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Top 13 Best ITSM Tools for Delightful IT Support In 2022

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Best ITSM tools will be described in this article. Modern businesses rely heavily on IT services, from simple office printers to sophisticated IT servers.

It makes sense that the majority of companies are implementing the best ITSM tools to create and sustain a robust IT ecosystem, increase worker productivity, lower IT risks, and enhance end-user experience. But now there’s a problem.

The phrase “best ITSM software” can return hundreds of hits from a single Google search. How do you locate the tool that can best suit your wants in such a situation?

Well, don’t worry because we did the laborious work for you. We have chosen the best 13 ITSM tools after thorough study to greatly simplify your life. In this article, we’ll talk about 13 of these tools and examine their best qualities as well as costs.

What Is It IT service management?

Information technology service management, or ITSM, is the umbrella term for all the tasks carried out by a company to plan, oversee, control, and provide IT services to customers.

Despite the misconception that ITSM is limited to handling requests or issues related to IT support. In truth, ITSM extends far beyond that and aids your team in managing the entire lifecycle of IT services, from monitoring the IT assets held by a business to starting the adjustments required for hastening the adoption of new technologies.

You now require ITSM software in order to get the benefits of ITSM. The query is, how do you pick the best ITSM tool for your team? The section that follows, however, outlines certain crucial elements that your company must take into account.

What Are the Important ITSM Features to Look for?

An ITSM solution needs to be user-friendly and reasonably priced, just like any other company application. But for some reason, it’s not enough. Here are the 5 essential ITSM characteristics you should be on the lookout for:

1. Cloud Hosting

Professionals in IT support are always dealing with a wide range of difficulties and demands. A cloud-hosted ITSM solution gives them more flexibility in this situation, allowing them to work from home or the office.

In addition to 24/7 accessibility, cloud hosting has many advantages. Your company can increase data security, scale operations with ease, and respond more quickly to pressing issues.

On the other hand, self-hosted or open-source ITSM solutions could necessitate the deployment of a separate staff for software and hardware maintenance. Finding trustworthy support from the software manufacturer or community can be difficult, even if something goes wrong.

2. Knowledge Management

The ability of ITSM to develop, publish, document, and exchange information with users as needed is referred to as knowledge management. One of the most important ITSM best practises is providing your users with access to a wealth of information.

Using the best ITSM tools, you may develop an internal knowledge base for staff members. It is simple for employees from many departments, like HR, Accounts, Legal, etc., to obtain solutions to their IT-related questions. With effective knowledge management, your company may promote self-service, divert support tickets, and concentrate on problems or requests that are more urgent.

3. Incidents Management

Business operations can be severely harmed by IT disasters like server outages. Not only may it reduce team productivity, but it can also cost money.

The average cost of IT downtime, according to a Gartner analysis, is $5,600/minute, which translates to well over $300K/hour.

A team of IT support specialists can manage incidents and service requests quickly thanks to ITSM software. Using analytics, you may look at previous occurrences, keep tabs on those that are still happening, and forecast future problems. By doing this, your team is better equipped to manage issues and lessen their potential impact on the company.

4. Automation Capabilities

Workflow automation is a popular topic when discussing ITSM systems. You can accelerate your incident management, asset management, and other workflows with the aid of automation tools. This frees up more additional time for your team to concentrate on important challenges while also assisting them in moving beyond tedious and time-consuming chores.

For instance, contemporary service management tools provide chatbots powered by AI that may communicate with IT end users and address their fundamental issues. Users can be directed to the appropriate teams or agents through chatbots. Similar to this, certain tools let you distribute automatic surveys to workers or clients in order to gather their insightful input.

5. Reports & Metrics

Reports and analytics give you the much-needed visibility into your IT performance that you need to identify areas for future improvement. The best ITSM software equips managers with information that is clear and useful.

Service Desk metrics that you can monitor include the overall incident count, typical response times, ticket volume by support channel, ticket backlogs, and more. You can periodically assess customer happiness to determine how adjustments might further enhance their experience.

Above all, ITSM tools must enable your team to produce relevant reports with the help of simple-to-read graphics and sophisticated customization possibilities.

Top 13 Best ITSM Tools for Delightful IT Support In 2022

Top 13 Best ITSM Tools for Delightful IT Support are explained here.

It takes scouring through hundreds of software comparison websites, product websites, user reviews, etc. to find the ideal ITSM solution for your organisation. We’ve compiled a list of 13 tools that help improve your IT service delivery to make your job easier:

1. ProProfs Help Desk


One of the greatest ITSM tools is ProProfs Help Desk, which can record IT issues and requests from many channels like email, help centres, live chat, web forms, and others. The best aspect is that ProProfs makes it possible to use ITSM principles and procedures without the usual ITSM tool complexity, allowing your company to get up and running quickly.

You can build a user-friendly employee self-service portal to advance knowledge management within your company to a whole new level. Important employee handbooks, documents, FAQs, guides, and other materials can be found through the portal to enable employees to handle problems at their own pace. With the aid of crucial information like average response time, ticket volume, user happiness, rated tickets, and more, support managers may assess performance. Also check content writing tools 

Top characteristics of the ProProfs Help Desk



Choose it for: CSAT surveys, shared mailbox, ticket prioritisation, and AI-powered chatbots

Allowable third-party integrations:

Suitable for: Small startups, medium-sized companies, and huge corporations

Case Analysis

In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, there is a well-known bed and breakfast called Lazy Cloud Lodge. The business is most renowned for its whirlpool suites with fireplace views found in its romantic suites for couples.

This is another itsm tools. Many of LCL’s visitors want to speak with them before making a reservation since LCL offers distinctive rooms. Even though the business offered details on its packages and facilities over the phone, via email, and on its website, it was insufficient. LCL is able to use live chat to engage with prospects and expand their business now that ProProfs Help Desk is integrated.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk has grown to be a well-known brand among both small and large businesses when it comes to ITSM ticketing solutions. IT staff can manage incidents, events, issues, and service requests from a single, user-friendly dashboard thanks to its robust automation tools.

By developing a self-service employee knowledge base with Zendesk, you can relieve your team from password reset requests and other typical IT issues. Moreover, by recording metrics like initial response time, ticket backlogs, and more, you can match your reporting to ITIL best practises.

Some of Zendesk’s Best Features



Case Analysis

Monthly beauty, skincare, and cosmetics supplies are distributed to subscribers of BoxyCharm’s subscription box service. Customers can sign up for BoxyCharm with a base or premium membership and receive monthly deliveries of the top brands’ products at their doorsteps.

The organisation was able to improve its customer service after making the switch to Zendesk. BoxyCharm was able to divert 60% of email tickets by using social media messaging and strong automation, and saw a 17% increase in customer satisfaction as a result (CSAT).

3. TOPdesk

One of the well-known ITSM ticketing tools you should consider is TOPdesk. By serving as a single forum to manage all of your user requests, IT assets, and workflows, the application streamlines your IT support. This is another itsm tools.

You can keep track of all incoming requests using its sophisticated incident management tools, automatically allocate tickets to particular agents, and distribute notifications via automated emails. On a single dashboard, managers can quickly see what resources their company has, who is utilising them, and when they need to be replaced.

Top TOPdesk Features:



Case Analysis

The London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) is a school system in Canada’s southwest province of Ontario. They handle service delivery for workers and students with the help of 80 IT department agents and more than 2500 other team members.

The IT staff at LDCSB was able to keep track of all of their assets in the back end by adding them to TOPdesk. Even the distribution of Chromebooks and laptops to students during the epidemic was managed with the aid of the ITSM application.

4. SysAid

This is another itsm tools. One of the best IT service management tools, SysAid has powerful automation features and built-in remote control. Even in these exceptional instances, the technology can assist you support your remote IT support personnel.

The powerful asset management function in SysAid may assist your company in viewing, securing, and managing your IT assets right from the service desk. Having accurate asset data available facilitates better ticket management and expedites problem solving. You may also run pre-built or customised reports to track events, service requests, issues, modifications, IT assets, and more.

Top SysAid Features:



Case Analysis

In Portland, Oregon, there is a non-profit organisation called Relay Resources. The group supports disabled people in acquiring desirable skills and locating appropriate employment. Even in the fields of document services, landscaping, janitorial work, and supply chain solutions, RR hires persons with disabilities.

Previously, there was no centralised system in place and the organisation tracked service requests manually. However, Relay Resource’s team was able to develop hierarchy-based ticket escalations and real-time tracking of all computational and hardware assets after bringing SysAid on board.

5. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management, one of the top IT management tools, gives various company departments—from IT to HR—the ability to build up a service desk and handle user inquiries. Finally, your company might try to avoid the complexity of conventional ITSM solutions and provide valuable support experiences. This is another itsm tools. Also check Project Management Tools

Jira Service Management gives your staff the tools they need to use an internal self-service portal to resolve simple queries. Without the assistance of an agent, Confluence, its knowledge base, can bring up pertinent articles to assist staff in finding the solutions they require.

Top Jira Service Management Features:



Case Analysis

People can use Canva, an online graphic design tool, to make social media graphics, posters, presentations, and other types of visual content. With more than 1,000 staff and 40 million customers, Canva’s team was struggling to keep workflows visible and meet demand.

The online platform makes use of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management to foster greater cooperation and transparency, efficiently handle 5,000 tickets annually, and enable users all around the world to realise their visions.

6. Solarwinds

This is another itsm tools. A cutting-edge ITSM solution is provided by Solarwinds to control the provision of IT services. You can utilize this tool to generate a service catalogue that contains a list of all the IT-related services that can be carried out for, by, or within your company.

You can establish an employee service portal to coordinate work processes amongst several departments. All of your staff members may readily examine the SLAs that apply to their requests as well as the status of their tickets. By providing end users with a knowledge base that includes crucial resources like how-to articles, you may enable them to address problems. tutorials, FAQs, and more

Top characteristics of the Solarwinds service desk



7. BHC Helix ITSM

With the use of intelligent automation, BMC Helix ITSM, a market-leading service management platform, may assist your company in implementing numerous ITSM best practises and principles. With the aid of this technology, all of your IT infrastructure and services will operate more effectively and steadily. This is another itsm tools.

User experience is elevated to a whole new level by BMC Helix ITSM. You can deliver individualised support experiences at scale using its well-liked persona-based UX, which is device-optimized. Additionally, your team can identify prospective problems and address them to avoid having an impact on business operations thanks to its proactive problem and incident management tools.

Key characteristics of BMC Helix ITSM:


Utilize a drag-and-drop change calendar to its full potential.


8. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is a free ITSM tool that enables you to maintain strict control over IT jobs and problems. Agents can share tickets with dependable peers and work on the ticket together thanks to ticket collaboration tools.

This is another itsm tools. To enable users to assist themselves, you can design a user portal. Your staff members or clients can quickly submit tickets, check on their status, and obtain the information they require. Additionally, with the aid of Spiceworks IP Scanner, IT support staff may instantly find the devices on your network.

Top Spiceworks Features:



9. ServiceNow

Another capable IT service management tool is ServiceNow, which may assist your team in locating, monitoring, and resolving high-impact events as well as enhancing agent productivity. This application uses machine learning to automatically categorise and send concerns to the appropriate resolution team.

An automated conversational chatbot called Virtual Agent can be used to handle repetitive IT support duties and requests. Additionally, ServiceNow enables you to establish business standards early on and use service level management to see the service commitments made by your IT team. This is another itsm tools.

Top ServiceNow features include:



10. Freshservice

This is another itsm tools. Its extensive ITSM service desk, which includes capabilities like a service catalogue, incident management, asset management, knowledge base, and more, is one of Freshservice’s most well-known strengths. Without using any code, you can quickly install your service desk and create enterprise-level customizations.

With Freshservice’s change management tools, you can quickly prepare changes and give leaders the authority to accept or reject them. The tool is renowned for its straightforward yet useful reporting features. For instance, managers might categorise reports by their type, department, or possible impact to follow service desk performance, spot issues, and make wise decisions.

Top Freshservice Features:



11. InvGate Service Desk

With its visually appealing ticketing system and sophisticated reporting features, InvGate Service Desk stands out. This is another itsm tools. Also check Amazon product research tools

With InvGate, you can clearly prioritise incidents based on SLA, urgency, and department, empowering agents to offer superior service. Along with a knowledge base to expand the expertise of IT support employees and speed up issue resolution, it also includes gamification. You can create automated workflows using a visual workflow builder to handle requests more effectively.

Top characteristics of the InvGate service desk:



12. HaloITSM

This is another itsm tools. HaloITSM is another another outstanding ITSM programme that enables your IT staff to provide ITIL-compliant services to the entire enterprise. The application facilitates incident management, process automation, and SLA compliance for IT support personnel.

You can build a sizable IT user self-service portal using HaloITSM. They don’t need to ask your team for help; they can solve typical issues on their own. You can even let users utilise this site to seek the services they require.

Halo ITSM’s best qualities are:



13. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Thousands of companies use ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to fix downtimes and enhance the user experience. Service desk representatives can follow the status of incidents, adhere to SLAs, and take proactive measures to address problems. This is another itsm tools.

ServiceDesk Plus, in contrast to most ITSM tools, lets you keep track of all your IT projects in one location. For instance, you can easily meet deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress on all of your active IT projects with 360-degree visibility.

Among ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus’s best attributes are:

Utilize the Best ITSM Software to Survive IT Challenges

Strong IT service management (ITSM) is now essential given how quickly modern enterprises are changing and evolving. ITSM tools are transforming how businesses run, from managing your IT assets to making long-term technology decisions.

Always check for common aspects when choosing the finest ITSM solution, like user-friendliness, cloud hosting, incident management, asset management, and a self-service portal. Strong automation skills can really help your team accomplish more in less time.

There is no need to go further if you’re seeking for an economical yet feature-rich tool to manage your various IT requests and concerns. Your staff will be given all the tools they need to provide wonderful support experiences if you use ProProfs IT help desk to record and track any IT-related issues.

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