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Top 15 LaTeX Resume Templates In 2022

LaTeX Resume Templates

Best latex resume templates and cv will be described in this article. On the internet, there is no starvation of free LaTeX resume templates.

The issue is that a large number of them can easily perplex recruiters and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). And neither of these things should occur, no.

So what do you do?

Asking a Certified Professional Resume Writer to develop a list of the top LaTeX resume templates that look excellent and will get past the filtering bots sounds like a good idea.

You’re about to see exactly that, then.

Top 15 LaTeX Resume Templates and CV Templates In 2022

Top 15 LaTeX Resume Templates and CV Templates are explained here.

1. Minimal & Clean Latex Resume Template

This LaTeX resume template has a clean, traditional appearance.

On a resume, the address is provided in the header, which is divided into two columns.

2. Crisp & Clear Latex Resume Template

Extra columns on the sides of this LaTeX resume template are what set it apart.

All resume parts may be quickly found using the one on the left, and all dates stand out with the one on the right. Also check Twitter tools

Expert Tip: How you arrange this on a resume is not as crucial as what you include.

If you’re not a recent graduate, a decent rule of thumb is to prioritise your experience over your education on a resume.

3. Framed Elegance LaTeX Resume Template

If your resume isn’t more than one page, this LaTeX resume is a perfect option.

The delicate framing effectively defines the area for the content of your paper and forces you to concentrate solely on the most crucial information.

4. Marissa Mayer LaTeX CV Template

A CEO CV sample for Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer was released in a Business Insider post a few years ago. This template for a CV in LaTeX is an excellent attempt to recreate it.

See how much room you have on a CV to describe your professional experience. Expert Tip: You can rapidly switch between various resume templates using our CV builder.

To see how your document will appear with a different layout, just click once. You are unable to enjoy this convenience when using LaTeX CV templates.

5. Academic LaTeX  CV template

This LaTeX CV template is academic in nature (as the name implies), but you may use it to create other types of resumes as well. This is another LaTeX Resume Templates.

6. Two Columns LaTeX Resume Template

The two-column resume format is used in this LaTeX template.

In this manner, you have room for your professional experience as well as for any additional resume sections, such certifications on a resume.

7. Classic w/Photo LaTex Rsume Template

This is one of the more traditional-looking LaTeX resume templates that gives you the choice to add a resume photo.

Just switch the section order, and it will work for candidates with more and less experience.

It is advised for beginners to place education on a resume near the top of the paper.

8.  Modern LaTeX Curriculum Vitae Template

This straightforward LaTeX CV template is easily expandable to multiple pages.

But keep in mind that the length of your resume matters.

This is another LaTeX Resume Templates. See who would most benefit from utilising a two-page CV.

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Obtain targeted material to increase your chances of landing the job.

Include skill lists, job descriptions, and bullet points.


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9. Minimal Infographic LaTeX Resume Template

This one may be of interest to you if you’re looking for the top LaTeX resume templates that include infographic components.

Its simple layout and professional appearance make it appropriate for those creating their first resume without any prior expertise, particularly if they’re applying for creative professions. Also check email template builders

You’ll see that a resume’s section on hobbies and interests only employs resume icons.

Infographic resume templates aren’t the ideal option for an ATS resume, according to the expert.

In other words, since 99% of Fortune 500 companies utilise ATSs, none of them will be able to parse the data appropriately.

Send this kind of resume directly to the recruiter’s mailbox if that’s what you want to do.

10. Blue Infographic LaTeX Resume Template

This is the second resume template for LaTeX that was inspired by an infographic. This is another LaTeX Resume Templates.

Although you wouldn’t use it to apply for a job in academia, it might be useful to individuals who are building a computer science resume in order to work at a trendy startup.

Expert Tip: You can edit your LaTeX resume without installing any TeX editing software.

You can use free web applications like Overleaf.

11. Professional LaTex CV Template

If you’re looking for a formal LaTeX CV template, take attention to this one—all it’s in the name.

It employs modest lines to separate the various resume components and has a sizable CV experience section.

Expert Tip: Reddit or GitHub are other places to look if you need more LaTeX resume templates; you might find something of interest there.

Also keep in mind that the preponderance of LaTeX resume templates come with the very liberal MIT licence.

12. Well-Organized LaTeX Resume Template

The reader will have no trouble reading this LaTeX resume because it is so simple to tell where each component is.

Additionally, it gives you numerous chances to list your talents on a resume.

This is another LaTeX Resume Templates. It is appropriate for software developers because a portion devoted to projects is included.

Expert Tip: According to studies, recruiters look for specific job titles on resumes.

Ensure that the titles you’ve held are easily recognisable.

13. Colo-red LaTeX  resume Template

Neat, readable, and captivating. Also check microsoft word templates invoice

This LaTeX resume template’s appearance can be adequately described in just three terms.

What you receive is a resume summary area at the top where you may highlight some of your most notable professional accomplishments.

14.  Two Column Academic LaTeX CV Resume Template

This straightforward LaTeX CV template isn’t just appropriate for academic settings; you can easily customise it for general job-hunting needs. This is another LaTeX Resume Templates.

This template effectively utilises the white space and CV margins.

15. Blue LaTeX CV Template

This LaTeX CV template uses colour to draw attention to the most important areas.

It is equally appropriate for both college students creating an entry-level CV and seasoned professionals creating a management CV.

Combining a cover letter and resume will increase the impact of both.

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