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How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Twitter

block and unblock someone on twitter

How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Twitter will be described in this article. You can view the opinions of your favorite politician, celebrity, or other well-known individual on Twitter regarding various subjects. The tweets can occasionally come across as caustic, humorous, intriguing, and worthwhile. You may, however, occasionally receive some tweets that you would prefer not to receive. If so, you have the option to remove that specific Twitter account from your account.

How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Twitter

In this article, you can know about How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Twitter here are the details below;

While blocking a Twitter profile is a simple process, unblocking a Twitter account necessitates following certain procedures. Here’s what to do on Twitter if you unintentionally blocked someone’s account and now want to unblock them. Also check How To Fix Spotify JWT Expired Message

How to Unblock Someone on Twitter

Use these simple procedures to unblock someone you’ve blocked on Twitter if you ever wish to:


It should be noted that any accounts you imported from your old account will appear under the Imported tab. Go to the Imported page and choose the account you want to unblock by clicking the Blocked button next to it. This will unblock the account.

That’s all; the account has been successfully unblocked from your Twitter profile. The unblocked account’s notifications will now appear in your Twitter stream. Also check Twitter Automation Tools

How to Block Someone on Twitter

On Twitter, blocking an account is a simple process. You can block an account by doing the following simple steps:

It should be noted that you will not receive any notifications from an account once it has been muted. You will be able to access that account, though, and see the most recent or previous tweets. When a Twitter profile is blocked, all of its alerts are removed from your Twitter stream, along with the account itself.

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