9 Best Tools for Remote Employee Onboarding

Best Tools for Remote Employee Onboarding will be described in this article. Covid-19 might have the biggest impact on remote work. Before the pandemic, 5% or so of full-time workers with office jobs did most of their work from home. Depending on the industry and vocation, that figure has gone risen by 20% to 30% in the current normal.

There is less dependence on location for hiring. Employees need to feel like they belong to the company and have access to all the help they need to function at their best, therefore remote employee onboarding is crucial.

The onboarding process for remote workers is broken down into several steps, beginning with a brief welcome video, introductions to important team members, and setup instructions.

It can make the initial few days of employment for both you and new employees difficult and unpleasant if they are not given all they need to become orientated quickly. To save time sifting through emails, you will need a reliable chat app, good HR and training software, straightforward onboarding tools, and an easy-to-read online org chart. These resources will make it easier for new hires to settle into their new remote job and require less back-and-forth communication.

Top 9 Best Tools for Remote Employee Onboarding In 2023

Top 9 Best Tools for Remote Employee Onboarding are explained here.

1. airSlate


The HR and accounting departments can utilise the application to ensure document processing compliance in addition to the hiring process.

The cloud-based solution spares HRs from dealing with mountains of paperwork thanks to its numerous document templates and sophisticated features.

Why use airSlate?

AirSlate completely automates all document-related tasks while also enabling you to sign contracts, NDAs, and other documents with remote workers. Also check terrarium tv alternatives

This ensures that all relevant paperwork is provided and signed promptly and correctly, with the least amount of assistance from HR employees.

You can automate HR processes with airSlate’s pre-built templates and no-code Bots without writing a single word of code.

Your team can save spending the hours it would normally take to gather documentation for a new employee by spending a short amount of time establishing a strategy on airSlate.


  • For companies wishing to enhance their internal procedures, AirSlate provides a free trial period.
  • The monthly cost for the Basic membership level is $30 per Flow Creator.
  • Each Flow Creator on the Business Cloud costs $50 per month for a minimum of five users.

2. Paylocity


A cloud-based technology called Paylocity may help with the automation of administrative activities like staff onboarding.

It is appropriate for small, medium, & large businesses due to how quickly it can be customised to match their changing needs.

Why use Paylocity?

As soon as you sign up, its ready-to-use courses are immediately accessible.

They are well-designed, thorough, and cover all topics, enabling you to carry out on-the-go short-staff training.

Audio recordings, screen shares, and interactive quizzes are just a few examples of the content that can be customised.

You can perform a variety of duties, such as keeping tabs on employee progress, sending notifications and reminders, tracking completion rates, setting time restrictions, and more.

Paylocity is special in that it saves you time while allowing you to monitor attendance, process payroll, and manage the business budget. To automatically enrol new employees, use this remote employee onboarding solution.


  • Employees are billed on a per-employee per month (PEPM) basis by Paylocity.
  • Depending on the size of your business and the modules covered by your scope, a Paylocity membership might run you between $18 and $25 per month.
  • Paylocity occasionally adds setup fees or one-time implementation fees to the price of the programme.
  • The setup expenses for Paylocity are typically 10% to 20% of the yearly software fees, or $10 to $20K for a $100,000 transaction.

3. ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base

Employee onboarding is essential, especially for remote workers who are dispersed geographically and only have a cursory understanding of your company and the work you conduct.

This accentuates how crucial onboarding is for remote workers.

Make the most of this time by using a simple, effective, and feature-rich solution like ProProfs Knowledge Base software.

Why Use the Profs Knowledge Base?

Using this tool, you may develop an online employee handbook that will inform new hires about the working conditions, policies, goals, and—most importantly—the part that remote workers will play in your organisation.

Your new employees shouldn’t be inundated with emails on their first day.

As a result, it is crucial to give them access to a platform that contains all the information they need to get going. ProProfs Knowledge Base software makes this simple.

It is a great tool for developing an employee handbook-like platform for company-wide information that is simple to access on a variety of gadgets, including PCs, cellphones, and tablets.

The software’s enticing features, like its MS Word-like editor, Google-like search options, customization options, workflows, and more, combine to provide you an exceptional experience.

This sophisticated tool makes it possible to complete even small jobs like adding text to multiple pages at once, making toggling content, adding your company’s logo and brand name, and so forth.

Overall, it’s a great tool for cutting down on emails and phone calls while providing remote workers with a smooth onboarding process.

  • Cost of essential: $1080
  • Premium-$1440
  • Team Enterprise-Contact

4. ProofHub


By giving HR departments and new hires efficient communication and collaboration tools, ProofHub facilitates onboarding. Also check Teamingway Alternatives

Additionally, technology helps HR experts automate repetitive tasks and ensure team members’ ongoing cooperation.

Why use ProofHub?

Customers of ProofHub also gain from an inviting environment for announcements, which, among other things, enables HR organisations to honour team members’ achievements, inspire them, and give complete project information.

The 14-day free trial for ProofHub enables you to explore all of its features.


  • An infinite number of users can use the Basic membership level, which costs $45 per month and is paid annually, to manage up to 40 projects and make use of up to 15GB of storage.
  • Businesses that employ remote workers and clients generally opt for a more complicated system with defined access responsibilities.
  • If purchased yearly, it costs $89 per month, has extra features, and comes with 100GB of storage.

5. HR Cloud

HR Cloud

The human resource management (HRM) suite HR Cloud, which is cloud-based, helps companies in a variety of industries, including leisure, travel, tourism, healthcare, retail, and others.

Onboard Software, Recruit ATS, People HRMS, and Workmates Intranet are some of the items in the portfolio.

Why use HR Cloud?

Onboard by HR Cloud has been specifically created to address frequent issues that other software solutions can’t even begin to address.

The most customization options are provided by Onboard, which also includes workflows, custom portals, corporate branding, and other capabilities.

Even before to their scheduled start date, new hires have access to resources.

As a result, you may spend more time educating your new hires and less time on administrative tasks.

Through onboarding, all required paperwork is completed and deadlines are met.

By expediting the E-verify procedure, you may enhance the I-9 signing, collection, and storage process.

The quickest time to value is achieved by using a one-time setup and cloud-based deployment, which also eliminates the need for upgrades.

When all of these wonderful qualities are taken into consideration, HR Cloud is a useful tool that may significantly simplify your business operations.


Contact support for a quotation on bespoke pricing.

6. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos

A complete learning management system (LMS) called SAP Litmos enables businesses to offer smooth online employee onboarding.

How come SAP Litmos?

Regardless of your area of expertise, it has a wide range of knowledge that you can use. From compliance training to staff development to consumer education and everything in between, SAP Litmos can give it all. You can also build your courses from scratch and customise each element using the software’s special templates. Also check King IPTV Alternatives

The system’s incredible gamification features will make learning for remote workers more enjoyable and engaging. Leaderboards, badges, and points can all dramatically improve performance and morale.

The installation of SAP Litmos takes only a few minutes and includes all necessary integrations. It is an excellent option for your employee onboarding needs because it is scalable, adaptive, and flexible.

Price Expert

  • 150-500 users:
  • $6 per user per month
  • $4 for 500-1,000 users Pro + Courses per month
  • 50 to 150 users at $15 each month
  • Between 150 and 500 users: $9 a month for each user

7. Asana


Asana boasts that its tools can increase team output by as much as 50%.

Why do Asana?

Although Asana is primarily promoted as a tool for project management, it includes much more.

Since there are so many options for communication and information exchange, onboarding remote workers is simple.

Teams can simply keep track of their projects from start to finish because each stage or work is broken down into phases.

The tool will allow users to track not just which activities and projects remote employees have completed, but also what still has to be done.

You may use Asana to help you complete your tasks as efficiently as possible.

  • Basic pricing: free
  • $10 for premium
  • Commercial: $24.99

8. BaseCamp


Teams frequently struggle with the issue of information being dispersed across too many platforms, such as documents, chat sessions, emails, and so on, especially ones made up of remote workers.

This might make it difficult to uncover crucial information and make it simple to dismiss it, which can increase work, waste time, and cause misunderstandings.

Such a big problem cannot be solved by a chat or project management application. Basecamp comes in handy in this circumstance. Everything your team needs to work effectively and efficiently is included in the software package.

For what purpose?

Everything your team needs to work effectively and efficiently is included in the software package.

To “make jobs appear less tough,” it even makes that claim.

To get new hires up to speed and on the proper track, the tool might be utilised as onboarding software.

Additionally, it can be utilised for communication, idea development, project planning and execution, and document and image exchange.

It offers a comprehensive answer to all teamwork-related problems.

Calendars, to-do lists, group discussions, and file storage are all available in Basecamp.


  • Here is a quick breakdown of how much each of the plans cost:
  • The basecamp personal plan is offered for free.
  • Basecamp Business has a monthly fee of $99
  • In order to save 15%, you may now purchase a one-year subscription in advance on the Basecamp price website.

9. Kissflow


The goal of Kissflow is to assist you in automating any workflow in your company, from employee onboarding to development.

Why Kissflow

Over 50 pre-programmed processes are available for users to select from, including employee onboarding, refund requests, and marketing campaigns.

Then, you may create unique forms and workflow diagrams and assign permissions to each phase.

Once you’ve started using the strategy, it’s easy to keep track of what has been accomplished and assess how the process is going.

Additionally, you can design unique reports to evaluate the effectiveness of every procedure.

  • Small Price – $10
  • Business: $20
  • Organization – Contact Support

Which remote Employee Onboarding tool is best for you?

Utilizing robust software and internet services in your HR operations is one way to successfully onboard remote workers.

These technologies can be used to manage goals, analyse performance, offer staff access to company documents, and much more.

Depending on the problems you are having when onboarding a remote employee, select one option from the list above, and start refining your HR processes right away.

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