Top 12 ProWritingAid Alternatives In 2023

Best ProWritingAid Alternatives will be explained in this article. Are ProWritingAid the greatest option to create content that strikes the correct balance between originality and SEO requirements? Without a doubt, there is a huge demand for original and interesting content.

It’s interesting to note that not every one of them uses the same content marketing approach. In fact, B2B marketers claim that, in order to make their content stand out, they employ an average of 12 distinct content marketing strategies.

But how can content creators keep up with this enormous demand without going insane?

ProWritingAid Alternatives were developed to aid writers in maintaining content quality while maximising efficiency. They can be used in every situation involving content writing to transform excellent content into fantastic commercial material.

We recognise that the countless ProWritingAid Alternatives out there may drive you absolutely bonkers!

We’ve got you covered, so unwind.

Top 12 Best ProWritingAid Alternatives to Improve Your Writing in 2023

Top 12  Best ProWritingAid  to Improve Your Writing are explained here.

Even for experienced writers, writing high-quality content consistently can be difficult. Using ProWritingAid Alternatives, you can fix any problems with a piece of content to make it more engaging.

Are you a beginner keen to learn how to launch a blog or an experienced author seeking to make money off your writing? Regardless of how well you control the content development process, you must read this list of the top ProWritingAid Alternatives.

1. Grammarly



Each and every writer should use Grammarly! Almost everyone utilises this content writing tool unconsciously to improve the quality of their content because it is integrated with Google Docs. This is another ProWritingAid.

With the premium edition of this editing tool, you can check grammar, punctuation, spelling, and even plagiarism.

In comparison to other ProWritingAid, how does it measure up?

Learn more.


  • It provides immediate grammar repairs.
  • The suggestions and justifications are clear.
  • You can personalise reports.
  • One of the easiest tools for content editing
  • Reasonably priced


  • Currently, only Google Docs is accessible.
  • The limited features of the free version


  • Every type of writer who wishes to improve the calibre of their content should use this tool. Grammarly is simple to use for everyone, including creators of digital content, bloggers, authors, and students.

Tool Grade

  • Beginning to Advanced

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the essential ProWritingAid you need if you run a self-hosted WordPress website. This is another ProWritingAid.

Due to the diversity of advanced features it has, it is rather popular among WordPress users.

That comes as no surprise given that the business has so far assisted more than 300,000 users in understanding online content.


  • Is concerned with improving page ranking
  • Check for readability
  • Keyword augmentation
  • Maintains technical settings for enhanced SEO
  • Recommendations for creating internal links
  • Quality content insight


  • Since it is primarily a tool for site optimization, content writing is only an extra.
  • Only applicable to WordPress websites


  • Yoast SEO is best for WordPress website owners, and the free edition of the plugin has all of the necessary functionality to get you started.

Tool Grade

  • Beginning to Advanced

3. Reedsy


Self-publishing is becoming better and more common among writers. One of the innovative ProWritingAid made for authors in this quest is Reedsy. This is another ProWritingAid .

Authors can cooperate with industry experts for editing, design, artwork, marketing, and ghostwriting services through this online author services marketplace.

You may hire independent contractors for just about every self-publishing-related function in this huge ecosystem of finely crafted books.


  • A marketplace for qualified freelancers offering all book-related services
  • You get to pick the expert you wish to work with.
  • Reedsy Book Editor to make the process of creating content easier.
  • Courses on Reedsy Learning to guide authors through the self-publishing process


  • Not a great option for content creators and bloggers.
  • There is still a small number of service providers.
  • No services for audiobooks


  • Reedsy is the ideal market for authors that self-publish. As one of the finest ProWritingAid , it not only connects you with excellent service providers but also grants access to a huge library of information to assist you in creating a fantastic book.

Tool Grade

  • Intermediate

4. Heming Editor

Heming Editor

As a professional writer, Hemmingway Editor is a cutting-edge editing tool that will help you stay on top of your game. This is another ProWritingAid.

The programme can handle it all, from spotting typical writing problems to perfecting your SEO content writing. Also check Sites pay writing blogging

To quickly add the suggestions to the article, switch between the writing and editing modes.

Additionally, you can publish your blog post straight on WordPress or Medium as soon as you are done writing.


  • Free content writing tool with excellent editing tools
  • Highlights basic to complex grammar faults
  • Facilitates streamlining your content writing approach
  • Created to evaluate the reading difficulty of your blog post.


  • It is not a tool that is appropriate for long papers while writing content.
  • Concentrates on a small number of grammar aspects
  • Formatting and organisational features fall short of those of other top tools.
  • A wide range of writers enjoy the writing and editing functions of Hemmingway Editor. This fantastic tool can be used by everyone from bloggers to copywriters, social media influencers, and ghostwriters to improve their written work.

Tool Grade

  • Beginning to Advanced

5. Readability Test y WebFX’s

Readability Test y WebFX's

Would you be interested in ProWritingAid that included a readability score checker? A cutting-edge tool called Readability Test by WebFX can help you assess a piece of creative content’s readability and improve its engagement. This is another ProWritingAid.

It is driven by a collection of specialised readability algorithms that rate your content according to a variety of factors, including sentence length, complexity, average word length, familiarity, pertinent keywords, and much more.

Readability Test’s capacity for text analysis, URL analysis, a sophisticated highlighting engine, and thorough readability analysis make it one of the special ProWritingAid.


  • Examines minute-by-minute readability overall.
  • Powered by the ReadablePro proprietary algorithm
  • Very user-friendly
  • A cost-effective content writing tool


  • It looks difficult to assess the data
  • It might not be appropriate for longer pieces of content like books and scripts


  • Copywriters who specialise in digital marketing should use it. The programme improves readability, grammar, and keyword analysis to make an article more SEO-friendly. For academics, journalists, and university students, Readable can be quite helpful.

Tool Grade

  • Intermediate

6. Thesaurus


Thesaurus is one of the most well-known and reliable productivity tools provided by This is another ProWritingAid.

Thesaurus is one of the first online ProWritingAid that has been in use for more than two decades and is utilised by writers from diverse backgrounds.

It provides writing and grammar hints to improve the calibre of your content.

It can help writers increase their vocabulary and create a far more natural writing style.


  • Thesaurus’ user interface is uncomplicated.
  • Verifies definitions, synonyms, and plagiarism
  • Appropriate for beginning writers


  • Might not include capabilities that are necessary, such as keyword analysis and readability checks
  • There is no live checking available.
  • Neither Google Docs nor WordPress can use it.


  • Thesaurus can be used by anyone and everyone who wants to write sophisticated English content. Thesaurus may be a suitable tool for writing academic content because the features are more oriented toward enhancing the language quality of your content and less towards its SEO components.

Tool Grade

  • Beginner

7. HubSpot blog topic generator

HubSpot blog topic generator

The following tool on this list of the best content writing tools doesn’t require an introduction. The most popular CRM, marketing, and content writing tools available today are HubSpot.

You only need to enter five nouns from your field to use the blog idea generator.

A week’s worth of topic ideas are instantaneously generated by the software. Additionally, you can receive an excel document with a year’s worth of ideas by providing your contact information. This is another ProWritingAid.


  • Free blog post inspiration
  • Provides a long list of suggestions for the nouns you type
  • Use the free “how to,” “infographic post,” “newsjacking,” and “main page” post templates from HubSpot.


  • You must upgrade to a premium subscription in order to access additional tools including a blog editor, keyword research, and SEO recommendations.
  • In contrast to other ProWritingAid, it does not provide readability scores or live checks.


  • The HubSpot Blog Idea Generator enables you to rapidly generate blog post ideas for all kinds of content writing tasks without the use of obtrusive pop-ups or adverts. One of the simplest ProWritingAid is the HubSpot blog idea generator because to its basic, user-friendly design.

Tool Grade

  • Beginner

8. Evernote


Photo from Evernote. A notes programme called Evernote can help you remember everything from your daily life. However, what purpose does it serve in the list of ProWritingAid ? It can be utilised for a variety of tasks, including taking notes, creating to-do lists, and writing blog entries or other types of publications. Also check Paper Writing Service Apps

Evernote, one of the greatest ProWritingAid , aids in keeping you more productive and organised.


  • Templates that can be modified for various content types
  • A note-taking application to record and save ideas
  • A no cost document scanner
  • Integrates Google Calendar
  • Simple note finding using content categories, keywords, or dates
  • Web Clipper to save web content


  • Doesn’t give the comprehensive functions that the majority of ProWritingAid do, such as SEO and keyword analysis.
  • Makes no suggestions for content


  • One of the simplest ProWritingAid to use and one that is simple to get started with is Evernote. You can become more organised and increase your productivity with its aid. Every significant operating system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, supports Evernote. It is compatible with your phone, tablet, and PC.

Tool Grade

  • Beginner

9. AnswerThePublic


Every content marketer wants to provide highly tailored content that will increase downloads, engagement, and conversions. This is another content writing tools.

AnswerThePublic is one of the content writing tools that can be useful in this situation.

It enables you to learn the inquiries that your audience has about a subject as a search listening technique. It’s a fantastic approach to come up with concepts for blog posts, infographics, videos, and other types of content.

The tool gathers autocomplete information from Google and other search engines to function. Then it provides a list of every helpful phrase people are searching for online that includes your keyword.

To find out if it’s a good tool for you, read about its advantages and disadvantages.


  • With paid plans, daily searches are limitless.
  • Data is shown in a distinctive visual format.
  • You may compare keyword statistics and get keyword suggestions.
  • Localized and bilingual search results


  • It isn’t a full-featured content tool.
  • No content improvement suggestions


  • Content marketers, SEOs, and anybody else trying to produce content that is pertinent and interesting to their audience will find AnswerThePublic to be a useful tool. You are able to comprehend your consumers’ demands and desires better thanks to the feature-rich product. You can utilise this data to develop content that speaks to the requirements of your audience or even to generate concepts for brand-new goods or services. This is another content writing tools.

Tool Grade

  • Beginner

10. Portent Content Idea Generator

Portent Content Idea Generator

Use the Portent content idea generator to come up with engaging ideas for your next piece of content.

One of the simplest tools for content creation, Portent suggests possible names for your upcoming blog post, article, or even video when you enter a few words connected to the subject.

Additionally, it enables you to assess the theme’s adaptability, comprehend the significance of the title’s words, and generate fresh suggestions for improving your content approach. This is another content writing tools.

Its status as one of the available free tools for content creation is an extra benefit.


  • User-friendly, minimalistic design
  • enables you to store the titles for easy access.
  • Extensive content writing resources and advice on building your content
  • Explains why each word in the suggested title should be used.
  • You can tweet the content ideas


  • You might need to edit some topic headlines to make them pertinent and properly written.
  • Only provides one keyword-specific subject recommendation at a time.


  • The Portent Idea Generator is an easy-to-use tool for producing creative ideas for your project quickly. Portent gives you complete access to its features without any commercial interruptions as one of the ad-free content writing tools. The business also provides specialised tools for developing “tone of voice” and performing in-depth SEO analytics.

Tool Grade

  • Beginner

11. StackEdit


A robust, open-source Markdown editor with many features is StackEdit.

StackEdit provides a live preview that automatically refreshes as you type, making it one of the practical content writing tools made for web writers. This is another content writing tools.

It is simple to produce and publish your content thanks to built-in file storage and seamless synchronisation with Dropbox, Google Drive, and WordPress.

Compare it to other content writing tools by looking at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Formatting options, live preview, and smart layout
  • Assistance with Markdown Extra and more Markdown subtypes
  • Syncs your files with GitHub, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • You can post blog entries to Blogger, WordPress, or Zendesk.
  • Enables you to enter inline comments into files and incorporate discussions with collaborators.


  • Does not include a built-in spell-checker
  • Does not provide SEO analytics, topic suggestions, or keyword research


  • StackEdit is a potent online editor that enables you to compose and format text, work in real-time teams, share your creations on the internet, and more. For online writers, writing content is a seamless process thanks to a fully customisable interface and live preview.

Tool Grade

  • Beginner

12. ilys


Because they are terrified of writing poorly or become fixated on typos, structure, etc., writers frequently find themselves unable to generate good work. This is another content writing tools.

You can give ilys a try if you’re curious whether there are any content writing tools that can assist you get beyond your internal editor.

I Love Your Stories, often known as “Ilys,” simply displays the most recent word you typed. It conceals your previous typing, assisting in removing interruptions and fostering your creative process.


  • Cloud-based application that enables content writing on the go
  • A centralised dashboard where you can browse all of your content and see the word count overall
  • Displays a graph of productivity
  • Ninja mode reduces distraction by obscuring previously entered words.


  • Is missing critical elements of top content writing tools like readability checking, keyword research, and topic ideas.


  • Iilys, one of the few content writing tools that foster creativity, has a clean interface and a basic design. The tool is made to assist you in silencing your inner critic and fostering your creative process. One of the best tools for writing small content articles while travelling or in public is this one.


Q1. What are writing tools for content?

To engage your audience, you must produce high-quality content. However, we are aware that concepts, taglines, and content can all occasionally fall flat.

Software applications known as content writing tools are created to help bloggers, journalists, storytellers, and other types of content producers produce a steady stream of highly engaging content.

Q2. What app is utilised for content writing?

One of the most popular content writing tools at the moment is Grammarly.

Why is it so well-liked? The fact that Google controls this writing tool is one obvious factor. Your content will be better suited for all search engines after making the suggested adjustments.

Q3. Why are tools for content marketing required?

Writing content isn’t always easy; it may be a physically taxing endeavour. The work of writing is made much simpler and less stressful by the use of content production tools.

Q4. What effect do content writing tools have on your SEO plan?

An crucial component of any SEO plan is well-optimized content. Writing blog entries that interest readers and please search engines is a difficult task for content writers because of Google’s complicated algorithm.

Here is where content writing tools truly shine. This writing programme is created by developers based on Google’s expectations, assisting authors in creating content for SEO.

Q5. How do I pick the correct tool for content writing?

There are several excellent content writing tools available. When selecting a tool to assist you in producing content that counts, take into account the following:

• For what purpose are you writing?

  • The procedure you use while writing
  • The characteristics of content writing tools
  • Usability and accessibility

Concluding Thoughts

Here are the top thirteen content writing tools for 2022 that you should think about using. Each of the aforementioned editing tools aims to improve a piece of content’s overall quality.

Select the best tool and give it a try based on the types of content development jobs you undertake.

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