How To Run Microsoft Works for Windows 10

Ways to run Microsoft works windows 10 will be described in this article. Before continuing, make sure the software is set up on your computer. by Milan Stanojevic There haven’t been any updates for Microsoft Works in a very long time because Microsoft discontinued it.

Despite the lack of support, users have been exploring for ways to use MS Works on their devices.

On your Windows 10 device, we created a guide on how to run Microsoft Works.

Microsoft Works on Windows 10: How to use it

Have you ever used Microsoft works on Windows 10?

It may be more difficult than you anticipate.

Because of its simplicity and degree of customisation, some users continue to favour Works over MS Office even though Microsoft has discontinued it.

In this article, we’ll run at a few techniques for running MS Works (if you already have an installation CD or the programme is already installed on your computer) or for converting files from Works’ proprietary.WPS file format to one that can be opened by Open Office, Libre Office, or Microsoft Office.

How To Run Microsoft Works for Windows 10 In 2022

In this article, you can know about run Microsoft works windows 10 here are the details below;

Despite being retired, Microsoft Works can still be used with Windows 10 by setting the MSWorks.exe file to run in Compatibility Mode.

As an alternative, you can use a specific Microsoft Works file converter to convert.WPS files.

On Windows 10, how can I utilise Microsoft Works?

1. Run MS Works executable file in compatibility mode

  1. Verify that the MS Works software is installed on your computer.

If not, proceed anyway.

  1. Open the Microsoft Works executable file’s location (C: > Program Files (x86) > Microsoft Works).
  2. Click the MSWorks.exe file with the right mouse button, then click Troubleshoot compatibility.



  1. The best compatibility mode will be automatically determined by the troubleshooter.
  2. Select Try recommended settings after the procedure is finished.
  3. Press the programme test button.

Microsoft has a test programme for Windows 10

  1. Pressing this will start MS Works.

Window for MS Works

You can still use MS Works on a Windows 10 device even if it is an outdated programme.

You must run it in compatibility mode.

This will guarantee that the software runs properly.

The use of this technique is restricted to those who already possess a Microsoft Works installation CD or who have this programme set up on their computer. Also check project timeline.

2. Convert MS Works file (WPS)

Convert MS Works file

You have the ability to access, edit, and save files in Works Word Processor format thanks to this converter. This is another way to run Microsoft works windows 10.

Download Microsoft Works on Windows 10 by using the Microsoft Works 6–9 File Converter.

On your computer, install the Microsoft Works Converter.

For this repair to work, make sure Microsoft Office is already set up on your computer.



Windows 10 is supported by Microsoft

Using the online converter Zamzar, you may convert your MS Works files to Open Office format with ease.

Once the website has been opened, click Choose, then navigate to the file’s location, pick it, and click Open.

Choose your preferred output file format next.

Your email address should be typed into the text box.

In order to upload the file to Zamzar, click Convert and OK in the confirmation window.

An email from Zamzar containing a clickable link to the download page for your converted file will be sent to you. This is another way to run Microsoft works windows 10.

Select the download location for the newly converted file by clicking on Download.

You can access the newly produced file in Open Office after this process is finished.

Libre Office

Libre Office

Microsoft Works for free on Windows 10

These actions can be taken if Libre Office is already set up on your computer.

Open Libre Office and choose Save As from the File menu. This is another way to run Microsoft works windows 10.

Locate the location where you want to save your file.

To utilise the file in RTF, DOC, or ODT format, click the File type drop-down menu and choose the appropriate option. Also check fix apple watch screen

To convert the file, click Save.

You can then open the converted files normally once the conversion procedure is finished.

In this article, we looked at how to run MS Works quickly on a Windows 10 computer as well as how to convert WPS files for usage with any Office programme.

If this information was useful to you, do let us understand in the word box below.

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