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Complete Guide And BoldChat Review In 2023

BoldChat Review

Complete guide And BoldChat Review will be described in this article. Live chat customer service is becoming almost as necessary for an e-commerce company as a payment gateway, primarily for two reasons. In addition to providing a major boost to sales volumes, a large number of online shoppers have come to expect this kind of support system when they shop online.

Complete Guide And BoldChat Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about Complete Guide And BoldChat Review In 2023 here are the details below;

If you don’t currently offer a support chat service for your online store, you may do yourself (and your bank account) a favour by adding it as soon as feasible. It would be wise for those who are in the planning stages of developing an online store to have chat help available from the start.

(You will also find my review of the top 10 ecommerce systems valuable if you are preparing to open a new business or migrate an existing one.)

One of the top business chat support apps that you may take into consideration for your online store is BoldChat.


Basic Window Design Customization: The software provides basic business chat support features at a reasonable level. Also check  Get Paid to Chat Online

Chat Window Design Customization: Customizing the look of the chat window is one of the most desired features for this category of apps because the chat window will be displayed on your website.

BoldChat offers every necessary customisation option.

Targeted Chat:

Targeted Chat is a very helpful tool that the software offers to improve the work-flow for your support team.

Chat Ratings:

Customers can use the app’s Chat Ratings feature to review their interaction with your customer service representative via a post-chat survey.

Off-line Messaging: Another useful feature of the app is off-line messaging. Visitors can use this function to leave messages even if none of your chat agents are available.

CRM Integration: One of the top CRM platforms, SalesForce, is directly integrated with BoldChat.


Co-Browsing is a further extremely helpful function that the software offers for chat-based customer service operations.

You can easily picture how helpful (and cool) it would be if your chat support app were to be seamlessly integrated into your e-commerce platform.

Ecommerce Platform Integration: However, BlodChat lacks this incredibly helpful functionality, whereas some of the top rival apps like Olark and Comm100 provide simple and ready connectivity with numerous well-known platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc.


The programme provides good analytics features, both through its own choices and through interaction with Google Analytics.

Mobile Apps:

There is no Android app available, but there is an iPhone app.

Developer API – The software offers good API support for people who need to create custom code that makes use of BoldChat features. Also check Live Chat Support Software 


  • Free Trial/Plan;
  • BoldChat offers a free trial that lasts for 10 days.
  • Click here to begin your risk-free trial.
  • Pricing/Plans:

There is just one fixed-price plan available, and two additional plans are available with bespoke bids.


BoldChat is likely the most expensive chat support company programme available, with a minimum price tag of $599 per year per agent. The shortcomings, such as the lack of direct support for ecommerce platforms, the interaction with only one CRM platform, etc., are significant, especially at such a high price. Also check Chatbots email marketing 

On the other hand, BoldChat does provide a sizable number of related services and functions, including control of SMS, Twitter, and email (albeit, at even further extra costs).

If you require any of BoldChat’s added features or services, it could be worthwhile to give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, using something like Olark or Zopim would be OK (and less expensive).



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