How To Record Skype Video Calls

This post will show how to record skype video calls. Skype is among the more popular platform for both voice and video calls, and people frequently utilize it to stay connected with their family and friends and conduct company conferences. Here, we’ll reveal to you how to record and conserve your Skype video get in touch with your computer system.

How To Record Skype Video Calls

In this article, you can know about how to record skype video calls here are the details below;

There are 2 different options that you can utilize to record video calls from Skype, and it is relevant to you to choose which you prefer:

Usage of Skype’s Call Recording Feature

The reasonably recent Skype variation 8 consisted of various enhancements and brand-new functions, one of which was a call recording function.

It will do exactly whats it says and provides you with a way to tape your video calls directly within the Skype application. The single requirements are that you have update your Skype just recently, so you are working on version 8 or greater, and that you tape just Skype-to-Skype calls.

You can utilize the call recording function by following a few simple steps:

1. Start the video call with somebody from your Contact List and include individuals if required.

2. Click the “+” icon in the Skype call to reveal more options.

3. Click “Start Recording” to begin taping the video call.

4. Open chat to see the tape-recorded video call once it is complete. It will be offered there for one month.

5. To conserve the call ultimately, click “More Options” in the chat window.

6. Then, selectSave to downloads to save the taped video employ your downloads folder or “Save as” if you wish to specify a various folder to save it in.

All the Skype calls you conserve using this technique will be kept as MP4 video files on your hard disk.

It is fairly easy and practical to tape-record video calls utilizing the call recording feature. Nevertheless, some people still prefer utilizing another alternative to tape-record Skype calls:

Use Screen Recording Software

Instead of utilizing the integrated call recording feature in Skype, you can utilize independent screen recording software to tape Skype calls. While the exact steps you require to perform will depend on the software that you utilize, all that need to be done is to set it approximately tape-record the part of your screen where the video call is occurring along with the inbound and outbound audio.

Although that sounds more difficult than using the integrated scree recording function, users frequently prefer more control over the audio recording.

Using a screen recording software app, you may have choices offered to adjust the frame rate, save the audio and video in different files, stop or stop the recording briefly separately of the video call, and so on. Some software applications may have additional editing functions available as well. For instance, they might have a trim feature that allows you to get rid of any part of the video footage you don’t need.

For an example of how to tape Skype calls using a screen recording software application, you may want to look at Movavi Screen Recorder.

Which To Use?

At the end of the day, if you are wondering which choice you must utilize, it does not injure you to attempt both out at first. That will let you see how each choice works and assist you in identifying whether or not you have a choice.

As a basic guideline, however, the call recording function is the easier choice– but a screen recorder will provide you with extra functions that aren’t developed into Skype itself.

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