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Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites In 2022

affiliate marketing websites

Best and affiliate marketing websites will be discussed in this article. A thorough analysis of the best affiliate marketing websites, including features, comparisons, and pricing.

The process of marketing or promoting a seller’s items by affiliates in exchange for a commission is known as affiliate marketing.

In order for the affiliates to receive a commission when customers click on the links or make purchases, they publish direct product links on their websites. There are many different kinds of affiliate programmes, including:

Email marketing, among other things.

The best affiliate marketing websites will be thoroughly reviewed in this post.

Websites for affiliate marketing

What Justifies Publishers’ Membership in an Affiliate Network?

Various affiliate marketing networks act as a middleman between the affiliates and the sellers. Additionally, they offer many crucial services including training and assistance, reporting tools, and more.

The publisher must meet certain criteria, such as a minimum traffic threshold, certain content standards, content certainty requirements, and so on, in order to join these networks. Networks for affiliate marketing include CJ, FlexOffers, Amazon Associates, and more.

The advantages of affiliate networks

Publishers and affiliates have two options: they can approach brands directly or use affiliate networks. As demonstrated below, there are numerous advantages to joining an affiliate network.

Questions Regarding Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Is money necessary to begin affiliate marketing?

the event of an influencer with a sizable audience, we can start affiliate marketing for free by getting in touch with firms that provide affiliate marketing possibilities. The cost of generating quality traffic, tracking tools, hosting, spy tools, landing page builders, translators, images, and creative, among other expenses, will run you about $500 in any other case.

How do I get started with affiliate marketing as a novice?

The following steps can help beginners get started with affiliate marketing:

What is an illustration of affiliate marketing?

For instance, Gear, Petrol is a daily publication that actively pushes Amazon direct links to its articles. By doing this, anyone who visits its website can click on it to be taken to Amazon, and Gear Petrol will be compensated for each click’s sales.

Which affiliate marketing platform is the best?

There are three parties interested in an companion network: the person who makes the product or sells it, an affiliate or advertiser, and the buyer. An affiliate is paid a set amount or commission each time a customer purchases a product after clicking on one of the affiliate’s links shared on the website to promote the seller’s goods.

Top Affiliate Networks Rankings

Top Affiliate Marketing Networks Comparison

Detailed evaluations:

1. Amazon Associates

Best for brand support and flexible commission structures.

A marketing programme called Amazon Associates allows publishers who meet certain criteria to monetize their traffic in order to generate more revenue. After validating the purchases, publishers can offer a variety of link-building tools with their audience to earn.

Three easy steps are involved: sign up, recommend, and earn. It is enhanced with a number of crucial features, including support for leading brands, a flexible compensation structure, an influencer page system, and others.

Joining the programme is free, and the upper threshold is only $10. It offers a global cookie, so even if a consumer buys another product through a link other than the one being promoted, the affiliate will still receive a fee.


Network Type: CPS (Cost per sale)

Cookie Duration: Cookies for particular items in the carts last for 24 hours and 90 days, respectively.

Commission Rate: Variable between 1% and 10%.

Payment Schedule: A minimum payout of $10 will be made every 60 days.

Direct deposit, cheques, and Amazon gift cards are all acceptable forms of payment.

Over 900,000 merchants and vendors globally.

Conclusion: Because of its benefits, including brand support, customizable commission structures, and ease of link creation and sharing while on the road, Amazon Associates is advised. Even so, the TOS and policies are a little unclear.

2. CJ

Best for developing cutting-edge technology that satisfies client needs.

CJ is the top-tier platform for affiliates to achieve smart, scalable, and long-lasting growth. In 1998, it was established in Santa Barbara, California. To improve the client experience, it offers specific methods and solutions. Also check Google AdSense alternatives

Powerful services like tech & innovation, international opportunities, content solutions, influencer marketing, and others are offered.

Reputable companies around the world, such as BuzzFeed, CNN, Blue Apron, Overstock, Priceline, and others, trust it. It generates about $1.8 billion in publisher commission each year and 4.8 million new relationships.


CPA networks like pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-call are one type of network.

Cookie life expectancy: varies per retailer.

Depends on the merchant, the commission rate.

Payout window: During the final 20 days of the month. $50 and $100 are the minimum payouts (for direct deposit and check, respectively).

Conclusion: CJ excels because to its fantastic reporting options, trustworthy tracking, and payments. It might occasionally be challenging for some programmes to be accepted.


Best for efficiently managing every stage of the partner lifecycle for long-term growth.

Publishers, influencers, affiliates, and other partnership types are all managed and optimised via the partnership management platform Its corporate offices are in Santa Barbara, California, and it was established in 2008.

It gives you access to its discovery tool so you can select the partners that are the best fit for you, send messages to a large number of them, and even automate partner drip campaigns. Its insights enable you to keep an eye on the hiring process.

This guarantees simple workflows and the most payout flexibility. It offers simple recruitment and communicates with brands via a branded interface, cross-device tracking, and faster, more thorough tracking. worldwide brands such Walmart, Uber, Shopify, Lenovo, L’Oreal, and others have confidence in it. This is another affiliate marketing websites.


4. Avangate

Best for extensive reporting, deep connection, and various payment methods.

Top businesses like Movavi, Kaspersky, and others use Avangate, an established network of affiliates, to ensure sustained growth for online sales. In 2006, it was founded. Deep linkage, automated data feed, hassle-free payouts, a dedicated account manager, and other useful services are just a few of the ones it offers.

Filling up registration forms, asking partnerships, and driving traffic to the chosen items are the only three simple actions needed to get started. Also check Artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing

It offers a variety of well chosen services to publishers and advertising alike. It offers global reach, access to more than 50,000 software and digital goods publishers, cutting-edge marketing tools, and other services to advertisers. It offers services for publishers that include localised shopping carts, automatic data feeds, and more.


Through deep linking, specialised shopping carts, etc., it enables improved conversion rates.

5. Awin

The best platform for tracking and easily optimising performance is one that is simple and intuitive to use.

Awin is a platform that caters to publishers and advertisers of all sizes and focuses on affiliate marketing, Martech solutions, eCommerce partnerships, and other things. It has 17 offices worldwide, more than 1200 people, 21,200 advertisers, and 2,41,000 publishers, and has 21 years of marketing experience. This is another affiliate marketing websites.

By exchanging links and earning a fee on each sale, it aids publishers in making connections with the relevant advertisers to sell their goods to their audience.

For advertisers, it offers services like a worldwide network, an account management team, and an easy-to-use platform. For publishers, it offers services like reliable payments, a knowledgeable support staff, creates trackable links, current offers, cutting-edge tools for performance optimization, and so forth.


6. PartnerStack

Best B2B SaaS partnership platform. A B2B SaaS collaboration platform called PartnerStack was established in 2015. Solution partners, affiliate partners, and referral partners fall under this category. It offers free access to the market for 200+ partner programmes of well-known brands, and there are no additional costs. This is another affiliate marketing websites.

It aids in automating the establishment and growth of collaborations, advertises your programme, develops personalised onboarding, generates adaptable offers, and so forth.


7. ShareASale

Best for features like tracking, reporting, and a fast sign-up process.

One of the CPS networks with the fastest growth, ShareASale was founded in 2000. It aids in boosting online sales and revenue-generating for content. It comprises a variety of affiliate, agency, and merchant-related solutions. It has several features, including stores, bespoke short links, and tools for recruiting. This is another affiliate marketing websites.


8. Tapfiliate

The easiest way to develop, track, and expand your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

A cloud-based affiliate tracking tool is called Tapfiliate. It facilitates the development, tracking, and expansion of affiliate programmes. It supports influencer, affiliate, and referral marketing. The three easy steps are setting up, hiring, and being promoted. It has a 14-day free trial period after which you must subscribe to one of the three plans—essential, pro, or enterprise.


9. ClickBank

Best for reliable eCommerce tools, a global affiliate market, and the best support and training in the sector. This is another affiliate marketing websites.

With robust e-Commerce features, a sizable affiliate marketplace, and sector-leading support, ClickBank is a platform for growing enterprises online. It has been helping advertisers and affiliates in more than 190 countries for more than 20 years. It offers marketing training, privileged access to tools, and much more. Also check Gas station POS systems 


10. FlexOffers

Best at offering complete solutions to both publications and advertising.

FlexOffers is a global performance-based marketing platform used by advertisers and publishers. It offers different content monetization alternatives with quick payouts and aids publishers in earning exclusive commissions. Experienced account managers can get cost-effective solutions from advertisers in addition to a variety of efficient services.


Additional Notable Networks

A list of some well-known affiliate marketing websites is provided below.

11. Rakuten Advertising

The performance-based network formerly known as LinkShare is now called Rakuten Advertising. This comprises successful strategies for affiliates, marketers, brands, agencies, and publishers that support and scale the success of their online companies. A publisher’s dashboard, a placement marketplace, mobile app tracking, and many other useful features are included. This is another affiliate marketing websites.

The particular merchant determines the cookie duration and commission rate. It uses a Net60 payment schedule and has a $50 minimum payout by checks, PayPal, or Direct Deposit. It has a 1000 merchant/vendor count.

It does not present a free trial and does not let you access links from several different businesses at once.

12. Partnerise

This is another affiliate marketing websites. In order to give top brands operating leverage, Partnerize was founded in 2010 as an affiliate and relationship management platform.

1800+ top businesses, including Google, Adidas, American Express, and others, have chosen it to aid in the beginning, running, and expansion of their partnership marketing programmes. Brands may improve, expedite, empower, and maximise their partnership programme with its aid.

It has a number of potent features, such as tracking choices, control options, utility options, affiliate management options, and more.

13. eBay Partner Network (EPN)

eBay Partner Network is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. In addition to monitoring and optimising performance, it aids in increasing traffic to boost revenue. It is possible to track performance statistics using a variety of reporting methods.

It comprises a number of potent strategies including creating advertisements and campaigns, driving traffic, tracking results, and so forth. Bookmarklets, link builders, smart links, smart placements, and more affiliate tools are available.

Its minimum payout is $10, and its cookie length is 24 hours. There are $20 transaction fees for the EFT and PayPal options (PayPal). It has a commission rate of $1 to $4.


SKIMLINKS is one of the easy-to-use Affiliate Marketing Websites that was launched in 2007. Top brands like Airbnb, Sephora, Hotwire, and others rely on it and find it suitable for practically every niche. It provides a range of options under publishers and advertisers, such as monetize, publisher support, referral programmes, advertiser support, PPP merchant, and others. This is another affiliate marketing websites.

It has more than 25,900 retailers. With a payout schedule of Net90, or three months, by direct deposit or PayPal, it gives a 35% commission. It has a $65 minimum threshold cap.

15. JVZoo

JVZoo is a platform that helps you expand your business and flourish online with features like drop and click sales funnel, digital delivery protection, recurring payments, easy integration, searchable marketplace, vendor cookies, and many more. This is another affiliate marketing websites.

It has been operational since 2011 and currently has more than 5000 merchants. The commission rate for CPS, which is one of the commission types available, ranges from 50% to 100%. It has a Net90 payment schedule and accepts payments via PayPal, Payoneer, check, and JVZoo Pay Manual Payments, among other methods. The $50 threshold is the lowest restriction.


We talked about the top affiliate marketing websites during our investigation. We came to the conclusion that affiliate systems might be advantageous for any publisher, advertiser, or retailer.

There are numerous affiliate marketing websites, each of which offers its own unique set of services with the ultimate goal of monetizing the content and establishing connections between publishers and advertisers. Numerous services, including top-notch affiliates, tracking choices, affiliate management, reporting tools, automation, simple payments, and others, are shared.

For novices, there are numerous affiliate networks available, including CJ, ShareASale, ClickBank, Awin, etc. They provide various payout schedules, commission rates, cookie durations, and payment methods.

Choose the option after carefully examining the features they offer or the commission rate they are offering along with other crucial characteristics according to your needs.

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