Top 12 Best Forms Automation Software in 2022

Best most authentic forms automation software will be described in this article. They must be freed from carrying out those low-value, repetitive tasks if you want to enable individuals and teams to foster innovation at work.

One way to do this now, thanks to technological advancements, is through forms automation solutions. Among other benefits, it has been demonstrated that these powerful applications greatly reduce the time and effort that employees must expend to complete numerous repetitive tasks. They even lessen human errors that are unavoidable in manual processes.

This article is planned to give you a number of practical insights and a professional’s opinion on some of the top forms automation tools available right now.

In the upcoming phase of the digital transformation, business process automation is anticipated to be crucial.

Business automation technologies, such as form automation tools, are expected to increase customer value to new heights by enhancing convenience, extensive personalization, reliability and quality, and speedy service and product delivery.

One study on workplace automation shows that, contrary to fears that increased automation will result in job losses, 97% of workers believe that automation will be very beneficial to them personally.

For a business, the advantages of form automation are enormous, both for your staff and your clients.

Consider, for instance, that your staff members perform manual and repetitive tasks that can be automated for about two hours each day.

That translates to 10 lost hours per employee per week or roughly 40 hours per month.

If your company employs 100 people, for example, manual tasks that could be automated result in a loss of 166 days or 4,000 wasted hours each month!

Small businesses can benefit from a wide range of forms automation tools, especially the 12 most popular ones that will be discussed in this post.

Small businesses can gain the ability to easily connect with their customers, give them a great user experience, increase the likelihood that leads will turn into actual sales, and much more with the help of these potent tools. More forms on form automation tools are available here.

Top 12 Best Forms Automation Software in 2022

Top 12 Best Forms Automation Software in 2022 are explained here.

1. ProntoForms


One of the most cutting-edge mobile form builders available today is Pronto Forms.

You can take complete control of complex business operations thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop mobile form builder.

This user-friendly and adaptable solution can be utilised as a mobile front-end to record-keeping systems or as a standalone tool to automate routine tasks and procedures.

Because it is enterprise-grade but does not use complex codes, making it easy and quick to deploy, and this automation tool is a good option for small businesses. This is another forms automation software.

This feature-rich platform gives you complete control over the design of your forms, the ease of user-friendly navigation, the choice of automatic follow-up alerts or new job triggers, secure data transmission to business systems and company storage, email customer communications, and SMS notifications to stakeholders.

Many additional advantages are provided by ProntoForms. Along with allowing you to design sophisticated, expertly crafted forms, dynamic, user-friendly automation features can also be added to your business forms.

To give you complete control over UX and to specify how form inputs will be triggered by specific actions, for example, you can use its ground-breaking “if This, then That” feature.

Additionally, it offers you the comfort of real-time access to your organization’s various data sources as well as time-saving tools that your teams can use both at the office and while on the go.

2. OnTask       


The top-of-the-line forms automation platform OnTask was created to streamline and speed up workflows and data collection.

Create dynamic fillable forms, get digital signatures, and automate approvals using this mobile and online platform.

To ensure that the forms are accurately recorded and sent to the appropriate database, it also includes workflow routing, if/then conditional branching, and automated notifications.

Additionally, it has a customizable dashboard that will enable you to learn more about the data you gathered.

Small and medium-sized businesses can easily collect rich data from the field using this tool, and you can keep the data right away in your database.

For you and your team to create forms as easily as possible, it even includes version control and document collaboration.

Finally, OnTask has API access and a connection to Zapier, enabling users to expand its features and simplify data consolidation. The Starter and Business plans from OnTask cost $25 and $99 per month, respectively, in terms of pricing. Additionally, businesses have the choice of the customised plan, which is available by quote and costs $2400/year, or the Enterprise plan.

3. Pardot


This is another forms automation software. A well-liked marketing automation and forms tool for small businesses is Pardot. This automation solution, which has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, is full of strong features but simple to use thanks to its intuitive dashboard, which even inexperienced users can easily use to automate their daily tasks.

This user-friendly automation tool is a good option for B2B transactions thanks to its drop-down menus and graphical automation branching.

With the aid of this automation tool, you can quickly and efficiently complete a variety of repetitive tasks.

You can create lists, campaign rules, contact tags, and lead-scoring packages to create lead-scoring packages that automatically send the right notifications to the right recipient without the need for ongoing manual support. When you register for a free Pardot demo, you can use this app.

You can complete more tasks in less time with the platform’s clean user interface and appropriately labelled icons and tabs.

Pardot is a good choice for your needs in form automation thanks to its native integration with Salesforce application forms, clever dashboard, and a long list of features.


Paper format

With Paperform, an online form creator and forms automation tool, you can quickly and easily create your own attractive online forms, product pages, and payment pages.

With its many features, this forms automation tool enables anyone—without the need for any training—to quickly begin streamlining your current systems using its hundreds of designer templates to automate your different business processes, including application forms, quizzes, and surveys, client onboarding, payments, event registration, landing forms, and lead capture.

Because Paperform is similar to writing a document in your preferred word processor app, creating your own forms is simple. This is made possible by its efficient and powerful editor, which enables you to design cutting-edge online forms with styled text and the ability to insert videos and pictures to improve user experience and promote your brand.

Additionally, each form created with this tool automatically generates its own URL, making it simple to share the form with an existing online site or even one you don’t yet have.

5.Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms

An online form automation tool for companies of any size is Zoho Forms.

Along with allowing you to create and distribute online forms, this well-liked automation also gives you the ability to customise email triggers, manage your company’s data more effectively with the help of built-in tools, and easily automate even the most complex workflows. This is another forms automation software.

You can create almost any type of form you require for your business using its form builder, which offers a wide variety of customizable form templates and themes with over thirty different types of fields.

You can also share your form with others privately or publicly using Zoho Forms, and you can even embed it on your website or another online platform.

It has a robust analytics feature that allows you to create customised reports to assist you in organising your business data however you see fit.

Additionally, it enables you to easily integrate your data with your preferred software programmes, such as Salesforce and other Zoho suite apps, as well as quickly assess the effectiveness of your forms and identify the sources of your website’s traffic.

6. Jot


A software automation for management inspections and a tool for automating forms are both included in Jolt.

By creating inspections and audit forms that can be customised based on the unique requirements of the business, it offers the essential tools required to report on operational deficiencies and track their resolution statuses and histories.

With complete customization, users can create their own forms and inspections with more than 18 different item types, as well as set the release date and due date for the forms.

This forms automation tool also makes sure that your teams are paying attention to the crucial elements of your company.

Users of Jolt can quickly alter compliance lists to assist their organisations in continuously improving.

Businesses can conduct their various inspection activities with ease, give each employee the necessary visibility, and automate every manual task to cut down on errors and save time with a single unified system to handle all automation and inspection processes.


A comprehensive platform for forms automation, enables users to quickly roll out applications for process improvement and data collection for businesses.

This clever app offers a variety of user-friendly electronic forms so you can benefit from going paperless, use mobile forms, and streamline your business process through clever automation.

You can use to significantly increase the speed and efficiency of your key business processes while ensuring there is only one version of the truth.

This is another forms automation software. Utilizing customised workflows that change how your teams, data, and forms interact as a single, cohesive business unit, it also enables you to improve communication between your internal and external teams.

Additionally, you can integrate with your current business systems to create a strong solution that can adapt to your infrastructure and make the most of your current data.

The completed responses can be routed to your BI dashboard or your backend database thanks to the bi-directional integration that is supported by this feature.

Additionally, it can pre-fill your forms with information from your contact list and imported data tables for a more efficient data collection process. Restaurant Inspection Restaurant Inspection

An easy-to-use mobile form automation solution called Restaurant Inspection was created for restaurant management.

This software, which is also from, incorporates the mobile features required to immediately recognise and address problems in restaurants at any location. It also includes a powerful analytics tool to identify and address issues in international branches.

Additionally, it helps restaurants improve their domestic operations, keep their staff informed of training and development opportunities, and quickly deliver crucial information to the right people.

With the help of this app, users will be able to get more benefit from the routine restaurant inspections that would otherwise be of low value.

With Restaurant Inspection, you can improve the customer experience by regularly offering guests high-quality service, ensuring food safety, saving time, remaining in compliance with current laws, etc.

Franchisees who strictly adhere to corporate standards and best practises benefit as well.

9. kissflow


Over 10,000 businesses use KiSSFLOW, a comprehensive cloud-based tool for workflow management and form automation, to streamline and manage their business forms.

With the help of a single platform, users are able to create an infinite number of automated business applications. This is another forms automation software.

To streamline various workflows like travel reimbursement, purchase requests, vacation requests, and employee onboarding, users can either create their own automation tool or use one of the platform’s more than 45 pre-installed solutions.

Over 14 different field types are available on this simple cloud form automation platform, which you can personalise to suit your company’s needs.

Users of KiSSFLOW can automatically track the progress of any task or work item, quickly identify trouble spots, and produce customizable reports to meet your workflow automation needs.

It can also be quickly integrated with a wide range of outside applications, including Office 365 and G Suite.

10.  jotform


JotForm is an easy-to-use web-based form builder for freelancers, small businesses, and enterprise organisations.

This clever tool makes it simple to create online forms and publish them right away.

Every form includes a built-in feature that lets you receive an email for each submission, making it simple to compile information, produce useful reports, and make business decisions based on data.

Users are also able to independently design forms with this user-friendly online form automation tool, without any prior training required.

Additionally, you can modify the forms to reflect your brand using sophisticated styling functionalities. Due to the users’ ability to save so much time and effort

Through its clever automation features, JotForm enables users to accelerate and streamline their labor-intensive daily tasks. Users can also use it to easily and securely collect payments, donations, and subscription fees online.

11. TypeForm


This is another forms automation software. TypeForm is an intuitive forms automation tool created to assist small businesses and independent contractors in better engaging their audience and obtaining more useful market data.

To elicit more responses from recipients than forms and surveys typically manage, it uses a conversational, friendly tone when developing its various forms, including surveys.

TypeForm forms are simple to create, just like entering text in a notepad, despite its somewhat unconventional approach to data collection.

As you type, its powerful AI-powered predictive technology anticipates the questions, which speeds up the form-building process.

It offers users the convenience of seeing how the form appears with its Live Preview feature in addition to a wide range of sophisticated functionalities and design options.

You can even say “hello” to your audience in the Welcome Screen, which is easily customizable to your preferences.



A software programme called IntakeQ helps medical professionals and organisations send secure electronic forms to patients and receive their responses before scheduled appointments, giving you plenty of time to prepare. This is another forms automation software.

By automating your intake procedures, reducing paperwork, and improving record keeping, it is intended to optimise your operations and help you save money and time.

IntakeQ, which complies with HIPAA regulations, provides a wide range of features that will both simplify your company’s operations and greatly improve them overall.

This app is e-Signature compatible, allows you to brand it with your logo, and can be integrated into your website.

Additionally, it enables the conversion of your outdated forms into new ones that are better optimised and use a variety of question types.

Along with providing unlimited access to form templates, it also provides a number of add-on services, including appointment management, a secure client portal, invoicing and billing, and client charts and timelines.

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