Free Employee Scheduling Software 10 Best in 2022

In 2022, here is the definitive list of the top free staff scheduling software. It includes the ten best free employee scheduling software as well as a few extra free employee scheduling tools. I also address a few common questions about free employee scheduling software. Overall, this post will assist entrepreneurs and HR managers in saving money by rapidly researching and selecting the best free staff scheduling software accessible.

You’re always looking for methods that would conserve money and keep your expenses under control as a business owner. One method to accomplish this is to learn how to handle your personnel scheduling needs without hiring a third-party service. You will have more money in the pockets if you do so.

There is some excellent free employee scheduling software available that may assist you with activities such as shift scheduling, staffing, labour cost management, shift switching, schedule adjustments, and schedule distribution. In this article, I’ll discuss ten free employee scheduling software that might help you better manage your teams and reduce job overload.

The Top Free Employee Scheduling Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best free employee scheduling software:

1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a web-based productivity suite that lets users access cloud-based files, spreadsheets, presentations, and calendars. It supports data synchronization throughout all devices and systems, as well as end-to-end encryption for added privacy and security for your files. Workspace, like all Google apps, is based on Gmail integration, making it simple to create and distribute an unlimited number of staff schedules.

Employee schedules & shift allocations are managed by the product, which also serves as an employee scheduler. It gives managers and staff consolidated accessibility to all calendars including shift assignments, making it much easier to make adjustments on the go. Google workplace can also be used to deliver email notifications to different employees. You may use it to make Google Slides presentations, schedule them, and share them with others. By creating business own collaborative worksheets and using scheduling patterns from HR groups online, you can use it as a free scheduling.

You can create your own collaboration spreadsheet or use HR community to get schedule templates. You may use Google Workspace’s power in conjunction with add-ons from the Google Workplace marketplace, such as Shift Scheduler. Shift scheduler will create Google Calendar events for your users/employees and will instantly develop and maintain your organization’s calendar in a single spreadsheet. It will also construct and maintain a second spreadsheet view that reorganises the plans by shifts so that you can identify who is responsible for what.

The product is also available in an offline mode. Chat and email support are available.

Microsoft Office 365, Google Slides, LinkedIn, & OneDrive are among the integrations available.

Google Workspace is free to enjoy for as many employees as you want.

2. Sling – Free Employee Scheduling And Shift Planning Made Easy

Sling is the best free employee scheduling software for teams.

In terms of inter-team communications and team scheduling, Sling includes several advanced features.

Sling is a workforce management and scheduling software that assists executives, supervisors, and employees in making an informed decision about how to be more efficient. It has functions such as group scheduling for huge events, time-off management, and customising employee schedules.

You can create shift templates with the free edition of the Sling app so that you don’t have to generate recurring shift from scratch. You may also create shift alerts to keep you on track with your deadlines. Employees can request time off, and you can see what shifts are available in real time. Authentic iOS and Android apps are included with Sling. A help centre with rich documentation is accessible for assistance. You can also send an email to them.

Sling works with Shopify, Gusto, Square, and a variety of other apps.

Sling is free to be used for an unlimited number of users, but some services, such as shift shifting and time clocks, are only available on subscription plans.

3. ABC Roster – A free software application for employee

ABC Roster is the best free tool for managing scheduling limitations.

From the amount of managers to who shouldn’t even be scheduled together, ABC Roster allows you to specify restrictions for shift demands and personnel availability.

ABC Roster has always been free to use, with the option of making a one-time gift to the creator if you feel so inclined. Because ABC Roster does not have a paid version, you get what you get—for better or worse. Drag-and-drop calendars with a simple interface, an automatic planner, file exporting choices (PDF, HTML, Excel), and time off tracking are among the features.

A strong framework for constraint management is one of the best aspects ABC Roster has to offer. Have a worker that just wants to work four days a week? No problem, I’ll make a note of it. Is it necessary to have exactly two managers on each shift? That regulation should be added! You can also delve into more discretionary employee scheduling territory, such as which employees don’t get along and should therefore not be staffed together.

The ABC Roster is freely to use, however it is no longer updated on a regular basis.

4. Wrike – Versatile & Robust Project Management Software

Wrike is the best free employee scheduling solution with a Gantt chart.

The Gantt chart tool in Wrike allows you to visually track project performance versus timelines and objectives. is a cloud-based scheduling and management tool for small businesses.

Wrike is a project management tool that allows you to create and manage many projects from a single location. With a drag-and-drop editor, you can adjust project timelines and work with teams in real time. Wrike includes a Gantt chart that gives you an eye view of progress of the project as well as a wholistic approach of the work area and dependencies. You can create tasks, link them together with dependencies, and track them using milestones and deadlines. The ability to see the growth levers and bottlenecks clearly via real-time visualisation of performance via reporting and statistics makes life easier.

Whether you’re working on a task-by-task basis or looking at the big picture, the product’s built-in communication and messaging capabilities make collaborating on arranging notes a team effort. Chat and email are also available for customer service. Also there are video tutorials that will walk you through creating your first schedule or establishing a calender from their library of templates.

Slack, Trello, & Gmail are all integrated with Wrike.You can use Wrike  freely and it also has a storage capacity of up to 2GB.

Asana logo – 10 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software In 2022 Free to use for up to 15 people with an unlimited free trial

5. Asana – Manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online

Asana is the best tool for Kanban-style task management.

Kanban-style boards in Asana help you schedule activities and watch their progress along the pipeline.

Asana is a task management Software that divides work into digestible chunks and assigns them to the appropriate people. Asana also features a Kanban board option which allows you to see how far you’ve come.

The calendar tool in Asana allows you to keep track of your employees’ tasks and see who is engaged on what assignment and when. This information can be used to keep a record of critical tight timelines and accomplishments. You may then alter the adjustments and provide in-app feedback based on that information. You can give tasks for your staff and schedule several projects. Scheduled tasks can be sorted by member of the team, deadline, and prioritization. You can also specify deadlines for each stage of the project by adding milestones to a task. With iOS and Android apps, the product is mobile-friendly.

Jira, Slack, Google Calendar, as well as other applications are all integrated with Asana.

Asana is completely free to be used for up to 15 users, and the amount of projects is unlimited.

Acuity Scheduling is the best appointment-based efficient scheduling service available

Employee scheduling with client self-service for businesses and services that operate by appointment.

6. Acuity Scheduling – Online Appointment Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an internet scheduling Software that works using your email calendar. The Software excels in complex scheduling scenarios, allowing for post-booking adaptability such as resetting the reservation amount and rolling over remaining appointments. It comes with an easy-to-use schedule editor & scheduler. Acuity scheduling allows you to schedule packages, memberships, and group lessons for recurring billing if you’re an online instructor, consultant, or course designer. If you’re an online trainer, coach, or consultant, this is especially useful. You may also share your schedule with your customers on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Acuity Scheduling supports several time zones and locations, as well as employee self-service. The monitoring dashboard is simple and straightforward, with full reporting and analytics. With a paid Zapier account, Acuity Scheduling works seamlessly using Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Zoho, video conferencing software, or over 500 other apps. PayPal, Stripe, and Square are just a few of the online payment processors that Acuity Scheduling works with.

For one calendar, Acuity Scheduling provides free to use. You can switch to a free account following your free 1-week trial of a premium services by heading to the “my account” menu and clicking “downgrade” below the free plan box.

7. 7Shifts – Easy Employee Scheduling Software for Restaurants

7Shifts is a piece of software that allows small enterprises to communicate with their employees. Work schedule administration, in-line clearances, & time-off requests are among the SaaS’s employee scheduling capabilities. The software also provides easy-to-understand bespoke reports. You can utilise them to improve the efficiency of your personnel scheduling. Another nice feature is the ability to construct shift schedule templates—why develop something from scratch when you can generate something from a template? (None of us have time for that!)

A smartphone app is included with the package. All of the information can be synchronised across all of the devices. This assists in maintaining your team informed.

7Shifts integrates with Google Calendar, Evernote, Slack, as well as other apps right out of the box.

7Shifts is completely free for up to ten employees and one location.

8. Fieldcode – IoT-driven software for smart field service

Free trial period is indefinite.

The cost is calculated on a per-event basis.

Fieldcode is the best IoT-driven field service software with a pay-per-event approach.

Fieldcode helps organize your team members by location and track their progress on tasks from a single dashboard.

Field code is indeed an asset-based managed services platform that helps firms organise dispatch operations and manage inter field service teams. Fieldcode allows businesses to assign tickets to field techs, track work progress, and gather electronic signatures of clients.

Fieldcode can be used to create real-time onsite reporting. Managers can use GPS to track their staff’ current position and send emails and SMS updates to their clients. The dashboard is straightforward, allowing team members to sort tickets by area or project. Support is offered through a contact form, as well as videos, blogs, and a whitepaper.

At this time, Fieldcode’s website does not list any third-party integrations.

The cost is calculated on a per-event basis.

9. Homebase – Free Employee Scheduling, Time Clocks

Best for free planning with POS and payment integrations is Homebase.

10 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software – Homebase screenshot Employee planning, shift reporting, time tracking, and connectors are all free on Homebase in 2022.

Homebase is a simple, intuitive employee scheduling software. From work shifts to vacation days, the software can help you manage your employees’ schedules. Shifts can be planned for a full day or a half day. Employees may see future shifts and see what hours are accessible on Homebase. You can also alter shifts and add overtime. You can create multiple timetables for every week and change them as needed.

Homebase, unlike its competitors inside the free workforce management market, is free for unlimited workers (one location) and includes POS and payroll integration—yes, even on the free plan! Other capabilities not seen elsewhere, such as open job advertising solutions, basic application monitoring, workplace safety warnings, and shift feedback tools, are included in Homebase’s free plan.

Google Calendar, Evernote, Gmail, IFTTT, DropBox, and much more applications are all integrated into Homebase.

Homebase is entirely free to be used for an unlimited number of employees at a single location.

Alternatives to Free Employee Scheduling Software

Here are a few more than that didn’t make the cut for the top ten.

For small enterprises, Timify is the biggest free resources tracking software.

ZoomShift is the best free scheduling software for hourly workers.

OpenSimSim is the best time monitoring software for mid-sized businesses.

Tickspot is the best timesheet app for freelancers.

What are your thoughts on these free employee scheduling software?

My top choices for the best employee shift scheduling are listed below. Employee scheduling software is critical not only for increasing productivity, tracking time, and reducing no-shows, but also for reducing absenteeism.

Now, tell me your ideas and opinions on this list of available shift scheduling solutions.

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Free Employee Scheduling Software: Comparison Criteria

What criteria do I use to choose the finest free staff scheduling software? Here’s a rundown of my grading criteria:

  1. Is the user interface (UI) clear and appealing? In the industry, it’s a prevalent misperception that “free” equals “looks cheaply constructed.” Employee scheduling solutions that look attractive, have clear interfaces, & make logical sense layout-wise are highlighted in this article.
  2. Usability: Is it simple to understand and master? Is the company’s tech help, troubleshooting, tutorials, and coaching up to par? Free versions of software frequently do not include live technical help. In such instances, data sources and training materials become even more critical to the rtool’s usability.
  3. Integrations: Is it simple to integrate with other applications? Are there any ready-to-use integrations? Is the API simple to use? How well does the product integrate with other best app in the ecosystem? Is it compatible with popular payroll and messaging apps?
  4. Value for money: Is the price reasonable for the characteristics, skills, and use case? Is your price straightforward, transparent, and flexible? Does it meet the company’s budgeting requirements?

Free Employee Scheduling Software: Comparison Criteria

Keeping track of time

Any employee scheduling tool must have time tracking as a feature. A management must keep track of how much time the employee spends on each task and keep timesheets. Employee scheduling apps with this feature aid in increasing the company’s productivity.

Reporting and analytics on timesheets

Is there a feature for timesheet reports, such as recorded time, extra, and billable hours, in the software? Is the tool able to provide you with useful data? A company company will be able to estimate payroll, ship accurate invoices, and receive a clear sense of the team’s output via timesheet reporting.

Export choices on a schedule

Is it possible to export the schedules from the software? Is it possible to export to PDFs, spreadsheets, or email? This is an important feature for teams, especially while they are working abroad and don’t have real-time access to data stored in the online SaaS. Data can be taken from the application and stored on a team member’s own device by exporting schedules. This keeps the entire organization on track even if they don’t have access to the programme.

Requests for time off and approvals

Is it possible for employees to request time off through the software? Time-off requests are an important aspect of employee scheduling software since they are linked to the organization’s productivity. Because time-offs are critical for keeping your workers engaged and motivated, an organised system for computing time-offs and filing requests is essential.

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