Top 6 Best Proxy Managers To Manage Proxies At Scale

Best Proxy Managers To Manage Proxies At Scale will be described in this article. Businesses, people, academic institutions, NGOs, and other groups can all benefit from using proxies to gather information and gain access to resources needed for their daily operations.

Increased network uptime, infinite concurrent requests, dependable IP addresses, infinite rotation, and many other benefits can be obtained by using proxies. In addition, proxies assist in hiding your location and data from online criminals in order to stop identity theft, damage to your reputation, and loss of client confidence. It becomes challenging to maintain and keep track of all the proxies used by larger enterprises since they use several proxies to do their jobs. Here, they can manage their proxies and switch between them as necessary with the aid of a proxy manager.

Top 6 Best Proxy Managers To Manage Proxies At Scale

In this article, you can know about Proxy Managers To Manage Proxies here are the details below;

Users who wish to manage and regulate staff access, proxies, failed requests, etc. and receive a comprehensive report in one location may do so with ease thanks to this solution. I’ll go over proxy servers, their advantages, and some of the top proxy managers in this article for your consideration.

What is a Proxy Server?

What is a Proxy Server

An intermediary between you and the internet is a proxy server. It is a waitperson that acts as a middleman between end users & the websites they visit. Depending on the kind you select for your requirements, organizational policy, and use cases, a proxy server can offer you different degrees of security, privacy, and functionality.

A proxy server, to put it simply, is a router or other system that stands in the way of users’ access to the internet and keeps hackers from creating a route to a private network. It could be located on a different server that routes requests via firewalls or on the same device as a firewall server.

The primary benefit of utilizing a proxy server is that all users can access its cache. This is going to improve user response time. Additionally, a proxy can record its own interactions, which aids in problem-solving.

What is a Proxy Manager?

What Is a Proxy Manager

Software called a proxy manager is made to control or manage proxy servers on a network of computers from one location. It is also useful for filtering resource requests and creating and enforcing restrictions. This improves both your security and efficiency.

A competent proxy manager will provide you with comprehensive statistics, control over IP rotations, and thorough request logs.

A proxy manager can also be useful in this situation because retrieving data from the internet is crucial and can result in the blocking or banning of your web address. It will assist you in choosing the most reliable proxies at scale so that you can carry on web scraping without risk.

Proxy manager optimizes your business’s performance by managing retries, utilizing rotation and fingerprinting logic, among other features. You will thereby receive the necessary online data in a timely and dependable manner.

What Do you need a proxy Manager?

Handling all of its proxies is comparatively easy for a small or expanding business. But if the requirements increase, it will get increasingly difficult to preserve track of and manage all the proxies you utilize.

You can utilize the service whenever you’d like by adding proxies to your list and managing them all in one location with the help of the proxy manager. It provides you with the ability to increase the success rate through automation features.

Why do you need a proxy Manager?

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Multiple requests can be sent using the same IP address, and you can control your sessions from the dashboard. Furthermore, it is simple to view the performance of one proxy or several proxies on a single screen. This makes recommendations better and makes it easier for you to swiftly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Proxy managers enhance security, privacy, and accessibility in addition to aiding with scalability. It has the ability to limit internet consumption, unlock resources that are prohibited, and conserve bandwidth. In order to prevent crashes, it also balances internet traffic and secures employee activities. You may govern employee access to proxies with an appropriate proxy manager, ensuring security throughout your company.

How to Use a Proxy Manager?

By following a few easy steps, you can install a Proxy Manager on Windows, Linux, or macOS. To get the proxy manager working on your computer, you can follow the install instructions that the proxy providers give.

It is recommended that a system with two CPUs, four gigabytes of RAM, and three gigabytes of SSD be equipped with a proxy manager. Sometimes, the proxy manager application can be run by using a docker-compose.yml file. For a flawless experience, some providers now let you use proxy management plugins on your browser.

To utilize proxy management extensions, you must first download the extension file from the online shop. After this is finished, you can begin generating new files. The proxy management app is now available for Android users as a mobile app. To control staff access and proxies from anywhere, download the Playstore app and utilize it on your smartphone.

What do you mean by a Proxy Extension?

What Do You Mean by a Proxy Extension

A vital tool for maintaining online privacy is a proxy. After receiving your requests, they change the IP address and any other required data before sending the request to its intended location. Your network security is maintained by this straightforward feature, which offers maximum privacy.

A proxy waitperson can be configured in a digit of ways, including operating system settings. It is laborious because it necessitates carefully going through menus and submenus. Therefore, proxy extension is a useful method if all you want to do is switch between several proxies.

You don’t need to delve into the settings and enter details to add an infinite number of proxies and quickly switch between them with a single click in your browser.

As a result, a proxy plugin helps you make the most of the proxies while saving time. You now know a little bit about proxy managers, their advantages, and how to integrate them into your system. In order to make managing all of your proxies easier, let’s talk about some of the top proxy managers.

1. Bright Data

With Bright Data’s Proxy Manager, you can improve the success rate of the scraper and manage your proxy sessions in the best possible way. You receive total control over IP rotations and comprehensive request logs, and you may measure statistics by port.

Bright Data

Bright Data will automatically retry until you succeed if any of your requests are denied. As a result, a 99.99% success rate is guaranteed. SSL headers and fingerprints are easily customizable. Thus, you should concentrate on your data and let the proxy manager take care of everything else.

Bright Data will provide you complete control. It is possible to ascertain which proxy, together with blacklists and whitelists, is accessible to whom. With the help of this proxy manager, you can also determine which nations to target. It will enable you to maximize performance by managing all of your IPs and associated metrics in one location.

Invest in a user-friendly interface that engineers have specifically created to ensure you never run into problems utilizing it. Additionally, you can establish custom criteria to efficiently reduce expenses. Additionally, you can use four proxy networks to simply and rapidly route the requests.

Advanced capabilities like custom rules and regex are available in this proxy manager to assist you in several ways, including traffic reduction. Request logs allow you to easily keep an eye on every request that is sent through the proxy.

Engineers also use Bright Data because of the greatest GEO coverage, fastest output, best network uptime, and high-quality data. Installing this proxy manager just requires a 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, & 3 GB HDD. Register right away to begin controlling every proxy in one location.

2. Oxylabs

Use Oxylabs, a free proxy manager program that functions with nearly all proxy providers. It works with the most recent versions of Android and is quite easy to use. You may add and manage all of the proxies right from your mobile device with its assistance.


With only one click, you may switch between many IPs and have access to all the necessary functions. For the Chrome browser, Proxy Extension is an additional option. Any proxy you choose will function flawlessly with Oxylabs’ Proxy Manager program. Also check Torrentday

Put an end to hopping between menu options and settings; add whatever proxies you have across platforms and relax. After downloading the software from the Google Playstore, you can access to the internet without rooting your smartphone and using your preferred proxy.

Oxylabs allows you to set a desired theme, with bright and dark settings supported. If you don’t currently have a proxy provider, you can discover one right on Oxylabs’ homepage. Proxy providers include residential proxies, nest-gen residential proxies, SOCKS% proxies, data center proxies, and more. Utilize Oxylabs’ proxy manager to grow your company now with accurate network statistics. Enjoy using the top-performing proxies by registering now.

3. Nginx


Use the Proxy Manager to efficiently and safely expose your web services. Its security-conscious architecture makes it ideal for residential networks. Let’s Encrypt will provide you with options and a free SSL.

With private network services, you can connect anywhere. Based on Tabler, Nginx provides an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. This also simplifies the process of configuring a server.

You can also set up additional users to view or control their hosts. Obtain complete access rights to all the content within your services. The Docker image used to build the Nginx Proxy manager needs a database.

Numerous helpful features, such as:

  • Beautiful and secure interface built using Tabler options, including 404 hosts, streams, forwarding domains, and redirections.
  • Simple HTTP authentication and access lists together
  • Permissions, audit log, and user management
  • Super users’ advanced Nginx configuration

Installing Docker and Docker-compose, making a docker-compose.yml file, opening your stack, and logging in to the user interface will set up your proxy management.

4. IPRoyal


Download the Google Chrome proxy manager from IPRoyal to quickly add, deactivate, or swap proxies. Set up your Google Chrome browser to use the proxies without modifying the settings on your computer.

It is possible to set up a fallback proxy in case any of the protocol-specific proxies malfunction. Additionally, IPRoyal includes a Firefox browser extension that allows you to employ specific proxies for each protocol. To use this proxy manager for all of your proxies, you must download the IPRoyal Proxy Manager from the online shop for Firefox or Chrome.

After installation, select the choices to begin creating new profiles. Extension provides both single and many proxy profiles in these scenarios. For browser traffic, a single proxy is often utilized. It is possible to configure more than one proxy for any protocol, including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.

In addition to its sophisticated features, IPRoyal offers fast links to the products, which include residential proxies, data center proxies, sneaker proxies, and static residential proxies. You can now proceed with using your browser.

In Google Chrome or Firefox, you can switch between proxies by clicking the proxy management icon and choosing any profile. You only need to click once to switch your proxies on and off whenever you need to.

Get the proxy services you need and download your browser extension right now. Take control of every proxy in one location.

5. Zyte


Zyte relieves you of the burden of managing your proxies by providing an intelligent proxy manager for all of them. Proxy management is essential for extracting online data, but this clever proxy manager will choose the optimal proxies for you automatically to keep you accessing the data.

Retries are handled by Zyte’s intelligent Proxy manager. It also uses rotation logic and fingerprinting to increase your success rate. For you, it will handle hundreds of thousands of proxies so you can access web content fast and consistently.

Zyte has a lot of features, like:

  • Automated attempts
  • Rotating proxies automatic
  • Positioning
  • Van recognition
  • Personalized IPs
  • Help for sessions
  • emulate a genuine browser
  • Strong insights
  • Support for headless browsers

You can send several queries using the same IP address and control your own sessions. The headless browser scraping tools can be integrated with Zyte’s Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright client libraries. Benefit from an intuitive dashboard that lets you see the crawler’s overall performance. Also, comprehensive reports and suggestions for improvements will be provided.

For up to 14 days, Zyte’s proxy manager is free to use; you only pay for requests that are fulfilled. For just $29 per month, you may get the proxy of your choice.

6. OpusXenta


OpusXenta’s proxy manager allows you to efficiently and successfully handle proxy votes for all of your rights and stakeholders. It makes voting easier by keeping track of answers, compiling findings, and sending out supporting materials.

Organize every meeting by using automated campaigns to promptly send out meeting information. The records management tool and OpusXenta’s Proxy Manager work together to produce documentation for your stakeholders. Additionally, after sending your rights, it generates mailing labels. Also check Proxy server

This proxy manager appropriately logs the proxies’ answers. The methodical approach reduces the possibility of mistakes and streamlines data collecting, saving personnel time and effort. It also offers reports that are simple to read so you can grasp the results.

The proxy manager from OpusXenta assists you in organizing for the meeting and validating votes within the system. To gain a better understanding of the concept, you can request a free demo. Proceed to the next level of your success by completing the form.


Proxy managers are user-friendly programs that offer you a number of advantages while utilizing proxies, including simple administration, thorough reporting, and more. You will receive the same advantages whether you choose to use a browser extension, download the app for your smartphone, or install a proxy manager directly into your system through code. Choose the optimal proxy manager in accordance with your use cases and organizational needs to properly manage your proxies.

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