subjects like math, science, social studies, and English language arts, BrainPOP offers a variety of interactive games and quizzes.

Additionally, BrainPOP is a fantastic tool for classroom teaching because it offers teachers a wealth of resources, including lesson plans, activities, and assessments.

Additionally, teachers can use a tool provided by BrainPOP to monitor students’ development and give them individualized feedback, which is advantageous for both teachers and students.

Additionally, BrainPOP offers a smartphone app so that pupils can access the platform from anywhere.


  • Interactive materials such as puzzles and tests
  • An extensive variety of subjects, including social studies, math, science, and English language arts
  • Resources for teachers, including activities, class plans, and tests
  • Accessible to all groups
  • Individualized feedback and progress monitoring for pupils
  • There is a mobile application accessible.

8. Kahoot!


Innovative engaging learning tool Kahoot! transforms the traditional classroom setting. It enables instructors to create and present engaging quizzes, surveys, and discussions that keep students on the edge of their chairs.

Kahoot! is the best tool for classroom instruction because, unlike Seesaw, it provides for real-time participation. Think about tests that have the feel of an exciting journey, with students answering questions quickly to earn team points. That is Kahoot’s strength!

Additionally, the website provides instructors with a wealth of resources, including pre-made quizzes and the option to create their own quizzes, making it a useful tool for assessment and evaluation. Using Kahoot!, teachers can monitor student progress, examine analytics and insights about their performance, and make the appropriate remarks.

It can also be quickly integrated with other learning management systems, which makes it a flexible tool for any educational setting. Increase student engagement and learning with Kahoot! in your classroom.


  • Interactive tests, polls, and conversations
  • Real-time involvement, pre-made tests, and the option to design unique tests
  • Materials for instructors
  • Monitoring and analysis of progress
  • Including other learning management tools in the integration

9. Quizlet


The way that students and teachers learn is evolving thanks to Quizlet, an online learning platform. To make learning more fun and effective, it includes a variety of dynamic and captivating components like flashcard sets, quizzes, and games. Using Quizlet, teachers can purchase pre-made flashcard sets or create their own, custom sets that cater to the individual requirements of their students. Teachers can track student progress and leave comments using the wealth of tools Quizlet offers them, including statistics and insights into student performance.Additionally, students can access the platform while they are on the go thanks to the Quizlet mobile app, which makes studying practical and simple. Therefore, Quizlet has you covered whether you’re a student attempting to ace your upcoming test or a teacher looking for a comprehensive, interactive teaching tool.


  • Sets of flashcards and tests
  • Various learning methods
  • Sets that are already created and the option to make your own sets
  • Materials for instructors
  • Information and analysis about student achievement

10. Prezi


With Prezi, users can create presentations that are truly dynamic and captivating for their audience. Prezi is a cutting-edge cloud-based presentation tool. Users can easily create beautiful, interactive, and compelling presentations with Prezi thanks to its user-friendly design.

Prezi offers a variety of tools for educators and students, including ready-made templates and the option to design custom templates that are completely customized for your classroom or show. This is one of its key characteristics.

Additionally, the ability for students to participate in presentations in real-time encourages teamwork by allowing them to collaborate on projects and duties. Additionally, Prezi offers analytics and insights on presentation engagement that can be very helpful for teachers in understanding how students are reacting to their presentations and allowing them to alter their instructional approaches. Also check Airmeet Alternatives


  • Make engaging, dynamic presentations.
  • Both ready-made designs and the option to design unique templates
  • Real-time cooperation
  • Data and observations on audience engagement with presentations
  • Reachable from anywhere and available on the cloud

11. Nearpod


Using the web-based interactive presentation tool known as Nearpod, teachers can create and deliver interactive lessons to their pupils. Despite the fact that Nearpod and Seesaw serve two distinct purposes, teachers can use both of them in the classroom. While Nearpod is mainly concerned with creating and delivering interactive classes, Seesaw focuses on creating and managing student portfolios.

Teachers can submit their own presentations or choose from the pre-made lesson plans in the Nearpod library. The utility has a variety of interactive features, such as: Real-time tests and polls: Teachers can create tests and polls to determine how well their pupils have understood and engaged with the lesson. Interactive exercises: To keep students engaged, instructors may include fill-in-the-blank, matching, and multiple-choice questions in their lectures. Virtual reality and 3D: Teachers can create immersive lessons that can be watched on smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets by utilizing the Nearpod VR/AR library.

Draw and Annotate: Teachers can draw and emphasize important points for students using the presentation’s built-in annotation features. Sharing screens: To enhance students’ learning, teachers can show them movies, webpages, or other content on their shared screens.

Audio recording: Teachers can record their voices to add audio directions, explanations, or narration to their lectures. Student growth is tracked in real time, and teachers receive feedback on how well their charges are understanding the material.

Due to the fact that Nearpod is designed to be used on personal devices, students can participate in the interactive exercises and exams on their own displays. It can be used in a traditional classroom environment or as a distance learning tool.

12. GoReact


The comprehensive and adaptable web-based application GoReact allows educators, trainers, and instructional designers to create and share interactive movies in an online learning environment. GoReact is considered to be better than Seesaw in some areas, such as its capacity for interaction and learning assessment. GoReact offers a wider range of interactive elements, like quizzes and surveys, that can be added to movies to measure audience involvement and knowledge.

It also includes a number of teamwork tools that enable simultaneous collaboration among many people working on the same video production. Because it permits real-time feedback, sharing, and modifications, it is the ideal instrument for teams producing instructional videos.

Another important aspect of GoReact is its ability to work with a variety of learning management systems (LMS), such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas. Instructors and trainers can easily incorporate GoReact videos into their already developed online classes and track learners’ growth and performance inside the LMS thanks to this.


  • Platform with built-in data
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Compatibility with a broad range of learning management systems (LMS), including Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas
  • Connectivity with additional programs like Zoom, Google Drive, and Microsoft Teams
  • the capacity to monitor students’ involvement and development over time
  • Choice between creating secret or public videos
  • Internal video compression and translation
  • Possibility to produce and distribute interactive movies to a worldwide audience

13. Edsby


Designed with K–12 institutions in mind, Edsby is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS). It provides teachers with the tools they need to create and present class plans, assignments, and assessments, as well as to keep track of students’ progress and communicate with parents.

Additionally, Edsby provides teachers and managers with tools like a student portal, grade book, and analytics to quickly monitor student progress and identify areas where students may need more assistance.

Edsby also connects with other systems and technologies used in education, like student information systems, to provide a full picture of student data. (SIS). Edsby is developed to fulfill the needs of modern classrooms and provide pupils with an enjoyable, personalized learning experience.


  • Support for iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Integration with other instructional programs and services, such as Microsoft Office and Google Classroom (SSO) Adaptation to current educational institutions
  • FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliance as well as assistance for accessibility requirements under Section 508
  • Advanced reporting and metrics
  • Modern security measures, such as copies and data encryption

14. Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn

A learning management system (LMS) is used by organizations and educators to design and distribute online lessons and tests. It has a number of features, including the ability to manage course material, interact with students, give tests, and monitor their progress.

Strong content administration capabilities, interactive tools, and integration with other educational technology are among Blackboard Learn’s main benefits. Scalability is one of Blackboard’s main benefits. Over Seesaw, learn. Large universities can benefit from Blackboard Learn because it can handle a wide range of users, including students, instructors, and administrators. Seesaw is mainly designed for teachers in elementary and primary schools. Blackboard Learn also has more sophisticated features like analytics and reporting that could aid in assessing student progress and identifying potential growth areas.


  • Using the content management feature, instructors can make, upload, and manage course materials like essays, videos, and photos.
  • Discussion boards, blogs, and group projects are just a few examples of the tools that teachers and students can use to communicate and work together.
  • Assessments: There are tools for creating and delivering assessments, including tests and quizzes, as well as for monitoring pupil development.
  • A gradebook is a device that instructors can use to monitor students’ progress, assign marks, and offer feedback.
  • Analytics: Learning Analytics offers information and data on student achievement and engagement.
  • Mobile learning enables students to view course materials and take exams using a mobile device.
  • Personalized learning: Enables students to alter their educational experience in accordance with their unique requirements and tastes.
  • Accessibility: For students with disabilities, accessibility alternatives are provided by compliance with WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 Standards.

15.ISpring Suite

ISpring Suite

Users can create interactive e-Learning material like quizzes, surveys, and simulations using the all-in-one e-Learning authoring tool iSpring Suite. The advantage of iSpring Suite over Seesaw is that it offers a wider variety of tools for creating e-Learning material. For producing engaging and dynamic e-Learning content, the iSpring Suite offers a variety of templates, tests, and other interactive components.

Additionally, the iSpring Suite has a screen recording feature that makes it simple to create video tutorials and demos by enabling users to capture their screen and audio. This function is not available in Seesaw.


  • Instruments for creating e-learning materials
  • Interactive components and templates
  • Integrated screen capture capability
  • Built-in SCORM and xAPI standards support
  • Including key learning management systems in the integration (LMS)
  • support for audio, video, and image-based multimedia material
  • Reporting and statistics for quizzes and surveys
  • Numerous language assistance


Last but not least, instructors, students, and families have access to other top-notch Seesaw app choices. My fave in particular is Google Classroom. The tools and services on this platform enable teachers to create and handle assignments, give feedback, and interact with students and parents. Additionally, it is open source and easily integrates with other Google products like Calendar and Drive.

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