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Complete Guide And AdScale Review In 2023

AdScale Review

Complete Guide And AdScale Review will be described in this article. Are you seeking for a marketing automation system in the cloud for your company? Or, like the majority of e-commerce businesses, do you wish to maximise the value of your consumer information?

Complete Guide And AdScale Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about AdScale Review here are the details below;

If you nod your head in agreement with these inquiries, continue reading. There are many different kinds of marketing automation solutions, but how do you decide which one best suits your company’s requirements? Today, we’ll dissect Adscale as one such option.

Adscale Review: About Adscale

Adscale, which has offices in the US, the Netherlands, and Israel, is employed by several well-known companies, including Converse, Speedo, and Replay.

The best users of Adscale include e-commerce marketing managers, ad agencies, private advertisers, and PPC managers. It is a cloud-based marketing, advertising, SMS messaging, email campaigns, and data solution (pay-per-click).

It automates and better targets marketing efforts across key platforms, including Google Shopping, Google Search, Facebook advertisements, Instagram, and Google Display Advertising, using artificial intelligence (AI) and first-party data.

Users choose their advertising and marketing objectives.

After that, AdScale gets to work by automatically allocating funds to campaigns to fully optimise your budget.

It also offers suggestions for improving the effectiveness of landing pages, ads, and keywords.

Adscale additionally uses photographs from your online store to build these platforms’ automated adverts.

You can also automate other components of a campaign, such as budget management and campaign reporting.

The dashboard from Adscale is simple to use and gives you access to all the data you require regarding your sales income, advertising, marketing, and ROI in one convenient location.

The amount of money spent on each advertising channel (such as SMS marketing, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), income earned per client, per region, the proportion of repeat clients, and other more precise examples of advertising and marketing metrics are just a few.

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Adscale Review: Adscale solutions

Adscale provides these four main products:

Advertising Cloud

Utilizing customer segments powered by business information, target your ideal clients on the best social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, etc.) and present them with the appropriate products.

Your AI-powered advertising strategies are created to specifically address the requirements of your eCommerce company across all channels.

You first establish your objectives, and Adscale’s AI then evenly distributes your money among the various channels to maximise your return on investment.

To make certain you get the most for your money, AI bid optimization combines past performance, current market trends, and sophisticated prediction models.

Messaging/SMS Cloud

Send individualised messages to customers with customised SMS campaigns to increase brand engagement.

For precise conversion monitoring, you can also use the embedded link shortener provided by Adscale.

Additionally, you may customise SMS campaigns for various consumer segments by selecting from a variety of SMS automation options.

Data Cloud

Data on your orders, customers, goods, and marketing are all available in one convenient location with this solution.

You can view information on recurring consumers, high ticket customers, high AOV, etc. in more detail.

Additionally, you can monitor your:

  • KPIs
  • Discover the lifetime value and frequency of purchases of customers.
  • Create consumer groupings depending on behaviour of the customer
  • You can design better focused advertising if you have the aforementioned data on hand.
  • Finally, you can examine product performance to find your best-selling items, successful new products, etc.

Marketing Cloud

Despite how fantastic the three products mentioned above are, the emphasis of this review is the Marketing Cloud solution.

You can handle all of your marketing in one location with Adscale.

Viewing statistics on the most effective marketing channels, such as what proportion of sales come from Google Display, Google Shopping, email marketing, Instagram, SMS, and Facebook, is part of this.

With this knowledge at your disposal, you can concentrate your marketing efforts on the areas that yield the most returns.

Additionally, order IDs are matched with conversions across channels by Adscale’s attribution system.

As a result, you may relax knowing that there won’t be any inconsistencies or unintentional double-counting of orders.

In other terms, you can be sure that the data you’re viewing accurately captures the situation.

You can observe, for instance:

  • How much money each advertising medium brings in
  • The number of orders you get per channel
  • How many visitors you get to your site from each ad channel
  • The rate of conversion
  • The quantity of ad clicks
  • plus more.

Finally, Adscale offers you practical advice for enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Overall, it might be difficult to stay on top of your marketing campaigns.

Adscale, on the other hand, has everything on a single platform to save you time.

You might, for instance, combine all of your business, consumer, and marketing data in one location.

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Adscale Review: Adscale’s Integrations

Ten of the largest eCommerce systems are compatible with Adscale:

  • Shopify
  • Purchase Plus
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Konimbo
  • Magento
  • Maropost Activate Cart
  • Prestashop

The only tool that allows owners of eCommerce stores to manage their SMS, email, Google Ads, and Facebook campaigns from a single hub is Wix Adscale.

When you link Adscale to your Shopify store, you can monitor the success of your marketing campaigns by looking at:

The volume of sales generated, revenue, ROAs, and campaign costs

Additionally, Adscale automatically syncs all of your past data, ensuring that you never lose important campaign or consumer data.

Adscale also updates your adverts automatically as you add new items to your business.

You can use pre-made flow templates generated by Shopify Plus when you start using Adscale, regardless of which of the aforementioned platforms you use to run your store.

These templates are essentially Shopify themes with a simple, clean design that lets you feature your products prominently.

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Adscale Review: Adscale Price

Each of Adscale’s four primary responsibilities has its own price plan. Each bundle is determined by your activities, such as your SMS sending frequency and ad spending. Additionally, a sliding scale is used to operate each design structure.

For instance, in the Advertising Cloud, your monthly minimum ad spending starts at $1,000 and increases as you add more. There is a 14-day free trial available for the Marketing Cloud price plan, to be more precise.

After that, charges are determined by the quantity of SMS messages you plan to send and your advertising budget. The cheapest plan has a monthly cost of $299.

This is predicated on a monthly ad spend cap of $1,000 and 5,000 SMS sent inside the US region.

This pricing will vary based on where you are sending the SMS if you want to send it to different areas.

On the price page, you may choose the location to which you want to send SMS messages using a drop-down menu.

The first 100 SMS are free during your free trial period, and SMS costs are based on 5,000 credits each month. Afterward, expenses rise as you send more SMS after the first 5,000 each month. It’s important to keep in mind that in other nations, the 5,000 level is higher. Also check  Online PDF Editor

For instance, Brazil receives 6,019 SMS each month. One intriguing feature is that if you don’t use up all of your monthly SMS allotment, you can still utilise them later.

The maximum accumulation is five times your total SMS package, though.

You can therefore accumulate up to 25,000 SMS credits if your subscription, for instance, offers 5,000 SMS credits.

You get the following features with this plan:

  • Access to all BI (business intelligence) features, including:
  • Segmentation and customer analysis
  • Analyzing products and creating segments
  • Perspectives and suggestions
  • Trend evaluation
  • Geo’s performance (linguistic and geographic information about your audience)
  • Visibility of inventory

Features of SMS include:

  • Instant SMS campaigns
  • Campaigns based on triggers or events
  • Personalized messages can be sent.
  • Integrated consumer segmentation is available.
  • Messaging based on time zones
  • Reporting based on ROI
  • Advertisements include:
  • A data-driven marketing strategy
  • Creating campaigns automatically
  • Google Search, Shopping, and Display Ads can all be launched.
  • Advertise on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Optimizing AI automatically
  • Cross-channel financial planning

A helpful FAQ on the cost page may allay some of your fears. Pricing can initially seem perplexing.

Adscale Review: Adscale Pros and Cons

After going through the fundamentals, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of Adscale:


  • A 14-day trial period is free and includes full access to all features.
  • Integrates with the majority of platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify.
  • It’s a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to typical agencies.
  • It’s an automatic solution that promotes your company on Google, Instagram, and Facebook using photographs that were shot right from your store.


  • Only applies to businesses with monthly sales of exceeding 150.
  • Pricing is unclear, and purchasing every thing is highly expensive.
  • Only a 14-day free trial is offered; no free plans.
  • Since the product is still quite new, there isn’t much internet information available.
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Adscale Review: Adscale’s Resources and Reviews

Three self-help tools are available on the Adscale website: a blog, a lesson, and a support section. Also check BoldChat Review 

You can also take a look at a demo video.

The blog was first published in 2018, and it includes articles on a variety of subjects, such as Should I Upgrade to Shopify Plus?, Website Traffic Generation Tips, and Common eCommerce Mistakes.

There is only one tutorial, though, and it deals with onboarding and setting up your first campaign.

The course seems to move very quickly and presupposes a degree of understanding that beginners won’t have, in our opinion.

Therefore, creating a collection of “How To” tutorials could be more useful.

Nevertheless, a 24-article Help Center is available online as of this writing.

These address a variety of subjects, such as how to compose ad copy, make an SMS campaign, identify distinct ad formats, and establish advertising objectives.

You can contact support@adscale.com by email if you have any questions.

You can find email addresses for the sales staff and office phone numbers for all three locations on the contact us page.

A good number of unbiased four and five-star ratings are available in the Shopify App store.

Reviews point out how simple the setup is, how much less expensive it is than engaging an agency, and how sales have increased noticeably.

Some dissatisfied customers, however, voiced complaints regarding billing issues, laggy dashboards, and slow support response times.

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Adscale Evaluation

Questions and Answers

Hopefully, this review has expanded your knowledge about Adscale.

However, we’ve included some additional details about what to anticipate below:

Can my store be migrated to Adscale?

Yes. Within a half-hour, you may transfer your store and start running advertising.

You are guided through the migration process by the Adscale support staff.

After everything has been accomplished successfully, it creates automated and optimised campaigns using your first-party data as well as data from Google and Facebook.

How do the AI algorithms used by Adscale operate in greater detail?

Adscale compares data from other stores and items with data from your store, including data on the products, customers, and order history.

As a result, Adscale’s AI can design marketing and advertising campaigns specifically for your store that target the right people and allocate funds to the most effective ad channels.

Additionally, Adscale’s AI continually analyses this data to improve the results of your campaigns.

Can I close my account?

You are bound by a contract for a 30-day initial term when you open an account.

Your account will automatically renew following this for additional 30-day periods.

If you decide to cancel, you must do so with 30 days’ notice.

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Review of Adscale: Our Final Conclusion

There you have it, then.

Everything you ought to know about utilising Adscale to enhance your digital marketing initiatives has been addressed.

The best thing about Adscale is how well-rounded and user-friendly their campaign management software is.

By using Adscale’s automation solutions, you can save time and money on marketing while also knowing that your budget is going toward the campaigns that are most likely to result in sales and income.

Are you prepared to use Adscale now?

Do you believe it might be the ideal advertising medium for you?

Check out the free trial and let us know what you think.



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