Top 8 Best And Official Appsheet Alternatives In 2023

Best Appsheet Alternatives will be described in this article. With the widespread adoption of No-Code platforms today, almost every business has a system of No-Code apps. There are a significant number of businesses that can’t afford or don’t want to hire full-time developers or a dedicated team. This is where No-Code platforms come into play. No-code platforms are helping businesses to build efficient business process apps at just a fraction of the price. Every No-Code platform has its own advantages as well as disadvantages, such as Appsheet. These are the popular Appsheet alternatives that businesses are looking at:

Top 8 Official Appsheet Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Appsheet Alternatives here are the details below;

1.  Clappia


Clappia is a No Code app development platform that lets anyone in your business build powerful mobile and web apps with only basic Excel skills. From enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection tools, you can develop a variety of apps and suitable workflows, without coding, to manage your operations.

Clappia lets you create business process apps with more features such as GPS location, QR code, Geofencing, Live Tracking, NFC, Live camera uploads, Google Drive integration, and many more. You can also import 50+ apps from the app templates library already built and ready to use.

You can share your apps as online forms through link-sharing and even embed your apps into your website. The best part is, you can download the Clappia app launcher and use your apps in offline mode too!

2.  Power Apps

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code tool to build and launch your apps with drag-and-drop simplicity. Power Apps allows you to generate business apps automatically by simply stating one of the various data sources, or you can also create apps from scratch. You can then customize, share and run them or run apps others have created and shared with you. Also check ConvertKit Alternatives

3. Glide


Glide allows you to convert your data from Google Sheets into powerful apps without coding. You can choose from a wide range of in-built templates while creating your application, which you can customize by adding different components, sections, and layouts like dialog boxes, map integrations, call buttons, contact forms, social media icon links, and intuitive charts or graphs, depending on your business goals and requirements along with the design of your choice.

4.  Airtable


Airtable is a powerful organizational tool that works fast and flexibly as a spreadsheet and offers integration with pre-existing tools like Dropbox, Eventbrite, Box, Basecamp, Facebook, GitHub, etc, and transfers information to and fro through automation. This platform offers 50+ pre-built apps that are available for users pre-built and ready to use for their clients in the marketplace.

5.   Ninox


Ninox is another alternative to Appsheet similar to spreadsheets. This platform handles an extensive amount of data allowing users to create reports for visualizing data in views such as Gantt, Kanban, and Diagrams. The community-created templates are completely customizable, allowing users to automate their business operations. Some of the customizable templates offered by Ninox are meetings, contacts, custom CRM, invoices, inventory, timesheets, accounting, to-do lists, real estate, projects, and many more. Also check sync calendar

6.   JotForm Apps


JotForm apps is another No-Code platform to add forms, widgets, links and it’s branding to a customized app. This also offers drag-and-drop functionality and you can share apps via QR code, link, or email. JotForm apps offer app templates making app developers easily customize apps and they can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

7. Caspio


Caspio is another low-code platform that lets you build apps. This platform features point-to-click tools that enable users to develop apps 10-20x faster than traditional means. Moreover, developers can connect the database with other cloud services and customize their apps with industry-standard technologies, including HTML, CSS, etc.

8. Kintone


Kintone is a No-Code app development platform designed for teams to create apps and magnificent databases without coding. This platform allows users to collaborate with each other, communicate through chats and also access shared documents.

The digital transformation of business processes transforming into mobile apps has evolved with No-Code platforms. Apps are developed within weeks and are deployed instantly since coding is bypassed. Every No-Code platform has it’s own capabilities and choosing the right No-Code platform is the deciding factor here.

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