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Top 9 Best Rubik’s Cube Apps For IOS and Android

Best Rubik’s Cube Apps

If you become part of the Best Rubik’s Cube Apps neighborhood or thinking of joining one, having an app on your phone helps you in different ways. Varying from enhancing your fixing techniques to timing your relocations, these apps can help you out. Here are the best Rubik’s Cube apps that you can download on both iOS and Android. Let’s start.

Top 9 Best Rubik’s Cube Apps For IOS and Android

In this article, you can know about best rubik’s cube apps here are the details below;

1. Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

The app supports Rubik’s Cubes sized from 2 * 2 * 2 to 8 * 8 * 8, Pyramid, and Dodecahedron styles. You also get a timer option to time your relocations and put it on social networks. You can even connect with Google Play Games and look at all the players’ leader board ratings.

The biggest problem with the Rubik’s Cube video games on phones is replicating the movement for each 3D thing on a 2D screen. Anyways, comparing to other Rubik’s Cube video games, Cube Rubik has better UI and UX and likewise understands your swipes better.

2. FlatCube

FlatCube is a customized 2D version of a traditional Rubik’s cube. You get a 3 * 3 square with colors placed in random places; you need to arrange them by placing every color in a row or a column. Comparable to the best Rubik’s cube apps when you move any block, the whole row will be moving either horizontally or vertically according to your movement. It’s like solving one face of the Rubik’s Cube. As the levels develop, you will get 4 * 4, 5 * 5, and 7 * 7 cubes to solve. Also check credit karma alternative sites apps

For some reason, this app is not available on the Play Shop. So, you need to download the APK file and install it.

3. Cube Algorithms

Cube Algorithm is an app that reveals multiple formulas in every action of solving Rubik’s Cube. It likewise shows you various techniques like 4LLL, CFOP, COLL, F2L, and so on. The representation process is great; however, you certainly need to have a little idea of what these methods are before even utilizing the app.

For instance, if you have chosen the CFOP method, which is the most well-known approach for solving Rubik’s Cube. It divides the technique into 3 Parts– F2L, OLL, and PLL, as you expect in the CFOP approach. Now it reveals you every situation you can face in F2L and by tapping on it.

This app can not be the one-stop location for ending up being a pro. However, the combination of YouTube videos to learn more about strategies and this Cube Algorithms app to carry out techniques can do wonders.

4. Cube Timer

Cube Timer is among the most-used apps for Rubik’s Cube gamers. Cube Timer is an app that is specifically produced playing Rubik’s Cube. It is so very little app that supplies Timer, lap times, and formula to shuffle. Instead of making a random shuffle, this app asks you to shuffle in a particular method. It also offers your best score and Typical scores.

Cube Timer supplies all the options on a single page so that you can inspect everything without moving through different alternatives.

5. Twisty Timer

Twisty Timer is a kind of Pro Timer app that uses Timer and lap times, finest rating, and the average rating. You can find various timer options for various sections, like OLL and PLL. You can likewise develop classifications to preserve several timers for several techniques. Twisty Timer also deals with various cubes like 7 * 7, pyramid, Megaminx, Clock, etc. You can also get a comprehensive view of your performance in charts.

In short, this app offers all the features you require irrespective of which technique you utilize and which Cube you are fixing.

6. ASolver

Asolver is an app that shows you the steps to solve a Rubik’s Cube. You simply need to show the six sides of the Cube to the app with the camera, and the app will show you the steps to solve it. The very best part is, it shows you the procedure is simply 22 steps at optimum for a regular 3 * 3 cube.

However, you also have the alternative for multiple cubes like Pyramid, Pocket cube, Megaminx, etc. This app’s whole purpose is to just fix the best Rubik’s cube apps you have provided and reveal you the very best possible method to complete it, so it doesn’t reveal the method or discuss the steps to complete.

7. Cube X.

CubeX, on the other hand, is also kind of an Asolver app. However, it shows you numerous alternatives with multiple moves. It also shows you the formula for how it resolved the Cube. The very best part is, there is also a pattern solve option, so you can convert the Cube to various patterns and designs instead of simply a resolved state.

However, CubeX only supports 3 * 3 cubes. If you have any other cube, you need to go with the ASolver app.

8. Magic Cube Solver.

Magic Cube solver is your Cube solving partner for iOS. Much like the previous two apps, you just require to reveal the Cube, and Magic Cube Solver fixes it in less than 22 actions or less. This app also supplies small guides on how to resolve the Cube and how it carried out its actions. However, Magic Cube Solver only supports 2 * 2, 3 * 3, 4 * 4, and void Cube.

9. Go Cube.

Go Cube is a 3 * 3 physical cube that any cube can imagine. It can get in touch with your phone with a Go Cube app and tracks the cube movement. It has a timer that stops immediately when you fix the Cube. You can also check data to fix the Cube and enhance where you are doing not have behind. If you have a friend with a Go Cube, you both can take on each other lively online. Or you can even take on anybody who owns a GoCube called Gocube Neighborhood. Also check PPSSPP ROMs to Playing Games

If you are new, it’s simple to discover with a Go cube as it has many tutorials that can explain how you can solve the Cube from the existing phase. On top of all this, it has a backlight to it or play at night or perhaps to look cool.

Best Apps for Rubik’s Cube Players on Android and iOS.

There are many apps here for different functions; you can simply check out your requirement and download the app. My go-to app is Twisty Timer. If you are just starting Cube Algorithms is the very best method to begin learning. Or, if you just want to resolve the puzzle, you can take a look at Cube X and Magic Cube Solver.

Cube games on the phone are not truly excellent, but if you want a play something on our phone related to Best Rubik’s Cube Apps, Flat Cube is a lot better choice. So what’s your favorite app, and what strategy you usually utilize to fix the Cube?



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